In this lessons, we will learn exactly how to create algebraic expressions because that word problems. Us will begin with some common phrases uncovered in word problems.

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The following table gives some usual words or phrases that space usually indicate one that the four operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide. However, depending upon the word problem, there space exceptions. Scroll under the page for more examples and explanations.


Phrase come Algebraic Expression

To compose an expression, we regularly have to analyze a written phrase.

For example, the phrase “6 added to part number” deserve to be created as the expression x + 6, where the variable x to represent the unknown number.

Some instances of typical phrases and corresponding expressions the involve addition are:

Phrase Expression
4 more than some number x + 4
a number enhanced by 10 y + 10
8 plus part number t + 8
the amount of a number and also 12 w + 12

Some instances of usual phrases and also corresponding expressions that involve subtraction are:

Phrase Expression
4 less than part number x – 4
a number diminished by 10 y – 10
8 minus some number 8 – t
the difference in between a number and 12 w – 12

Some examples of common phrases and also corresponding expressions that involve multiplication are:

phrase Expression
4 times some number 4x
twice a number 2y
one-third of part number
the product that a number and 12 12w

Some instances of common phrases and also corresponding expressions that involve division are:

expression Expression
the quotient that 4 and also some number
a number split by 2
the ratio of 8 and also some number
the quotient the a number and also 12

Some examples of common phrases and corresponding expressions the involve two operations are:

phrase Expression
6 more than 5 time a number 5x + 6
4 times the amount of a number and also 7 4(y + 7)
5 less than the product of 3 and also a number 3w – 5
twice the difference between a number and 9 2(z – 9)
How do You compose Mathematical expression From indigenous Problems?

There space so plenty of words the you come throughout when you’re working on algebra problems, and also these words room really password for very specific mathematical symbols.

just how To compose Algebraic Expressions because that Word Phrases, By examining The Language Used?

An algebraic expression is a mathematical phrase that contains a combination of numbers, variables and operational symbols.A variable is a letter that have the right to represent one or much more numbers.

How to write expressions with variables?

Examples:Write the algebraic expressions to stand for the statements.a) The sum of -7 and also the amount 8 times xb) take it the quantity -3 times x and then include 1.c) -6 add to the product of -1 and also x.

How to write algebraic expressions with parentheses?


First take into consideration the expression for-5 add to the amount of 4 times xNow take the product of -8 and that expression and then include 6.

First consider the expression forthe sum of 7 and also the product the -2 and also xWhat expression would be:4 plus the quantity of 2 times the expression.

How to compose Equations indigenous Word Problems?

This video teaches how to dissect a word trouble in bespeak to specify a variable and write an equation.

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Half that a number is 16. Write an equation to represent the situation. Specify your variable and also solve.

Mrs. Gaddie has two dogs. Her girlfriend Anna-Marie has three less than twice as plenty of as Mtr. Gaddie. How numerous dogs go Anna-Marie have?

A recycling plant recycles 2 lots of cans yesterday. This is a third of their usual amount. Exactly how much go the plant commonly recycle?

How to create Algebraic Expressions because that Situations?

Example:Translate the following phrases into algebraic or numeric expressions.a) 173 much less than a number ‘b’b) Quotient that 173 and ‘b’c) ‘b’ times 173d) 173 much more than ‘b’

Try the complimentary Mathway calculator and also problem solver below to practice various math topics. Try the provided examples, or form in your own problem and check her answer through the step-by-step explanations.