Time to uncover out that was behind the murder of Dominique Stewart! and also possibly Violet? Yikes, they’re acquiring a little fast and loose with the whole murder thing, aren’t they?

The rage of a King

The episode opens on Cyrus holding the good Sword the State to Helena’s neck while she’s laying in her bed. This rude awakening is brought to united state by Cyrus’s id that she is responsible because that Violet’s disappearance. Their altercation is damaged up through the Duchess, who smashes a vase over Cyrus’s head. After he wakes, he remembers Helena comes to view him in his drug-induced haze, arguing that possibly Violet ran away because she couldn’t take the pressure, despite he is still encouraged Helena is responsible, due to the fact that she knew around the engagement ring and Violet’s hazard to the heat of succession.

Ted describes that they found Violet’s vehicle and evidence that foul play. Lock can’t situate her anywhere, but he’s fairly certain she dead. They found an “I Love You to the Moon and Back” locket in ~ the scene, i m sorry Ted hands over to Cyrus.

Lenny and Liam, royal Sleuths

Liam is ready to confront Eleanor about her probably murderous past, however Eleanor’s day through Helena gives her pause. She gives Helena a chance to tell her around Dominique, yet Helena lies about knowing her. Eleanor returns to Liam with a straightforward proclamation: “You were ideal — the bitch walk it.” solid damning evidence, however not too many world are thinking clearly at the palace tonight.

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When Liam and also Eleanor go back to talk to her, Helena defines that the mrs in the snapshot is Simon’s first love Dominique. The twins instantly start slinging murder accusations she way, only stopping as soon as the Duchess admits come the murder. “ need someone to make it happen. And also I make this,” she says, divulging she motive. Eleanor laments a life spent hating she mother and loving she grandmother, when Liam thinks about fulfilling Simon’s wish to dissolve the monarchy.

Next Steps, Or What to carry out After You find Out your Grandmother is a Murderer

Helena decides to take away her mother’s title, lands and also royal stipend. The Duchess calls her bluff — if she hasn’t excellent it after ~ 30 years, why would certainly she make the relocate now? Cyrus proclaims the he’ll carry out it, because he knows the she poisoned Violet at tea the afternoon she disappeared. He opens up the door to disclose Prudence, sporting that engagement ring on her left hand. “You eliminated the not correct maid, bitch,” he spits out, introducing Prudence together the mom of his heir.

Liam brings Blonde Dom in through the secret tunnels to provide her a tour of the palace and also extoll the virtues that his late father. Blonde Dom asks Liam to present the great side the the monarchy to she father, if not the whole world. She films a video of the explaining the he loves England and also that he wants the monarchy to when again it is in a resource of catalyst to the brother people. Eleanor the town hall the video clip online as a “#KingLiam” comment appears, a smile spreading over her face.

ON THE to add SIDE…

Len and also James, BFFsEleanor finally guesses correctly around James’s intentions in working for the royal family: “Maybe girlfriend quit the pressure for a wayward girl who needed your help.” James confirms, explaining the his niece/adopted daughter told him to help the royal family because they look so sad top top TV. Steadfast James is just the human Eleanor requirements in her chaotic, troubled life.A Mother-Daughter AllianceAfter discovering how sociopathic she grandmother is, Eleanor acknowledges the Helena has actually sacrificed the most and gets the least sympathy because that it. See Eleanor and also Helena gain along is a welcome readjust from the confusing fighting we’ve viewed in the collection thus far.


M-F GhostsCan we please it is in done through using sassy ghosts together a plot device? This week, Ted’s wife just sat there bleeding and also accused the of death Simon. I have heard enough out of that specter. Helena isn’t a Murderer…So why go Liam act her choose one ~ they discover out around the Duchess death Dominique? Blame whereby the blame is due, please.

This week’s episode of The Royals didn’t feature a ton of action; besides Cyrus attacking Helena, the entire family invested their time walking from room come room and having miscellaneous conversations. At very first I felt choose nothing happened, but all of the conversations centered the household together and made an impact on virtually every plotline in the story. However, a request: please, you re welcome ditch the ghosts.

Episode Rating: 7/10.



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