From gang war to a fearsome debt collector, Shaun Smith’s career has actually taken several different paths however what he doing now?

Despite not being a Hollywood actor or footballing superstar, the name Shaun blacksmith is still well known among the people of Liverpool and the neighboring Merseyside area.

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It’s not hard to view why either as his story, which has itself been put to movie in a documentary, is worthy of a Hollywood thriller the its own.

The Liverpudlian’s life has been completely turned on its head several times throughout the decades with Smith becoming involved in a Liverpool gang war, offer time in prison and much more recently coming to be a notorious and also feared blame collector.

But just where is Shaun smith now?


Who is Shaun Smith?

Shaun smith is a previous Liverpool corridor member who, after ~ spending 5 years in prison for guns offences, has fully turned his life about in the years since his relax in 2011.

He is undoubtedly finest known because that his time together a fearsome blame collector, something that was fine explored in a angry documentary about Smith the was released in 2013. 

The documentary, which can be regarded in the video clip above, has because earned itself a exceptional 30 million see on the video-sharing site YouTube. 

Smith’s time as a blame collector is also well documented in the autobiographical book Debt Collector i m sorry was created by blacksmith himself and released in February 2017. 


Where is Shaun blacksmith now?

More recently, Smith has turned his attention away native the former lines the gang warfare or debt collecting and now runs a bare-knuckle boxing gym in the Merseyside town of Warrington.

His endeavours below were likewise put to movie in the Channel 4 documentary series Bare Knuckle Fight society which to be aired earlier in in march 2017 and is accessible to currently on Netflix until September 30th, 2019.

To this day, Shaun still runs the gym yet it has actually been far from plain sailing. Adhering to the broadcast of the docu-series on Channel 4, his gym dropped victim come a callous arson attack and thousands that pounds precious of damages was done and the structure was gutted through the fire.

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However, many thanks to the sacrament of the regional community and fans the Shaun Smith, money was raised in bespeak to repair the gym and less than 3 months after ~ the fire, Smithy’s Gym was earlier and open up for business.