We’re no crying — she crying! The Monday, January 25, episode of Teen mom OG was an emotional one because that fans who have actually been with the girls from the beginning. In the one-of-a-kind 90-minute wedding episode, Catelynn Lowell and also Tyler Baltierra, the only couple who have actually remained together due to the fact that their work on 16 and Pregnant, wed in a stunning Michigan ceremony the was filmed critical August. 


Tyler Baltierra cried analysis his wedding vows to Catelynn Lowell.

There were plenty the sweet moment — native Lowell, 23, making her grand entrance come Baltierra, 24, dancing through his daughter Carly, who the pair placed for fostering in 2009. But the scene that caused the biggest sobfest occurred when Baltierra read his handwritten vow to his bride.

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“From center school sweethearts in ~ the tender period of 13, come two teens in a dilemm facing the odds together, to coming to be parents and also building a family members together, come playfully goofing around together like youngsters as if nobody is watching,” the tearful groom read, “all this things and also many more are the reason I desire to make a promise come you.”


As the group — including the pair’s family and also Brandon and Teresa Davis, the pair who adopted Carly — collectively burned a tear, Baltierra ongoing his speech.

“I believe you were lugged into this world, and also destined come be love by me, cherished by me,” the said. “I anxiously await to be able to love you forever as my wife.”


As the illustration aired, the Teen mother OG actors live-tweeted the event. Costar Maci Bookout, who likewise attended the wedding, wrote, “
TylerBaltierra eliminated that! lol goodness get the tissues. AGAIN!”

Baltierra responded all night come fans, noting that the vow were created “the night before the ceremony!”

Watch the clip, and tell us what girlfriend think! Teen mother OG airs ~ above MTV Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.

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