Too faced are launching a brand-new primer this summer, and also it sound amazing. The Too confronted Plump & Prime challenge Plumping primer Serum is collection to beginning on the 26th that July online, and will it is in instore native the second of August. If you’d prefer to uncover out all about this new primer serum hybrid, store on reading…


Too faced Plump & Prime challenge Plumping primer Serum

It’s been a couple of months since Too confronted launched their most recent primer; the Primed & Poreless pore Banishing & Blurring face Primer, therefore it’s interesting that they’d it is in launching an additional so soon.

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I’ve noticed the Too confronted have to be opting for a an ext sophisticated, high-end vibe for your packaging on your newest launches end the last few months.


Too challenged packaging often tends to be rather cute and also gimmicky, however it looks favor they can be going for a more sophisticated look, and also I personal love their brand-new luxury packaging designs.

The Too challenged Plump & Prime face Plumping inside wall Serum is $42 and packaged within a beautiful glass bottle, with a gold and pastel pink pump dispenser.

This primer however, is $10 more than any of their other standard dimension primers, so the formula must be more considerably an ext luxurious and with much more active ingredients to warrant the higher price point.

Too faced Plump & Prime face Plumping primer Serum is defined as being a plumping and volumizing serum that helps prepare skin for flawless assembly application. Plump & element is claimed to be her firming, filling and plumping serum that volumizes the skin to appear much more lifted and also feel firmer, i m sorry helps prepare the skin because that flawless assembly application, while offering skincare benefits.


The formula the the Too faced Plump & Prime face Plumping inside wall Serum ispacked with useful skincare ingredients;

Superstar peptides assist skin an increase natural collagen come diminish the appearance of lines & wrinklesHydrating formula to add a “collagen-plump” elixir to the skin

The primerprovides the perfect canvas because that makeup application many thanks to its unique serum smooth texture makes it easy to apply under makeup, and the lightweight and milky formula absorbs readily right into the skin, offering a organic glow finish.

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It deserve to be provided as a primer prior to makeup in the morning, but also in the night as part of your skincare routine too, together it’s a primer and skincare product all in one;

Start through a shake, and apply double a day provides active skin an increasing results in 3 days

I am really intrigued through the Too confronted Plump & Prime face Plumping inside wall Serum, and also can’t wait to shot it. Ns love their Hangover Primer, however I really choose the idea of a primer that will certainly prep the skin for makeup, yet will additionally skincare services too. I’ll update this post when more stockists space revealed.