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When we require to acquire a good night\"s sleep and also hit the trail early, the Them-a-Rest NeoAir undertaking Sleeping Pad is the first thing we throw in the auto for our adventure. The NeoAir is a full-length pad that provides WaveCore horizontal baffles to dual the warm of non-insulated waiting mattresses there is no inflating the price, making it perfect for recreational users and also campers who are in search of a balance the weight, packability, and also comfort.

Compact and also insulated mattress because that four-season backpackingWaveCore construction is twice as heat as non-insulated padsSelf-inflating valve for convenient inflationIncluded stuff sack for simple packingItem #CAS00AU

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This product can expose you to chemicals consisting of Acetaldehyde, i m sorry is known to the State that California to cause cancer. For more information walk to

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Although the description of the NeoAir brand this pad together self-inflating, it is not. I don't know how Therm-a-Rest can even remotely insurance claim that together a attribute of this pad. It comes with a \"pump sack\" which is a nylon bag (about the dimension of a sleeping bag stuff sack) that attaches come the valve. Closing the top of the sack and rolling it towards the valve pushes wait from the sack right into the pad. Friend can additionally blow it up manually. Ns haven't used it in the field yet, however it seems choose it will be comfortable because that 3 season use.

I’ve used countless different pads over the years and also tried several brand-new ones in the last few months. This consists of much more thick pads of various types. Making use of them periodically on hard surfaces, such as tile floors, or worse. I believed this would certainly be destructive when I very first took it the end of the package. But, so much it is the best I’ve found. And I go not have the noise problems done have mentioned (though I think them!) I just noticed the noise in ~ first. I am a light sleeper who usually wakes up frequently.

I was trying to find just a simple, blow up pad. Made decision to go with this Thermarest and got the shortest choice (medium), together it to be cheapest and also I'm just 5'1. FYI, the medium size is certainly small! in ~ 66\" (5.5'), I would certainly not indicate it if you're any type of taller 보다 me (it's also a bit narrow, which ns don't mind because I don't move approximately much when I'm sleeping). For a 5'1 person, it works great. It's also no big deal, in mine opinion, that this pad walk not have the self-inflating feature––it's really easy to blow up. I didn't even see the it said \"self-inflating\" in the tech specs prior to purchasing. This pad is lightweight, just 1-2 R-value, and also packs up pretty small. Although best as a summer pad, could certainly use this v a an excellent sleeping bag and also an extra class under me during the cooler months. All at once a great purchase.