10 things You Don't Know about The tone It Up girls They can not be family names come the average human being with no attention in fitness, yet hundreds of countless fans certainly know that Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are. You could know them as the

They could not be household names come the average human with no attention in fitness, however hundreds of hundreds of fans definitely know that Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are. You might know them together the tone It increase girls, the beach babes through perfect body who have been encouraging women roughly the world to live v confidence and check into the tone It increase community.

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Fitness is a substantial industry, however it’s a challenging industry to break into. There space a few larger 보다 life personalities, but the bulk of individuals come to be nameless trainers at commercials gyms. The tone It Up girls weren’t content for this to be their future and also they made decision to take a risk and create strategy that they thought in – and it worked, captivating women around the world.

Tone It increase is hugely involved with social media, and also countless women that follow the nutrition plan and also workout guide the girls collection out examine in with their day-to-day #BootyCall (not what you’re thinking – the a workout you do first thing in the morning). Women post Instagram image of your meals and progress, and encourage one another. Katrina and Karena call their pendant beach babes and also bombshells, they instill confidence and also they’re possibly a tiny bit obsessed v mermaids. They’ve produced a regimen that’s branded impeccably, v their beachy videos and also boho vibe.

Here’s 10 points you could not know around them.

10 they aren"t from California

With your perfect waves, bikini bodies and frequent filming top top the sandy beaches in ~ sunset, you can think that both the the ton It up girls room born and also bred California chicas. That’s absolutely not the case. Karena is initially from the Midwest, Indiana to be specific, and also Katrina is from brand-new Hampshire. However, their organization did get its begin in California – the duo met at a southern California gym, and found us bumping into one an additional everywhere native the farmers’ industry to the seashore to run trails. Katrina first tried convincing triathlon athlete Karena come be one of her clients, yet the duo ended up business partners – and it’s turned out to be a enhance made in heaven.

9 Katrina was she own first success story

Katrina choose up her very first exercise publication when she was just thirteen year old, and also fitness became a enthusiasm of hers. She acquired a Bachelor’s degree in health science and also started a job in the fitness sector as a an individual trainer. However, she found herself becoming really committed to her clients and also perhaps neglecting her very own training and also physique a little bit. If Katrina was absolutely never overweight, there was a time when she was about 30 pounds heavier 보다 her present svelte form. She provided herself together a test topic for the tone It up nutrition plan and also workouts, and also soon discovered herself shedding the pounds. It definitely gives ton It up followers an ideas when they check out where Katrina, among the founders, began out and what she looks choose now.

8 They got their begin running coast boot-camps native a tiny fitness studio

The entirety mermaid-obsessed, coconut-water drinking coast babe vibe absolutely isn’t one affectation – the what the girls love, and also what they’ve pictured doing since the beginning. Prior to they started their empire, they invested in a tiny fitness studio together, in which they taught coast boot-camps. They’ve admitted that they certainly loved it, however they quickly outgrew it and also opened up more spacious digs (which, if you’ve viewed on any type of of their social media accounts, have actually breathtaking s views that most likely make the pretty easy to gain to work every day). Offered how countless women revolve up for any of their appearances and also boot camp classes, lock obviously have method outgrown a little studio, but teaching boot camp great was and continues to be a passion of theirs.

7 They had a reality present on Bravo

Ah, Bravo – the network of plenty of cities of actual Housewives. Bravo is well-known for its numerous reality shows, and the tone It Up girl even controlled to snag a present for themselves awhile back. It only ran for one season, however their truth show, Toned Up, certainly helped increase their exposure and drove many individuals to inspect out their website and workout videos. Reality shows concentrated on a person’s daily life and business are generally reserved because that celebrities – someone choose a an individual trainer is more likely to be a mere contestant ~ above a reality present than snag the starring role. However, Karena and Katrina had actually something the the producer at Bravo liked, and also they were on screens throughout America for eight episodes v their larger than life personalities.

6 They were roommates in ~ one point

Karena and also Katrina live independently with your respective far-reaching others now – Karena has even done a home tour on the tone It increase YouTube channel acquisition viewers v her gorgeous beach-side digs. However, at the moment they were filming their fact series, the girls to be room mates in Manhattan beach (also join by Brian, climate Katrina’s boyfriend who has because become her husband). The fact that they managed to occupational together all day, then come home and spend time together there too, and also didn’t end up completely hating one an additional at the finish of the day? That just proves the they’re true friends who are most likely in it because that the long haul. No breaking up the tone It up empire because of silly cat fights.

5 your favorite fashion designer is Alice + Olivia

The tone It Up girl are normally spotted in workout equipment – adorable sports bras and also leggings, yoga pants and also casual tanks. As result of their beachy aesthetic, plenty of of their bikini bod videos are also filmed v the girl in in reality bikinis, toe in the sand as they perform squats and sit-ups. V the exception of the public appearances lock do cultivating their brand top top the red carpet (since they’re normally in workout equipment when they show up on talk shows and also morning shows) you generally don’t watch the girls dolled up too often. As soon as they do, however, yes sir a certain brand that they’re fond of – the quirky new York brand Alice + Olivia, operation by Stacey Bendet.

4 They nothing restrict us to an all-kale diet

Yes, the ton It Up girls follow a relatively healthy diet come accompany your workouts. Lock eat a many salads, skinny proteins, protein shakes made with their signature Perfect to the right protein powder, etc. They’re no chowing down on cheeseburgers off-camera – after ~ all, even the most rigorous work-outs won’t enable you to out-train a bad diet. However, the girls certainly know exactly how to splurge a little on what matters to castle – wine and chocolate. They’re recognized for being fans of the girly pink rose wine (even slipping on cheeky ‘rosé all day’ tanks), and they admitted in a Q + A because that Bravo they gain unwinding with a glass of wine and also a couple of squares of coco at the finish of the day.

3 They have actually an empire 

Yes, the sheer fact that they’re increasingly in the public eye lately could lead one to acknowledge that these girls have evolved past just posting self-filmed coast workouts top top YouTube. However, you could not know just how far their realm reaches. On may 5, they officially released their an initial print book, licensed has been granted Tone the Up: 28 Days come Fit, Fierce, and also Fabulous. They continue to post workouts to their YouTube channel, yet they’ve additionally released number of DVDs of their workout routines. They market their nutrition plans, they offer the Perfect fit protein powder, castle collaborate with designers on shower suits and sunglasses and more. These girls are incredibly service savvy and have controlled to construct themselves a multi-million dollar empire. It’s about much much more than simply shaping her Malibooty. Who runs the world? Girls.

2 Katrina’s husband propose to she by jumping in a lake

You could be acquainted with Katrina’s husband Brian if you’re a ton It increase follower. He renders sporadic appearances on your social media sites, one of two people in a practice out through his mam or helping about the office. What you could not understand is their engagement story. Follow to Katrina, she was through Brian and her household at a lake house, and they to be all just relaxing v a glass the wine. All of a sudden, Katrina’s boyfriend runs over and jumps into the lake. Weird, right? He emerged having ‘found’ a ring, then proceeded to propose. Katrina’s brother caught the whole thing ~ above camera, and Katrina Hodgson has due to the fact that become Mrs. Katrina Scott.

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1 They have actually a lot of followers

Yeah, yeah, they’re pretty popular, right – why else would certainly you be reading an article about them? You might not realize quite just how popular, though. They have actually two channels on Instagram,
karenakatrina, and also both have actually over 400,000 followers. According to their book, they additionally state that their YouTube videos have over 35 million views. It might not seem like much compared to some celebrities with countless followers and hundreds of millions of video views, yet in the people of fitness, it’s pretty damn impressive. The slim amount of Instagram users including the suffix ‘tiu’ (standing for ‘tone the up’) to your Instagram surname proves the legions of dedicated fans they’ve captured and continue to cultivate.