We got an excellent haircuts here and also the vibe is friendly. The would have actually been useful if their booking website or their reminder emails declared that they were cash only. After we visited, i checked the website again and also the only location it claimed “cash only” to be halfway down their home page in a small star. If you click v to booking in your menu, you will not check out that caveat (not also in the updates section at the top).

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The team in ~ Old financial institution have transferring haircuts during Covid down to a science. The super basic online technique for setting up one appt and also safety procedures in the location givee lull while i was there. Plus, I have a good haircut!

LGBTQ+ TRANS* friendly barber shop. A great place to gain a form up only $25! The barbers space awesome people. Chuck is my go to guy!

Online meeting scheduling was quick and also easy. Good location, parking no a problem, cool decor, familiar staff and also a good price. Reduced was specifically what i wanted. Will definitely visit again.

This place has j remarkable haircuts. They execute a really great 28 keep awesome Barbers, castle will constantly have our business together with anyone that 1i me wherein to het a an excellent cut. They shave the hairs on the top of my ears and also if u have hair within ur ears Im pretty sure theyd more than likely take treatment of that problem for u also. And also another an excellent thing, they additionally have a small refrigerator and also u room able to assist urself and also choose one of two people a beer or bottled water. Yet definitely offer them a to reduced your hair. U will never ever be disappointed.

Great service!!! I dubbed in a eye day when everywhere else to be closed. *****Dan***** was in the store however was planning to close. He continued to be in because that me. Ns am yes, really thankful for his work-related ethics and also good haircut.I have always had good experience with them and will definitely go again. Especially during these difficult times when we all have to support every other.

Really good place with some very skillful barbers. Girlfriend should understand that they just take cash however totally precious the time and also money. I go there on regular basis now. Prior to covid they offered free beer if you had actually to wait. Highly recommend giving this a shooting if friend havent currently been.

Went here for the an initial time freshly as ns in the area temporarily. Anya did a great job and the ar seems clean. Will be comes back.

I commend the staff and ownership because that absolutely superior service and attentiveness. Special thanks to chuck for his an abilities and his craftsmanship.

Its a great place to acquire a haircut. Simply know that the price has actually increased from $15 come $25 over the past few years.

First off just know castle only other than appointments best now- ns walked in shortly after lock opened and received a couple moments the confrontation/attitude from a bald, sleeve-tattooed employee. ‘We only accept appointment yet lemme just inspect something here...’ me: “I’m just trying to obtain a fast buzz cut, think we have the right to work something out?” that then slowly looks up from his computer, look at me in the eye because that a pair of seconds, and also says ‘I said offer me a minute.’ ns didn’t really evaluate the uh, angry Father impersonation.

Best barber shop in Baltimore shout the end to Sean reduced my hair awesome i m really sorry its not 5 stars however nothing is perfect

Love this place! to be coming below for years, because they constantly do a great job. Ns never also bother to pick a specific person to reduced my hair, since in favor 5 years ive never obtained a negative cut here! They commonly have good music playing, and before covid there was totally free beer while girlfriend wait... Yeah, cost-free BEER! Not certain if they still carry out that now with every the cooties walk around, yet they still give good cuts. The appointment mechanism is in reality really nice, due to the fact that now friend dont have to sit in there because that an hour waiting since they are so renowned (even despite it was worth it..) thanks for all the good cuts, men (and gals!)

I have not been to a brand-new barber in a very long time. A friend recommended this place. I made a preventive online, figured Id provide it a shot. Chuck was the barber who I gained that day, and also he functioned with me come make part suggestions based on what i was looking for, still in my lull zone however much enhanced from what ive done in the past few years. Ns walked out feeling great, the cut was excellent, done with a most skill. Will come back to this place for my next cut.

Awesome barber. Ns was nervous by the speed that mine haircut was completed. However, that was among the ideal haircuts Ive got in a while. Sean to be detailed and also efficient. That was likewise able to fit me last minute in in between gods various other other appointmentsAlthough that is a brief drive to this place, Ill definitely returnIts among the few places that supplies a razor for her neck versus an electrical shaverOnly fence is that it is cash only

Didnt understand I had actually to have actually an appt.however this very pretty & pretty again girl come out the no whereby n provided me an amazing cut...definitely it is in back.

Very cool vibes below and really reasonably priced! The civilization are an extremely friendly as well, all roughly a good place.

Nice people, nice online scheduling system. Respectful barbers, and most importantly decent haircut job.

Even tho I moved to PA ns still journey 40+ minute each means to obtain my haircut below or at Old Market. While i only gain my haircut by Young or John, I deserve to say that all the barbers in ~ both locations do exceptional work. Very awesome business that ns love come support.

These ladies and also gentlemen absent rear. Young is mine go-to yet I have actually not heard any complaints around any barber indigenous Old Bank. I have actually sent several of mine friends there and every one of them have been satisfied. Save up the an excellent work yinz. Very great job adhering to all COVID sanitation protocols. Ns feel 100% for sure there.

Ive only been here once, yet Ill absolutely come back. Friendly barbers, cool, laid-back atmosphere. Cash just though

Awesome ar with awesome people giving awesome, fresh cuts and also styles. Can not recommend them highly enough!

Classic barber shop with classic barbers. Always can count on Jut come take care of my hair! Cash only tho-- for this reason make certain youre prepared! Ive seen Jut numerous times and also recommended Old bank to a lot of friends the love lock too.this was my very first cut ~ they opened with new policies dues to COVID-19 and I couldnt be an ext grateful! everything was clean, I saw the barbers consistently cleaning/disinfecting/maintaining the space with a most control. Love love love this regional business!

Amazing haircut native a barber through an exceptionally warm personality. Even got compliments ~ above my cut from a stranger! will certainly be returning.

Always a good experience. An excellent service. Currently require an appointment made virtual which is even better. Remember cash only.

First time here. Very professional. Masks on, temperature taken in ~ the door. Great cut! thanks Chuck!

The barbers are really professional and also friendly. I have never had actually a poor experience. Ive since moved out of MD, yet everytime ns visit ns still acquire myself freshened increase there. Oh and also of food they room true master of their craft.

Three barbers sit on chairs ~ above phones or reading file at 1PM. Request if i could get a fast cut. Called to walk outside and also use the website. That clunky. 10 minutes later its telling me over there is no time easily accessible all day. Ns peek back inside to view if perhaps it doesnt do same day reservations. The response i acquire is, Its pretty accurate. At this allude my haircut would have been over. Walked come Floyds.

I really favored this place. It has a actual barbershop feel. The place does no take any kind of appointments, yet you have the right to weite her name, sit, and also wait to it is in called. All of the barbers do an excellent work. I extremely recommend this location for a new haircut (good price!).

The best haircut I’ve ever received, and the price allude is perfect, simply be certain to bring enough cash (AND always TIP your BARBER!) i personally constantly go Jamie, her fades are actual perfection. The atmosphere is nice, the music an option is awesome, add to I get a beer while i wait. Ns will continue to refer human being to this shop!

Best barber shop in town. 4 stars since they dont expropriate credit card and the wait time is always long. Prefer really yes, really long. But still worth it due to the fact that the barbers are simply awesome!!

Great ar to gain a cut! when I initially arrived in Baltimore I had actually horrible experience everywhere else. I uncovered old banks and then shed the location due to the fact that of lack of understanding of the area and did not remember the name. Ns then spent 2 month attempting to find it again to acquire my haircut. The search was fine worth it!!

I swear virtually every guy living in the area gets their hair cuts from here. Yes, really a no frills old institution barber shop. Find a barber you like and stick with them and also theyll treat friend right. Love the they give you complimentary water and also beer when waiting, since sometimes the wait deserve to he long however its worth it.

The haircuts at this ar are tip top. However, that is not unusual to have to wait an ext than one hour and a fifty percent to acquire a seat in the barbers chair. Everyone that works there is extended in tattoos and also most that them sports a less than helpful attitude. It is precious it to go there once simply for the world watching. Mine advice is come crack open a nationwide Bohemian while you are waiting for your turn and keep your feeling of humor about yourself.

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CASH only - good barbers, an excellent atmosphere. To be going here for 5 years and also only had actually a bad haircut recently. They’re taking COVID-19 largely seriously through masks, sanitization, boundaries on how many civilization can it is in in the shop - felt generally safe coming here. Cash just was a reason to think about a different barber shop in the pre-COVID era but the fact they maintain this policy regardless of situation trends in the city is questionable — would fairly pay an ext for the card handling charge than get coronavirus...

Amazing. Wait to be reasonable. Young is OG reduced my daughters hair and also mine as well, walk a an excellent job. The various other barber reduced my sons and also did a sick task too. Highly RECOMMEND come ALL. This is the kind of place that renders Baltimore great!

They are the ideal Barbers in town. Castle are following all the CDC guidelines and also Anna reduced my hairs precisely as ns asked