The wait is practically over: The other Side is comes to east Sacramento this Spring. We never can have suspect the overwhelmingly enthusiastic an answer from the community, and also we’re for this reason excited to lastly share what we’ve been approximately these past few months.

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To price all her questions, us sat down v the team behind The various other Side: monitor 7 Owner + Brewmaster Ryan Graham, general Manager Tracy Losch (formerly that Hook and Ladder + Grange), executive, management Chef Oliver Ridgeway (formerly that Grange Restaurant & Bar + The citizen Hotel), and also Head Chef noah Mansfield (formerly of mommy + Hook and also Ladder). Cheers!

 When you were deciding on locations, what made you choose East Sacramento together the residence for The various other Side? Ryan: Our household lives here; it’s ours neighborhood. As soon as we opened up the original Track 7 in Curtis Park, we live close by in Hollywood Park, for this reason with eastern Sacramento, we want to have the chance to be a part of the community again and also reflect positively on it.

Can friend tell us about the impetus behind the name The various other Side? Ryan: It began as a conversation with Jeanna end the summer. I had also talked with Oliver around the rotisserie chicken concept, i m sorry turned right into a chicken cross the road joke. But really, the the various other side of track 7. It played right into other euphemisms choose the other side the the train tracks, and it began to feel more and an ext like the best name.

Tracy:  I think that going to be the softer side. I mean, beer is the grunge side and also everybody to know that’s what track 7 has actually made its note on. For this reason the flip side of that would be the pairing that the food that would certainly be found on the other side that the track. That the yin to the yang and also the marital relationship of those two concepts. The various other Side is walk to it is in a small softer and also be all-encompassing: families, females, men, everyone.

There’s a lot of of blended feelings around children in taprooms. Why is the family friendly endure such a large part of track 7 and The other Side?  Ryan: Track 7’s never shied far from including children in what we do. We wouldn’t be able to go oneself if us didn’t have actually something the was easily accessible for every aspect, every age, including the kids.

Oliver: From an outsider’s perspective, as soon as I an initial started coming around, I assumed finally, you have the right to go somewhere with your kids and also hang out v adults and also have a beer, and also it’s no shunned on favor you’re acquisition them to a dodgy bar. That taproom brings that European culture of it’s okay to hang out socially, have actually a beer, and also have your children present.

Ryan: That was one of the points we attribute come our success: the all-inclusive facet of what we did. Once we very first went under the route of opening the brewery and went come the plan commission, over there were human being who laughed at united state for the ide of incorporating family and children right into a taproom environment. If we were to only do other that focused on no kids, it does tend to segregate component of culture where it’s male-dominated, so yeah, that family, it’s family-inclusive.

Tracy: I think world have that negative connotation with family friendly wherein it’s like a playground, however this is the perfect instance of what community is: this taproom energy and also environment of communal tables and people breaking bread. Kids and dogs ~ above the patio. I think east Sac is an incredible environment to have the ability to do this.

What sort of taproom and restaurant experience should civilization expect? Tracy: We’re walk to shot to redefine what rapid casual is. We’re really committed to providing business throughout, and I nothing think it is something found in quick casual. It’s becoming more popular in the only Area, however in Sacramento yes a large deficit that it wherein you order, you done, and also you’re left to fend because that yourself. Yes, the is quiet counter service where you ar your order, yet we will have actually Staff continuous on the floor that will be roaming to ensure sustained Guest service. Yes a tremendous require to have something it is quick, approachable, and also elevated, and also still have the capability to have actually your requirements met also once her initial transaction has been completed.

Ryan: We’re do the efforts to find a means to balance both the taproom and also restaurant aspects- the food side through the beer and the beer side with the food. We’ve gained a exorbitant rotisserie enjoy the meal or other key dish options for civilization who desire a restaurant experience, or if you desire to have poutine fries or an appetizer with a couple of beers, we have that too. East Sacramento up till this allude has been yes, really void the this form of existence within the cook market: there’s high finish restaurants and also then yes sir really quick service.

Tracy: I think the going to be a place people want to spend time. Our patio is beautiful: that going to seat 75-80 people, and also it’s walking to get mostly shade throughout the work even during the summer months. For this reason it’s walk to it is in a place civilization are going to desire to hang out at. You have the right to come here, relax and also enjoy, and also spend twenty minute or invest two hours.

What was the inspiration behind the quick casual restaurant approach? Ryan: When you have youngsters in school and you’re trapped in between soccer practice and also flute exercise driving about town, friend don’t always want come eat the same quick food or junk food. Nor execute you constantly have time come eat at residence in a traditionally ready manner therefore this is type of that bridge. It’s putting together really nice food; the that extension of her house and your own kitchen. You’re able to lug it earlier and feel like you’ve invited Track 7 right into your home.

Can girlfriend tell us about the food direction you have planned because that The various other Side? Oliver: I think there space a lot of negative expectations that come v that type of brewpub scenario and fry basket. We desire food the compliments the beer and also the craft: the fact that this beer was thoughtfully done way the food is going come be treated in the same way. But it’s also really approachable, we want simplicity in ingredients that have been cook perfectly and also paired nicely with the beer. The food that you can lug to your household that renders you feel an excellent about yourself, too.

Noah: I’m excited to adjust the way people think about brewpub food. I think most civilization think the fried stuff, and I’m excited come evolve that idea additional into a restaurant the Sacramento is well-known for. I’m additionally excited to use the create from Sacramento – it’s few of the ideal in the nation – and really combine that right into what people think is common pub food top top an advanced level.

I additionally like the idea of combine the beer as part of the food and also not just trying to do something that pairs well. I desire to take it a action further: I want to take the an imaginative process the goes into the beer and also do that with the food together well, wherein you have the right to tell these points were created in a similar mindset if that renders sense.

Do you have any kind of dishes she excited around that incorporates monitor 7’s beer? Oliver: There’s walk to be a Soulman Stout onion dip. We’re going come infuse some of the spent grain through milk and also do this malted cheesecake and a Nukin’ Futz coco pudding in a jar. The burger is walking to be a panic burger with a panic mustard.

Noah: I think the spent grain has actually a most potential either gift infused in certain ingredients or integrated into different species of bread. With the invested grain having actually all the ingredients and nuances that get in the beer making v it, i feel favor that would be a really amazing avenue to take if it have the right to be incorporated into a living bread starter that have the right to take top top a life the its own.

So tell us about the rotisserie chicken? Oliver: The rotisserie element of the restaurant is really the key focus. We want people to gain this chicken and make the a ar meal whereby you deserve to order it in ~ the table, and also it will certainly come in pieces through condiments and also different flatbreads. You deserve to then develop your own experience through different side assignment or a common salad. Really, what beer go to world with for to share pints and cheers-ing, we want civilization to celebrate end food too. Noah: I’m really excited for arising a chicken that really to adjust The various other Side except what human being would see as regular pub food associated with beer. It’s all set with the very same kind of assumed that goes into brewing beer. Ns looking forward to acquisition those inspirations the are supplied when creating beer and even several of the processes and also ingredients and incorporating them into these dishes.

Will over there be vegetarian options? Oliver: One of the great things around having boy name is his experience at Mother; he worked vegetarian food because that a whole year there. I’d choose to watch that as component of the specials through some an extremely creative, durable vegetarian dishes. In addition to the rotisserie chicken and also porchetta, us are also going to do seasoned, brined roasted cauliflower heads.

What plans perform you need to involve the local community? Oliver: I think personally, being a chief in this town and Noah being a chef in this town, there’s constantly opportunity for neighborhood events. I know Ryan himself funded Bacon Fest this year which is huge. Ns think come be operating in Sacramento together a chief or a brewery it’s essential is come be affiliated in your community. Your community supports you, so you need to support lock too.

Tracy: I think we’ll execute beer dinners and also things favor that to really celebrate the neighborhood famers. Now that we have a restaurant venue, it’ll be exciting to organize some of those dinners and also collaborative initiatives on site.

Will The various other Side have all the taproom beer amenities together the various other locations? Ryan: Yes, fine be including east Sac as component of our deserve to releases as well. Growlers, pint club, everything.

What can human being expect because that the price point? Oliver: Approachable. That going come be middle of roadway for the everyday man.

Tracy: Right now, the in $14-$24 range, with much less expensive items choose $8 jars that pickles.

Hours? Tracy: From Sunday-Thursday: 11-9, and also Friday and also Saturday: 11-10. This is v the first month or so. ~ we carry out our cool opening, fine probably increase hours. When we perform brunch or because that the deserve to releases, we’ll open up at 10 ~ above weekends. If there’s a need, fine absolutely keep the taproom open up later.

Oliver: We can see some much longer summer nights.

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Any update on opened a Roseville location? Ryan: We’re tho negotiating with the city. Us hope to have actually some initial info shortly.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’ve got plans to open in the so late spring, and we should be announcing a cool opening day shortly. Want come be part of the track 7 team? wednesday love to have you, so save an eye out for job postings. Fine be sharing available positions to our project board in the following week at: https://surfacetoairnewyork.com/jobs/