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Thank you for visiting. This website has a lot of of details that will hopefully provide you v an knowledge of the an excellent opportunity that lies ahead for you in completely transforming deluxe audio and video clip equipment come a true brand-new "State of the Art" level that more then 1,000 audiophiles enjoy approximately the world.


You can not hear RF when you revolve up the volume complete blast that’s inherent noise indigenous the components themselves. People cannot hear radio frequencies. It has actually NOTHING to do with transforming up the volume to hear for "noise". RF is not noise favor EMI is top top the power line.


You have actually been mislead by her salesman, magazine reviewer, and laymen in online forums. Who room you going to trust? A salesman? A magazine reviewer? Or your very own ears & eyes backed up through a 100% Buy ago Guarantee?  Don"t trust mod firms with no return privilege and also no lengthy term warranty like our 5 year parts and labor.


RF (radio frequency) is a high frequency high pulse rate extraneous overloading power that is included in the air all approximately us anywhere on Earth. Electronic devices generate RF on their own, in strength supplies and also in what is commonly called a "clock". All clocks are poor news because that the yes, really audio or video clip signal integrity due to the fact that they radiate choose a mini radio terminal broadcasting your RF to win frequencies right into all neighboring parts and also wiring which climate gets enhanced every step of the means on height of the really music and video clip signals giant degrading performance. RF is just a pulse as with the music & video clip signals are, but shorter wavelengths in the Khz, MgHz, GHz bands. Trillions of pulses per 2nd bombard every electronics and also permeate all electronics since the parts and also wiring contain steel which strongly attractive RF. Every brand contain metal in strands of wiring, circuit traces, and also the leads on every passive and active parts and also all chipsets as well as inside the components themselves. Literally sponges for RF. Poor news because that signal integrity and also power it is provided charge. Every stock gear have 80- 90% depleted power supplies once in use as result of today"s high pervasiveness of RF anywhere being accumulated and passed along and intensified in every brand and model.


 FACT: Stock performance is horrible in side by side straight comparison of the same model.


Inside every single model us upgrade today, every chipset every active component every passive part gets RFI EMI treated and dampened from physics vibrations. 20+ hours of work-related today on median for every unit. Every factory stock brand & version made is full of radio frequencies. All brands are totally unshielded, unattenuated, non-dissipated, non-damped. Ditto because that wiring and also conductors, acting much more as RF EMI antennas bringing in more extraneous pulses climate the intended signal content by a factor of end 100! This alone is severely compromising the sound and video. We fix all of this. The is an extremely time consuming however the outcomes are fully unparalleled. Us have advanced tremendously in the past year.



Audiophiles & Videophiles, numerous of whom were originally skeptical, after ~ conducting their own A-B to compare in their own systems, discovered the truly gigantic performance distinction we offer by utilizing our RFI & EMI RIDDED & SE Upgraded equipment and also cables.


Even the most high-end brands are considerably improved ~ above by suppressing this airborne RFI EMI collection+reproduction+amplification interference which humans cannot listen directly yet is ever-present in the air all about us and drains the musicality from your listening experience and worsens video.


There space no other products or mods on the sector that solve the difficulty of airborne Radio Frequency collection, reproduction and parasitic amplification. It is the root reason of less than the best possible reproduction available to you. 


We wouldn’t have actually a 30 job in system buy back guarantee uneven we were absolutely certain it wouldn’t come back.


You no getting the best available return on her investment using stock, manufacturing facility “For profit Built” internally un-suppressed and also non-SE Upgraded RFI & EMI RIDDED HiFi & Video.

RFI EMI collection, reproduction, & amplification is the #1 most widespread most pervasive problem to perfect fidelity, period. The is not the brand or model, parts nor circuit design. Components swapping mode firms perform not even come close to our results.


Remember simply 1 WiFi router in your house emits a constant 2.4 exchange rate RF pulses every second into yourself and into your gear and also cables every portion of every millisecond considerably robbing power supply in her components and also wrecking signal fidelity. The high pulse price of RFI is end 1,000 times more pulses reproduced than the actual signal content alone. 


Turn on her smart phone call or tablet WiFi and note how numerous WiFi router alternatives appear: Every WiFi is emitting a steady 2.4 exchange rate RF pulses per 2nd into both you and your electronic devices constantly as lengthy as it is plugged into wall surface power.


The airwaves all roughly us space constantly filled through radio frequency pulses human beings cannot hear, no one does it create audible distortion directly, it overloads the circuits/chipsets/power gives robbing every aspect of performance, both audio and video, gobbling increase power and heating up energetic parts. 


We recommend starting your Upgrade agency journey v either the TimePortal power cords or upgrading your source component. This is wherein it every starts.


TimePortal power cords have actually 10x more RFI EMI ridding products over power conditioners alone. 


Our SE Upgrade+RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology installed into your source will make you a believer. 


All brands and also models make today space still being marketed with buck naked wiring/chipsets, active/passive components which must have our RFI EMI RIDDANCE modern technology painstakingly applied. This is a 4 component engineering breakthrough consisted of of shielding, dissipation, attenuation, & dampening. RFI EMI RIDDANCE an innovation in and also of itself elevates every brands and also models to over stock State that the Art, above Class A, above Editors Choice, above cost is no object brands and also models, proven, no if ands or buts by or 14 year zero returns monitor record.


RFI EMI collection, reproduction, & amplification is the #1 many widespread most pervasive problem to perfect fidelity, period. That is no the brand or model, parts or circuit design.


By substantially reducing the number of RF & EM pulses permeating both the signal content and also power deliver by a aspect of 100, its similar to putting in a 100x larger power supply. Clients are amazed at the new sound quality, most notably, larger 3D soundstage with blacker background, formerly unheard of bass slam depth pitch & speed, an unexplained ease refinement and musicality even on the poorest playback material.


Remember that any kind of electronic mechanism is just as good as its noisiest or worst sounding link in the chain, never ever the best. To use this modern technology to the full impact one chandelier to have actually our RFI EMI RIDDANCE set up from power distribution to the loudspeaker cables and also loudspeaker crossovers. Every chipsets and electronic components within every one of the systems materials must it is in shielded/attenuated/dissipated/dampened v our RFI EMI RIDDANCE and also all strength cords and interconnects and also speaker cables have to be wrapped with our RFI EMI RIDDANCE technology as well, because the an unfavorable lead that the loudspeaker cables is a huge RF antenna whose current flow is earlier to the source, preamp and also power amp.


Imagine your mechanism all the way up according to 200 watts or so….would a thin wall reduce the volume much? No. RF frequencies in the air are 10x-100x louder then your device all the way up. Would the view thru braid shielding and also thin mylar “shielding” of manufacturing facility cables reduce the volume of her system? No, no at every in fact. Yet RF is 20,000+ watt of moving broadcasts constantly. All WiFi routers continually spray 2.4 billion RF pulses constantly right into your home and into girlfriend too. Shielding need to be thick, redundant, affixed strict with many materials approximately all cables/chipsets/wiring to it is in effective. Factory shielding does not work lot at every either. RF goes right through continually contaminating your system robbing all power supplies and also ruining signal integrity. 


Your whole system need to be entirely RFI EMI RIDDED to properly reproduce music and video signals.


Your cables and also stock equipment are naked and also highly jeopardized despite OEM claims of shielding, they aren’t! us wouldn"t have actually 100% insurance otherwise!


Checkout our actual & verifiable client feedback and comments accessed above via the "TESTIMONIALS” tab indigenous the food selection bar at the height of ours website.


Performance difficulties with all brands of luxury Audio and also Video:

Magazine touted "high finish audio" sounds dull, flat and boring!: weak one note bass, fuzzy midrange and highs, veiled, hash, little and flat. Just not musical, simply not "live".

The most expensive equipment is just not working almost everywhere near its true potential uneven it has actually been inside upgraded v our 4-part shielding, dissipation, attenuation, and also dampening from the trillions the radio frequencies that space all roughly us.

Stock gear is simply not to solve or your would not be analysis this. 

Performers and also instruments sound electronic and small, not prefer they"re right in prior of you. Video clip that looks mildly washed out, hazy, colors doing not have in depth detail & immediacy, grainy in to compare to movie or genuine life. Whites that glow. Blacks the blend together. Read on and also we will explain why... 

Magazine class A rated "Editors Choice" brand-new models only show incremental improvement, no revolutionary development like our upgrades provide. Every stock customer electronics room internally naked security the majority of their strength supply storage and also bandwidth reproducing radio frequency noise fairly than the plan signal contents all by itself. Naked chipsets, amplifying parts, wiring, power supply parts ruins performance.

The Upgrade agency has turning back engineered the most expensive high end brands because that decades. Also today, no matter exactly how much we spend on the recent & greatest brand-new model, performance and build top quality are always lacking. The latest magazine "Class A" "Editors Choices" "Top Picks" sound dull, flat, hazy, grainy, one dimensional beside the same model that has been upgraded. This is not difficult to understand. Favor so plenty of audiophiles today, we as well were once recorded up in the "Merry-Go-Round" of buying and also selling one model for another, never achieving the level of performance we were after, and knew an innovation could provide. Manufacturers desire you to believe that their highest possible priced models immediately equate come "State of the Art" performance. Magazine reviewers desire you to think their optimal recommended models space night and day better than the reduced ranked recommended models, or models castle failed come "review". This is just not noticeable when listening. Factor being: both the short priced and also high priced models from the very same manufacturer almost always contain the very same supplier for the wiring, printed circuit plank material and also electronic parts! they buy in bulk. There"s simply more of the very same brands of parts in the more expensive component with a an ext expensive outer casework and also remote. In both instances, the high priced and low priced models greatly advantage from upgrading come the highest end parts, shielding dampening and also wiring. For top-of-the-line models to be profitable in the market place, reviewers need to promote them and also talk them up. Basic economics, you execute not develop profitability by marketing 5 or 6 piece per year. Nor room the magazines themselves rewarding unless lock earn fine over fifteen thousands dollars month because that advertising and also their reviewers compensated somehow, typically in free or "loaned" equipment for your high indigenous of praise. 

The inner cover advertisement in a significant high end audio publishing is claimed to it is in a minimum $6000 a month, or cost-free gear, and also a review is usually not granted till at the very least several month of advertising have been payment for, or other plan has been made. No one works nor posting a magazine for free.


SE Upgrade™

Signature edition Upgrade™

Signature execution Upgraded™








Question 1: How execute I feel/hear RFI/EMI distortion? I carry out not listen or feel any distortion in mine system.

ANSWERS: Again human beings cannot hear RFI friend hear the difference when comparing ours SE Upgraded models directly versus cost is no thing models and the the same stock design in your system.Our an innovation is such a big improvement that children and wives and also lay people notice without gift asked. Gigantic compared to purchase a new stock version at any price. Stock systems at any type of price level do not exhibit the soundstage height, scale, 3D reach out and also touch image placement, bass/weight/punch/depth/speed/delicacy, nor the midrange & high end purity & delicacy & essential live nature of live un-amplified musical tools & human voices in her room, even synthesized digital music is entirely an ext detailed and intricate and also smooth and detailed. Simply no comparison through stock. The power provides are all nearly drained and the circuits room all overloaded with RF which kills performance. You must hear and see the good benefits the RFI EMI Riddance through comparing among our SE Upgraded units because it’s miscellaneous you’ve yet to angry in her system. Remember we’ve had no returns in end a decade, the technology works wonders this day as it has actually been considerably evolved and improved over the previous 2 years with new materials and techniques.
#1 Welding a box shut roughly a HiFi or video component quiet doesn’t resolve the ever current RF contamination problem inside the box due to the fact that the stock unit itself generates and also radiates its own RFI broadcast within the unit by its own numerous clocks (correctly termed RF generators). The systems power supply additionally radiates solid RFI & EMI right into every strand that wiring, every chipset, all energetic & passive components within the unit due to the fact that they contain metal acting as RF antenna as shown on a spectrum analyzer. Stock units linked self-generated RF pulse price is far more than the yes, really signal content pulse price and more than sufficient to quash the intended signal content and also rapidly deplete power supply storage every second. Likewise the unit requirements to cool itself allow heat to it is in released.

See more: System Too Lean Bank 1 Repair Cost, P0171 System Too Lean (Bank 1)

#4 Shielding is simply simply bouncing the RFI EMI somewhere else, it does not reduce it nor transform it to warmth to eliminate it. Putting it in ground favor AudioQuest & Bybee Rails carry out doesn"t really remove it either. Grounding the box simply dumps a bunch of included RF ~ above ground i m sorry is an electrical conductor whose current flow isn’t always 100% away from the system. You room dumping RF right into the electronic devices this way because ground is straight shared among components and the loudspeaker minus lead which collection RF, and also reverse eddy currents happen on grounds anywhere within the circuitry contaminating it with RFI EMI. You’ve never heard hum before? That’s turning back EMI. You no dissipating nor reducing the volume the RFI EMI. Proper method to rid RFI EMI is thru attenuation & dissipation & dampening the RFI & EMI that comes in on each strand that every cable the goes in and comes out it. RFI pulses tho overload the strength supply and all chipsets all electronic devices all DAC’s every tubes every opamps all steel Leads top top passive components collect it and send it to the output phase to be intensified and sent to the preamp come be enhanced (with even more RF got on the interconnects & it’s strength cord) which then goes to the strength amplifier which then is giant overloaded through even more RF pulses gathered on that is interconnect strands and also power cord strands. Strength amplifiers gain hot once turned up loud due to RFI. Billions of pulses per 2nd are being amplified in the RF variety humans can not hear. Speaker impedance no change, it’s exclusively the too much amount that RF pulses gift amplified, billions the RF pulses every second.


In the industry full of exaggerating sales people and magazine reviewers hungry for ever before more totally free gear to offer for $$$, forgive me because that saying it"s hard to believe. Exactly how in the people do you gain midfi and also discontinued models and so on to outperform the latest course A rated Editors selection Top choose Recommended materials praised models?


Because every brands space compromised constructed to a price suggest and furthermore constantly, every fraction of every millisecond, collecting RF pulses out of the airwaves all roughly us everywhere, which damages signal fidelity.Just 1 WiFi router emits 2.4 billion RFI pulses every SECOND, (your electronic devices are likewise collecting every your next-door neighbors WiFi and also another 10-20 RF generators in your family members emitted by all kinds of devices) i beg your pardon the buck naked non-RF attenuated stock models at every price points, end up being overloaded by, amplifying & consuming many of the strength supply storage within each unit in your system.Remember music signals are 16Hz in ~ low end up ~30,000Hz with overtones in ~ the high finish averaging simply tens of countless pulses per second, simply a small fraction of the BILLIONS of total pulses the buck nude topof the heat megabuck models are likewise collecting and amplifying, i beg your pardon constantly drainpipe & north both neighborhood & main power supply reservoir capacitors, providing a slim sound, weak bass, shrunken soundstage, hazy gritty peaky and forward as a result. A spectrum analyzer proves this out. Remember humans cannot hear RFI. Listening is unmistakable. Remarkable. Accumulation & exponential together each TimePortal Cable & SE Upgraded RFI EMI RIDDED product is put into her system. We recognize you’ll agree.That’s why we offer a complete 30 work in-system trial period to uncover out because that yourself, backed up by our 5 year parts & job warranty.