Sorry if this isn"t the appropriate forum, however it appeared the most ideal one...I"m utilizing the unofficial 7.6b patch. I"d prefer to play together a woman Tremere, but with the design of a mrs Ventrue. Ns read about replacing the relevant lines in the clandoc document in the vdata folder, but my file is called clandoc000, and also the replacement didn"t yield the desired results.I also heard about a mod, but it provides you "jump back" come your initial avatar whenever friend swap weapons, which is annoying.Is over there a (relatively simple) way to do this?Thanks in advance!
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What specifically did you readjust in the clandoc000.txt file? That must be wherein the magic happens. You"d desire to modify the lines that are prefer this:"F_Body1"...which an ext specifically, lie nested within the Player_Tremere ClanData Template. Try replacing present 847 v 852 through this:"F_Body0""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor0/ventrue_Female_Armor_0.mdl""F_Body1""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor1/ventrue_Female_Armor_1.mdl""F_Body2""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor2/ventrue_Female_Armor_2.mdl""F_Body3""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor3/ventrue_Female_Armor_3.mdl""F_Body4""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor3/ventrue_Female_Armor_3.mdl""F_Body5""models/character/pc/female/ventrue/armor3/ventrue_Female_Armor_3.mdl"
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In addition to what burgermeister wrote, I"d suggest you don"t remove the present lines, but just comment castle out, utilizing // in ~ the start of the line. Then it"s less complicated to switch back, if you want to gain back the initial model, or something go wrong.

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Thank you! It operated now. Ns backed increase the record before modifying it, so i still have something to fall ago on.
Wasn"t there a console command in-game that permitted you to move skins, yet you had to re-do that every time girlfriend loaded right into a new zone?
Could friend just readjust the body no the head?I want for the Toreador to have actually a malkavian body yet the Toreador"s head and I just regulated to replace toreador v malkavian but entirely not simply the body.Can who help?
I was actually wanting to carry out the same precise thing, but an ext specifically i am searching for the PCRestorePack. It provided to it is in on Dheu"s site but has long due to the fact that gone dead. Ns was wondering if anyone still had it though...As come Corvins request, the only means to do that Michael would certainly be to in reality do complete on modeling and such. :P
Dear Michael Corvin,We"re explaining her request in your original post. Please check earlier there if girlfriend haven"t yet.

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I was in reality wanting to carry out the same precise thing, but an ext specifically i am looking for the PCRestorePack. It used to be on Dheu"s site however has long due to the fact that gone dead. Ns was wondering if anyone still had it though...As to Corvins request, the only means to perform that Michael would certainly be to in reality do full on modeling and such. :P
I"m not certain what you median by PCRestore pack. But I do believe you desire to remove a download skin, and readjust the character earlier to vanilla. You can conveniently do this yourself. Discover the subfolder -bloodlines\vampire\material\models\pc\(fe)male\ and also remove the subfolder for her clan. Climate you acquire the vanilla skin earlier from the archives. Some brand-new skins also readjust the model. Therefore to make sure, also check -bloodlines\vampire\models\pc\(fe)male\ and if over there is a subdirectory for her clan, remove this.