ns played despite Undertale, and also listened come the soundtrack. There is one tune on the soundtrack that ns didn"t recognise indigenous the game. So where does "Song That could Play as soon as You hit Sans" appear in the game?



Song That might Play as soon as You struggle Sans is a red herring

The song in question is exclusive to the soundtrack. The song shows up nowhere in ~ the game itself, and also is plan to litter you off from noticing the real song that plays as soon as you fight Sans:

Megalovania, which has actually some unique significance as result of its usage in other develops of media Toby Fox has actually been involved with.

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As a side note, some mods or fangames have been developed that show what a comically basic Pacifist operation Sans fight would certainly be like, several of which use the song as the battle music for claimed fight.


It doesn"t.

As much as us know, in v1.1, this song is never ever played in game. Indeed, that doesn"t even ship through the game.

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This song can only be uncovered in the video game files, that is not used in any type of of the gameplay also if you try to hack it. Some human being suggest it might have to be a previous and now disused variation of MEGALOVANIA (the soundtrack that plays when you in reality fight Sans). The soundtracks space very similar when you failure the audio - over there are countless patterns as displayed with the relation to Waterfall, Spear that Justice and also Ruins. This is very feasible because as great a video game as Undertale is, there room still young flaws and also random tricks such together this audio item that was found to offer literally no purpose in the game.


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