Burnell Wallace"s Intro

Mike and His girl friend

Burnell Wallace"s Family and Childhood

Wallace‘s parents Burnell and Sonjia elevated him in Louisiana. He has a brothers whose surname is Reggie. Prefer every various other young boy in the area who had to choose in between music and also sports together a method out of poverty, Wallace decided to beat football native a young age and excelled at it.

Burnell Wallace"s Education and also Career

Wallace attended O. Perry pedestrian High school where the was component of the track & field and also football teams, perfectly play alongside future NFL cornerback, Keenan Lewis. Together a junior, Wallace confirmed his agility and capacity to pat both offense and also defense, return he largely featured on the defensive position, regulating four receptions that year. In his an elderly year, however, Wallace was more in the offensive position. He set the school records for total points and also earned first-team All-State honors and league and district MVP honors. After ~ his high college football career, Mike Wallace cursed to to visit Oregon State to play with his friend, Lewis and also after graduating native college and attending the 2009 NFL he performed highly in the 40-yard dash, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected that in the 3rd round through the 84th overall pick that the 2009 NFL Draft. That went front to placed pen to file on a three-year contract worth $1.74 million which consisted of a $555,000 signing bonus.

Who is Dating with Burnell Wallace?

The NFL player, Mike Wallace is not married yet has but been date his beloved girlfriend named, Vanessa Cole for seven years. The couple did no marry so far. Perhaps in the upcoming days, the couple will put their steps right into the married life but for now, they space enjoying your life.

Introduce through Burnell Wallace"s Girlfriend

Vanessa Cole was born ~ above the 26th of June, 1989, in brand-new York. She majored in video Production. She also has a cousin named Keyshia Cole who is a singer by profession. Wallace reportedly met his girlfriend Cole once she was 19 year of age. They have actually been together due to the fact that that time and also have even end up being proud parents of 2 adorable daughters; Maliha and also Brooklyn Wallace.

About Vanessa Cole"s Professional

Vanessa Cole is ideal known for being a actors member the WAGS Miami. Besides her on-screen job, Ms. Cole likewise does some modeling and also is detailed to be a quite savvy business woman who largely deals in genuine estate. She worked as one agent for Momentum Financial group in 2010 prior to establishing her an extremely own Cole-Klein Builders. Vanessa maintains a website too.

Burnell Michael Wallace"s kids Info

At present, Mike Wallace and also his girl friend Vanessa Cole have actually two beloved daughters named, Maliha and Brooklyn Wallace.

Burnell Wallace"s Scandals

Mike Wallace has actually been continually dragged into controversies and scandals together he to be rumored to be cheating on his girl friend Vanessa with one more woman named Hencha Voigt.

Burnell Wallace"s net Worth

Mike Wallace has maintained a great wealth indigenous his job salary. He has a value of $8,000,000. He has actually an appraised net worth of $60 million.

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He owns several luxurious cars including Mercedes, GMC, and also Nissan. He has a residence worth $1.740 million and additionally owns an apartment.
Mike Wallace and also His girlfriend
Mike with His youngsters
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