inch.comOrganization: Un Monde Sans FrontieresThe Night prior to ChristmasTwas the night prior to Christmas and all through the house, the entirety goddamn family members was drunk together a louse, with mother in the prostitute house and also dad in jail, ns sat myself under to a cold glass that ale.When out on the lawn, i heard such a clatter,I gained off my sister to watch what was the matter.And what to mine stoned-out eyes need to appear,but a shitty old sleigh and eight fucking reindeer. With a dirty old man who to be beating his dick,I knew at that moment, it have to be St. Nick.He flew across the lawn and up the residence wall,he cried onward girlfriend bastards or it"s off with your balls. Then under the chimney the came prefer a bat out of hell,I knew at that moment, the fat fucker fell.He filled all the stockings through drugs and also beer,and a large rubber penis for my brother who"s queer.And up again he went through a fart,that child of a bitch go out my chimney apart.And ns heard that say as he flew out of sight,"piss top top you every it"s to be a hell the a night." --Unknown writer ************************************************************************************************************************Short Title: Dirty02A Christmas story because that the delinquent in every one of us.By Dean KlearTwas the night before Christmas, as soon as all with the house,The totality damn family was together drunk together a louse.Grandma and Grandpa to be singin" a song,And the child was in bed, floggin" his dong.Ma house from the cathouse, and also I out of jail,We had just worked out down because that a great piece of tail.When out on the lawn, arose such a clatter,I sprang off Ma to see what the fuck to be a matter.Away come the window, i made a mad dash,Flew open the shutters and also fell on my ass.But what to my bloodshot eyes but appear,A rusty old sled and also a dozen rein deer,And a small old driver hold his dick,I knew ideal away that was the bastard St. Nick.(Santa)"On dasher, top top Blitzen, up over those walls,"Quickly now, damnit, or I"ll cut off your balls."Upon the roof, the fondered and also fell,And came ideal down the chimney like a bat the end of hell.He staggered and stumbled on end to the door,Tripped end his cock, and fell on the floor.And ns heard the explain, as he rode out of sight,"Piss on you all, It"s to be a hell of a night."************************************************************************************************************************Short Title: Dirty03From: Sally (ladysally

You are watching: Twas the night before christmas dirty HapMaster EnterprisesThis one is a tiny obnoxious...But funny anyway...Enjoy it too. Twas the night prior to Christmas, and all v the house, everyone felt shitty, (even the mouse). Mother on the toilet, and Dad cigarette smoking grass, I had actually just settled down for a nice item of ass. Once out on the roof i heard such a clatter, i sprang native my item to check out what to be the matter. While increase on the roof, I observed some old prick, ns knew in a minute it should be Saint Nick. That came down the chimney like a bat out of Hell. Ns knew in a second, the old fucker had actually fell. He filled every the stockings through whiskey and beer, and also had a huge rubber prick for my brother the queer. He increased up the chimney through a thundering fart. The child of a bitch blew my chimney apart. That swore and he cursed as he rode out of sight. "Piss on you all, its been one hell of a night!" -- Tony D. Lowe, The HapMasterLouisville, KYhapmstr
thepoint.net ************************************************************************************************************************Short Title: Dirty05From: sinistersteve (sinniistersteve

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lamar.ColoState.EDU (Michael Dwyer)Date: 1 Oct 1994 04:29:42 GMTReferences: Organization: Colorado State University, ft Collins, CO 80523Keep this far from the kids. Its kinda offensive. Yet its fun!I bid you great day! (I had some more of these *somewhere* ... Wherein the hell go I placed them?!) earlier to girlfriend later!"Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, anyone was getting laid, also the mouse. Through Ma in she whore house and also dad in jail, I had just cleared up down for a nice item of tail...When the end on the lawn, there rose such a clatter, i sprang from my sister-in-law to see what to be the matter. Ns threw open the shudders and also threw out the hash, tripped over my boner and busted mine ass.And the end on the lawn but what should appearbut a rusty ol" sleigh, and 8 fucking reindeer. Out of the sleigh jumped a big, fat dick...and i knew in an immediate it must be St. Prick. "To the top of the roofs, to the top of the walls, on girlfriend bastards prior to I reduced off your balls!"He came under the chimney choose a bat outta Hell, and also I knew because that a truth the poor fucker had fell. That filled the stockings through pretzels and also beer, and also a big rubber penis for my brothers the queer. Then he rose up the chimney v a thunderous fart, that boy of a bitch, he go out the damn point apart!And the cursed and also he swore as he rode the end of sight, "Fuck girlfriend all, I"ve had one hell the a night!" * Origin: The Neutral region - 904-794-0975 (143:904/794)************************************************************************************************************************Short Title: Dirty07From: Congenital Kano (jrsdad