The pixie cut also brought ago a little bit of daytime tv nostalgia because that followers. Remember her short-lived talk present "FABLife?"

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tyra banks fablife
Supermodel and also host extraordinaire Tyra financial institutions posted a shocking brand-new haircut to she Twitter, and fans space begging she to have the exact hairdo they want.

The pixie cut additionally brought earlier a little bit of daytime television nostalgia for followers. Remember she short-lived talk show FABLife?

The Pixie Cut

financial institutions flaunted the mega-short reduced with a smize and smokey eye to finish the selfie. For those unable to get a complete night"s sleep if her hair isn"t long, don"t worry. The former America"s following Top Model host was pulling a prank.

She composed in the caption, "Just chopped it every off again! What perform you think???.... JK! This to be April the 2015. Gotcha for a 2nd tho... Didn"t I? #AprilFools"

She really gained some people. Fans replied begging her to not reduced her hair again. Thankfully, some of them worded their unfiltered opinions in a way a caring confidant would, fairly than a judgy troll.

One teased, "Not funny, that looks great on you however please nothing lol." another included, "April fools... Stay safe Tyra." the sounds also ominous because that our palette.

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one of her loyal Twitter supporters noted that the pixie cut reminded them of the moment they sat in on her live studio audience of FABLife. 

they commented, "Yass you gained me! i remember being in the audience of her talk present this year & I finished up joining Tyra beauty & meeting you in Vegas! good time!"

"FABLife" Rehashing

because that those too young, gasp, or unfamiliar with the show FABLife, we"ll provide you the synopsis. In 2015, the same time that financial institutions daunted a chic pixie because that real, she also hosted alongside several other large names in Hollywood.

The key hosts had herself, Chrissy Teigen, Leah Ashley, Joe Zee, and Lauren Makk. They focused on lifestyle topics, including travel makeup tips and workplace fashion.

FABLife only lasted for 3 months, regardless of the potentially five-star lineup. Financial institutions addressed her early on departure native the show, stating that she determined to focus on the success the Tyra Beauty.

While part may shot to inflict a storyline that financial institutions wanted the spotlight for herself, the wasn"t the case. She want a team of hosts to bounce funny and an imaginative ideas off of, quite than go back to a solo project like The Tyra financial institutions Show.

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