If you room using Android and also are obtaining the “Unable to find Application to execute this Action” message, this overview will assist you to solve it. Periodically the blog post will instead say “File no supported.”

To resolve the message detailed above, you’ll have to do a bit of investigating. We’ll administer you v the procedures below and also the tools you’ll need to gain it done, however your steps might vary depending on the paper you’re trying come open.

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To begin, you’ll require to find the document or regime you’re attempting to run. To carry out this you’ll must open the record manager application.

Once you space in the paper manager application, navigate to the document you’re attempting come open. Next, host your finger under on the paper until a pop-up page shows up with various options. An instance is noted below.


You’ll must tap the option that states ‘details.’ top top your maker the option may be called something contempt different. Then, pay fist to the end of the record name. There should be a file extension following the surname of the file. For example, it may say ‘filenamehere.rtf.’


In ours case, this record was a .rtf document extension. In your instance you may have actually a different paper extension. Usually file extensions are just three letters long and also you deserve to use this information to assist you find out just how to open it.

For the next step, you’ll must copy the record extension name into the Google pat Store. In our case, we have actually searched because that ‘rtf viewer’ into the Google pat search. In your case, you may need to find for other different.

Once you have actually made a search, look v the apps and also choose one that may be suitable for reading your file. In our case we have found that Microsoft indigenous should have the ability to view our record type.


After installing the application we deserve to visit the record manager application again. At this point you will have to re-locate the file you struggled to open up previously. You should now have the ability to tap the paper and open it in the application that you have downloaded.

Help, ns Can’t discover a suitable app!

Unfortunately, Android cannot support every single file type. For example, .exe files, which space program papers for Windows, will certainly not work-related on Android. If friend cannot find an application in the Google play Store, chances are that the file is not perfect for her device.

In this case you’ll have to use another an equipment to open up the file. In most situations you can find a regime to check out the paper on a Windows pc or a Mac device. Additionally the record may be designed because that a particular mobile operating system.

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Usually a rapid Google search for the record type in question will return info on what devices can support the record type.