Don’t miss out on the premiere the Star vs the pressures of angry season 4, tomorrow on the Disney channel!

Star Vs. The pressures of evil premieres Sunday, march 10th

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8AM ET/PT on Disney Channel and also Disney XD.


New item for the collection Nucleus event“Blood Moon Ball- A Farewell to Mewni”

Tickets are obtainable here:





Coming soon! Pre order now on amazon!

An Interview with Daron Nefcy, Creator and also Executive Producer the Star vs The pressures Of angry - bright Lite

One of mine CalArts classmates interviewed me for an man interview series he’s doing! us talked around school, art, movies and also of food Star vs the forces of Evil! His youtube channel:

Illustrations ns did because that the Magic publication of Spells! While most of the illustrations in the book were excellent by the really talented Devin Taylor, ns did gain the possibility to highlight one chapter. I wanted Estrella’s chapter to look favor a map out book. She’s an artist that likes to go out and also sketch from the nature top top Mewni and in important meetings (just choose me!). Estrella’s composing is additionally my own handwriting! you can get your very own copy that The Magic publication of Spells here!

SO excited around The Magic book of Spells lastly being out this week! This publication was a labor of love composed by myself, Dominic Bisignano, and also Amber Benson. Most of the art is by Devin Taylor, with cover by Drake Brodahl. Style by Lindsay Broderick and Editorial by Erin Zimring. No to mention added art and aid by various other members of the Star staff and art supplied straight indigenous the show. Ns am for this reason proud of this book and couldn’t it is in happier v the means it come out! Its obtainable now in ~ most big bookstores and online!

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14th Sep 2018 | 173 note

Lots of occasions happening this month and next!

Sunday September 6th

I’ll be in ~ Barnes & Noble in ~ The Grove!

Saturday, September 22ndI’ll be on a panel for Nerdbot-con in Pasadena called"How Cartoons room Made"

Saturday, September 29thI’ll be doing a book signing at collection Nucleus in Alhambra!

Sunday, Sunday, October 7thI’ll it is in doing a panel and signing at new York Comic Con!