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Every week, the cast and of Hulu’s lovely rom-com The Mindy job are acquisition reader behind the scene of the latest episode. This week, Rebecca Rittenhouse, that plays Anna, bring us into the 11th episode of season 5, “Dibs.”

We absent this illustration of The Mindy Project off in high gear with Mindy and also Anna taking a sick day to recuperate emotionally indigenous Anna’s husband’s infidelity by eat gelato the end of the carton in corresponding pj’s in ~ 8 a.m. All of this to be obviously Mindy’s idea; Anna has actually never eaten frozen cream in her life.

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Morgan climate finds Karen in his closet, which she has actually turned right into her record studio since she is a ukulele genius. He’s annoyed. Despite the performances room absolutely brilliant, the real star of this scene is Morgan’s fantastic stomach tat, making a rare, desire guest appearance. They actually tried to do Morgan a shirtless nurse come showcase aforementioned tat, but Ike Barinholtz told producer he to be “tired of being objectified in Hollywood.”

Later at the office, we run right into some OB/GYNs “at work” (Mindy and also Jeremy doing absolutely naught in his office) as soon as Anna bring Jeremy a scone out of the quality of she heart. Yeah, exactly. What heart? Mindy points the end to Jeremy the Anna is probably into him and he needs to ask her out ASAP because his lacsurfacetoairnewyork.comork is no a priority.

However, as soon as Jody finds the end Jeremy desires to ask out Anna, the calls dibs because he is the alpha. This sends out Jeremy top top a an individual journey of development and advance from beta to alpha. He decides to display up in ~ Mindy’s ar unannounced come woo Anna with champagne and strawberries. While trying to impress her, he pour out champagne all over her divorce papers and they actually finish up make a person connection, which is an absolute first for the ice cream queen.

The moment is destroyed by Jody, that designs a ruse to acquire Anna come the hospital where he surprises her with a picnic, i m sorry is spread anywhere the floor the the placenta-coated scrub-in room. He’s using a bedpan together an ice cream bucket. It’s really romantic. Anna doesn’t respond positive to these ill-conceived shenanigans and storms out.

Morgan is additionally at his wit’s end. He finds Karen therefore annoying that he is addressed to gain her the end of the apartment after ~ she damages his top-bunk steamy hook up with the warm Eastern European having lunch lady. He and Colette get physical together she do the efforts to protect her woman. Morgan’s 12 dogs watch together Colette beats that down. Eventually, Morgan, Colette, and also Karen all do up and find a way to keep living together peacefully. Sans ukulele.

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The episode ends through Anna thanking Jeremy because that helping her through her divorce papers and also him thinking he need to smooch her aggressively since he believes himself to be an alpha now. Anna then renders an notice to the office that she isn’t interested in date anyone or kissing anyone and also that this office habits is abnormal, lot to the chagrin and humiliation the both Jody and also Jeremy, who retreat into Jody’s office come drink away your sorrows. So for Jody, it’s simply a regular Tuesday.