How to Dress choose Tris

By the end of this detailed, step-by-step overview you will certainly confidently be able to put with each other a Dauntless or Abnegation Tris costume.

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Tris is the sarcastic, strong-willed heroine of Veronica Roth's wildly famous novel Divergent and blockbuster adaptation certification Shailene Woodley.

Here you'll find clothes descriptions from the book, picture of Shailene Woodley's Divergent movie wardrobe and budget-savvy ideas for developing an soon recognizable Tris costume. Regardless of whether you want to dress as plain Beatrice former or thrill-seeking Tris, lot of this heroine's look have the right to be pulled with each other from her closet.



Tris Dauntless Costume


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When Beatrice Prior begins Dauntless initiation, she transforms both she name and style. Members the Dauntless, the faction that values bravery and overcoming one's fears, wear tight, revealing black clothes and often gain tattoos and also piercings to present off their fearlessness.

In Divergent, Shailene Woodley put on tight black color pants, maroon and black tank tops, a black color military-style jacket and also black boots.

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Fitted black color Tank optimal or Sheer-Sleeved Shirt

One that the biggest benefits of a Tris costume is that many of the clothing you'll need to buy is inexpensive, conveniently found and versatile enough to fit through your present wardrobe after ~ Halloween.

To start, acquisition a fitted black tank top or long-sleeved shirt. Specifically, throughout the knife throw scene, Tris dons a black color scoop-neck shirt v sheer wrist-length sleeves, a dramatic yet practical wardrobe alternative for life in battle-ready Dauntless.


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Slim black Pants

During the hand-to-hand combat phase and also capture-the-flag game of Dauntless initiation, Tris sporting activities a pair that tight black pants.

While a pair of black color skinny jeans is ideal and has a high probability of already existing within your closet, black color faux leather leggings are an inexpensive choice that continues to be true to the personality while offering you loads of options.


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Black leather Jacket

In Divergent, Shailene Woodley is regularly pictured wearing a futuristic military-style black jacket. The jacket functions a high collar and also quilted stitching on the shoulders and also is equipment just-enough to be both flattering and also fierce.


My father calls the Dauntless 'hellions.' They space pierced, tattooed, and also black-clothed. Their main purpose is come guard the fence that surrounds our city. Indigenous what, ns don't know.

— Tris

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Black Boots

Tris accessorizes she Dauntless revolution with a pair the sleek black army boots.

Dauntless is all around self-sufficiency so pick boots the look like they could endure some significant combat exercises.


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Raven Tattoos

How Tris remembers her family

In the start of initiation, Tris choose to take part in a Dauntless tradition: getting inked. At the tattoo parlor, Tris chooses 3 flying ravens to it is in tattooed top top the left side of her chest. She asks she tattoo artist, Tori, to show the birds flying far from her heart towards her shoulder, one because that each member the the household she left behind.

If going under the needle come replicate your favorite heroine's tattoo isn't precisely on her list of things to perform this weekend (totally understandable), order a set of momentary tattoos or asking an imaginative friend to draw the ravens on her skin.


Beatrice former Costume

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Before transforming her name to Tris, Beatrice Prior stays in Abnegation, a faction the her culture that worths selflessness and helping others above all else.

To ward turn off vanity and greed, Abnegation's members dress in conservative gray clothes and also wear their hair in a simple, uniform style.

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Conservative Gray Layers

As Beatrice prior in the Divergent movie, Shailene Woodley dons a selection of gray layers the cover she from neck to wrist and ankle. Beatrice former wears a charcoal gray long-sleeved shirts under her shapeless gray dress and thick gray mid-calf socks.

For her Beatrice prior costume, choose loose clothes in at least two various shades that gray. Once you pull on those thick gray Abnegation-worthy socks, finish your look v gray fish eye boots.

Flat shoes choose Beatrice's are basic and practical, perfect complementing her faction's selfless attitude and the charitable work-related they do with the factionless.


The gray clothes, the level hairstyle, and also the unassuming demeanor of mine faction are supposed to do it much easier for me come forget myself.

— Beatrice Prior

Dirty Blonde Hair

How to obtain Tris' signature hairstyle

Regardless of whether you pick Abnegation or Dauntless, you'll need Tris' dirty blonde -- or pale blonde, if you're a die-hard fan of the book -- locks to complete your look. If your hair isn't naturally blonde, choose an inexpensive wig favor the one below.

As far as styling goes, Beatrice former wears her hair in a an easy bun when Tris wears she hair down or in a loosened ponytail.

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Would you want to it is in divergent if you stayed in Tris' separated world?

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Yes i would desire to it is in divergent if I resided in Tris's world. That shows that you have the right to have an ext than simply one decision and also that you are an ext than everyone else. Additionally that your various from everyone else in your own way.