If friend or someone you know has struggled with TMJ pain, you recognize that detect a correct and also effective therapy for you can be challenging. Anyone who has a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) has to discover what works particularly for them. For some people this takes the assist of a dentist or TMJ specialist, while for other civilization they room able to discover out what functions on your own. Most world need a combination of medications, rest, heat, cold, exercises, and also bite splints.

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These aren’t the just treatments for TMJ though. One type of extr treatment for TMJ pain the has obtained some popularity is well-known as TENS…

What is TENS?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. Translation: A small electrical present is used to your skin the stimulates nerves and also muscles in a details area. 10s units have been supplied over the year to law a selection of different varieties of pain.

How Does tens Treat Pain?

It’s isn’t entirely clear how specifically TENS treats pain. There are two significant theories though around how it works.

The an initial is recognized as the gate concept of pain. This theory claims that her body sends pain signals v nerves. If you can overwhelm the nerves v another type of stimulation (such together a little electrical current) then it will block the pain signals.

The 2nd theory states that 10s stimulates her body come produce an ext pain reducing chemicals known as endorphins.

It might actually it is in a combination of both that these.

Is TENS effective for TMJ/Jaw Pain?

There isn’t basic answer because that this one. The honest answer is that us don’t yes, really know. It might be effective for some people and not effective for others. It might be efficient with particular placements and also electrical settings and also not at others. There really hasn’t been enough study to recognize for sure. What I have the right to tell for certain is countless TMJ experts recommend make the efforts it and also many TMJ pain sufferers swear through it. By itself, tens isn’t a finish solution to TMJ problems yet can be a good tool to be used in enhancement to various other TMJ treatments.

Where To ar The Electrodes?

Electrode location for tens is not specific science. There definitely haven’t been any type of studies excellent trying to uncover the exactly position. What i personally introduce is the you location one electrode slightly front of your ear and also place the other electrode ~ above the earlier of her neck on the exact same side. Perform this top top both sides. An additional option is to ar one electrode close to the angle of your jaw and also the other on your temple.

Try both that these and also see what functions for you. Depending upon the specific location of her pain one may work better than the other.

What sort of settings should I use?

This is another of those questions that us really don’t have actually a an excellent answer for since it yes, really hasn’t to be studied. What we execute know around TENS systems is the their performance can be very dependent on the level of present used. Begin low and keep increasing the existing until girlfriend feel that you are beginning to gain some results. There space several other settings such together frequency the make a difference.

Studies point toward high frequency and high stimulation being the many effective, particularly for brief term pain. High frequency for a 10s unit is about 100 Hz whereas short frequency is considered to be roughly the 10 Hz range.

Most studies had patients usage it for about 30 minutes, twice a day but again you’ll should see what works best for you as there was a great bit that variability in how long it to be used.

What kind Of tens unit should I get?

Most species of tens units will work just fine for TMJ pain. You can uncover everything indigenous $30 basic units as much as $1000 medical grade units. Personally I’d recommend simply using a straightforward unit. My patients who use tens units have been satisfied through these basic models. You’ll get all the functionality you should treat your TMJ pain. Amazon has quite a few different options. The one ns personally recommend is the HealthmateForever YK15AB. It at this time has over 7000 evaluate on Amazon through a 4 1/2 star rating. Friend can additionally click on the picture to take you to the listing.

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