Previous Names: Regal Kaufman Astoria stadion 14, UA Kaufman Astoria Cinema 14

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The structure of the largest multiplex in western Queens eventually forced the close up door of that is nearest rival, the Astoria Theatre, which operated repetitively for much more than 70 years in the love of the Steinway Street shopping district. Situated near the Kaufman movie studio, the multiplex was originally dubbed the Regal Kaufman Astoria stadium 14 as soon as it opened up on October 8, 1999.

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UA, i beg your pardon took end in 2001 ~ Regal’s bankruptcy, dropped “Stadium” native the surname in favor of “Cinema”.

UA additionally operated the historic Astoria Theatre, yet shuttered the aged theatre to finish the competition. The has due to the fact that been gutted and converted come stores and offices.

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UAGirl on January 29, 2005 in ~ 3:26 am

UA, i beg your pardon took over in 2001 ~ Regal’s bankruptcy…

Although I too would love come think that UA took over Regal’s debt but alas the is no true. After obtaining United artists Theaters in September 2000 and also Regal Cinemas, Phillip Anschutz then purchased Edwards Cinemas. In late 2001 every UA theatres started to obtain a memo worrying a merger and also debt by-out of Regal, UA and Edwards. In the feather of 2002 it to be made offical.

Thus the sad tale of the multimedia merger…


hardbop ~ above April 19, 2005 in ~ 6:47 pm

I to visit this theatre frequently, normally going in the afternoons to take benefit of the matinee prices and the family member quiet. I doubt these theatres room doing genuine well. It has actually spurred a renaissance in the instant area. Numerous restaurants have actually opened due to the fact that the megaplex arrived.


hardbop on may 14, 2005 in ~ 2:29 afternoon

Boy is this area changing. I was over there yesterday because that KINGDOM that HEAVEN and also then i snuck into THE HITCH-HIKER’S guide TO THE GALAXY and also restaurants and other food & drink establishments are popping up. You understand the area has actually “arrived” as soon as a Starbuck’s comes and there is a Starbuck’s comes on 37th avenue right across from the theatre.


hardbop on in march 31, 2006 at 4:00 afternoon

It is remarkable the financial engine this 14-‘plex has actually been. Thirty-Fifth path is filling up with chain stores. Pizza Uno opened first. Climate Starbucks. Than “The Cup” a faux-retro restaurant through a cool neon sign. And now Baskin Robbins. Thirty-Five Street was dead before opening that the "plex. It should be an excellent for AMMI to, diagonally throughout the street.

cinemaguy220 top top September 17, 2006 at 4:21 afternoon

Since there’s no site on here for the theatre at the Museum of the relocating Image, simply blocks indigenous the Kaufman Astoria Cinema 14, i figured I’d article it here. Ran in today’s day-to-day News.

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BY NICHOLAS HIRSHON day-to-day NEWS WRITER A potential Oscar-contending film around Idi Amin will be previewed tonight on one Astoria screen, more than a week before its heralded Sept. 27 nationwide release.

Acclaimed actor forest Whitaker, that plays the notorious Ugandan dictator in “The last King of Scotland,” will appear at the American Museum that the Moving image after the critically acclaimed movie is previewed in ~ 7 this evening.

The film’s director, Kevin Macdonald, and also co-star James McAvoy who plays Amin’s an individual physician, additionally will it is in in attendance.

A sellout crowd is meant to fill the museum’s 200-seat theater, and the actors and also director will participate in a 30-minute moderated discussion following the movie, stated David Schwartz, the museum’s chef curator.

“It’s a gripping film,” Schwartz said. “Forest Whitaker is a shoo-in for nomination. There’s no means he’s no going to it is in nominated for the performan ce.”

In the movie, McAvoy plays a young Scottish doctor named Nicholas Garrigan. Garrigan is sent to Uganda come treat a boy injury endured by Amin, the mad dictator who subjugated the nation in the 1970s.

Amin, obsessed with all points Scottish, hires Garrigan together his personal physician, and also the doctor watches together Amin shortly orders the torture of thousands of Ugandans.

Garrigan likewise falls in love v a diplomat’s wife, play by previous “X Files” TV star Gillian Anderson.

McAvoy obtained fame last year because that his role as Mr. Tumnus the faun in “The Chronicles the Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and also the Wardrobe.” This year, he will certainly star alongside Christina Ricci and also Reese Witherspoon in “Penelope.”

Macdonald, who directing credits encompass a Mick Jagger documentary the aired on alphabet in 2001, seemed excited about coming come the museum.

“I’ve heard a many of an excellent things around the theater and also its reputation,” the said. “I’m dazzling it’s walk to be there.”

Critics have hailed “The last King of Scotland” together a masterpiece destined to rack increase a number of awards.

Asked if the film could capture any type of Oscars, Macdonald claimed that “audiences it seems ~ to have loved it so far and also I expect … the various institutions agree.”

McAvoy might receive a couple of nominations, and also Whitaker is considered very early favorite to win best Actor at following year’s Academy Awards, Schwartz said.

Born v a condition called lazy eye, Whitaker has gone on to have actually a really successful career. The starred in the movies “Bird” (1988) and also “The Crying Game” (1992), and also directed the popular Whitney Houston film “Waiting to Exhale” in 1995.

Whitaker researched his duty as Amin therefore well the he virtually perfectly imitated the dictator’s mannerisms and also personality, macdonald said.

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“Forest gave a performance of any kind of award going,” the said. “He provided 150% effort.”

Tickets because that tonight’s film and discussion room $16 for museum members and $22 because that the basic public.