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T/F: A hexadecimal number is a number composed in the base 16 number system.

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T/F: DNS complies with a centralized database model, enabling for less complicated management of DNS records. False
T/F: ICANN is responsible for restrictions on usage of the .com, .org, and .net TLDs. False
T/F: Each organization that offers host solutions on the public web is responsible because that providing and maintaining DNS decisive servers for public access. True
T/F: an IPv6 attend to consists that 128 bits that are written together 10 block of hexadecimal number separated by colons. False
T/F: at the root level of the DNS hierarchical structure, 13 swarm of root servers organize information offered to locate TLD servers. True
T/F: The 1024 - 65535 range of ports is likewise known together the "well-known" range. False
T/F: UDP port 123 is made use of by the Network Time Protocol service. True
T/F: once using IPv6, 2 or more nodes top top the same connect are stated to be neighbors. True
T/F: The FTP protocol uses UDP, while TFTP offers TCP for data transmission. False
At the carry layer the the OSI, what is used to find and communicate with a details application running on a host? port numbers
With a FQDN the ftp1.dallas.mycompany.com, what component is the domain name? mycompany.com
How have the right to you recognize the manufacturer that a NIC card based on the MAC address? The first 24 bits, recognized as the Organizationally distinctive Identifier, determine the manufacturer.
What command deserve to you use to screen TCP/IP configuration information for every network adapter installed? ipconfig /all
Which of the following IP addresses would certainly be a loopback IP address?
What text editor have the right to be supplied on Linux to view and also edit the components of a configuration file? vim
On a Linux-based system, what command deserve to be used to display TCP/IP information associated with every user interface on the system? ifconfig -a
Which the the complying with IPv6 addresses represents a global unicast address? 2000::/3
Which that the adhering to protocols is used as a signaling protocol for the early stage connection between hosts, but does not take part in data transfer during the session? SIP
What is by far the most renowned DNS server software application available? BIND
Your supervisor has actually asked you come configure a new prototype network through a twin stack configuration. What go this mean? Both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols will certainly be supplied on the network.
What energy is provided to verify that TCP/IP installed, bound come the NIC, configured correctly, and also communicating with the network? ping
You space troubleshooting a network problem on a customer computer and discover the the network card has actually an IP address of What walk this mean? The computer is configured to use DHCP, yet was can not to lease an address.
What part of a MAC attend to serves together the extension identifier, or device ID? The critical 24 bits that the MAC address.
In the classful addressing scheme, what range of network addresses is taken into consideration a class B? 128.0.x.y come 191.255.x.y
How perform routers create a broadcast domain boundary? They perform not forward transfer traffic.
Which the the complying with is not a selection of IP addresses recommended for use in personal networks? with
When using DHCP for IPv6 (i.e. DHCPv6), what port do clients receive responses on? port 547
What kind of IPv6 attend to is fe80::8cf1:2c42:ffde:da1c? link local address
If a host's IPv6 deal with contains the network adapter's MAC attend to within the last 64 bits that the IPv6 address, what standard is being used? EUI-64
Encrypted control of remote computers using the RDP protocol is achieved using what port number? TCP 3389
What statement concerning the Server message Block protocol is accurate? It is offered by Windows and UNIX-based operating equipment to re-superstructure files.
What is the ARPA domain suffix made use of for? It is supplied for turning back DNS queries, and holds PTR records.
In a DNS zone, what kind of record holds the name-to-address mapping because that IPv6 addresses? AAAA record
You are setup up a DNS zone and have been asked to develop SPF and also DKIM records. What type of DNS document will hold this information? TXT record
What walk the MX record do in a front DNS zone? It identify the e-mail server to be used for e-mail web traffic for the domain.
You are troubleshooting a DNS concern on a Linux system, and also need to test the resolution of her domain mycompany.com MX record using Google's DNS server through the IP attend to of What dig command will achieve this? dig mycompany.com MX
What command have the right to be offered to check a domain computer's time source from a Command prompt window? w32tm /query /source
A Windows computer on your network is having concerns resolving queries for a certain domain, however not various other domains. Other computer systems on the exact same network resolve the name simply fine. What command can you issue that might fix the problem? ipconfig /flushdns
In the DNS hierarchy, whereby is information around how to discover the top-level domain servers held? On the DNS source servers.
T/F: UDP gives error checking, but not sequencing. False
T/F: IP is an unreliable, connectionless protocol, together it does not develop a conference to send the packets. True
T/F: IPv4 and also IPv6 use the exact same packet format. False
T/F: TCP uses a four-step procedure called a four-way handshake to develop a TCP connection. False
T/F: The cost of upgrading infrastructure has actually been a major factor in the slow adoption of IPv6. True
T/F: In general, a great 3 or layer 4 switch is quiet optimized for fast Layer 2 data handling. True
T/F: Routing details Protocol (RIP) is an inner gateway protocol that offers a link-state algorithm. False
T/F: The Border Gateway Protocol is thought about to it is in a hybrid routing protocol. True
T/F: The pathping utility sends out 10 pings every hop through default. False
T/F: The CTRL + S key mix can be provided to protect against an actively running command False
What is NOT one of the three characteristics of TCP in its function as a reliable delivery protocol? Framing
What ar in one IPv4 packet notifies routers the level of precedence they should use when handling an just arrive packet? Differentiated solutions (DiffServ)
What command will certainly list only present connections, consisting of IP addresses and also port numbers? netstat -n
What energy is the indistinguishable to the pathping command top top a Linux system? mtr
Which statement concerning the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is accurate? BGP makes use of TCP for connecting updates.
In a TCP segment, what ar indicates how plenty of bytes the sender can issue to a receiver before acknowledgment is received? sliding-window
Which that the complying with is no a task tackled by a router? A router forwards broadcasts end the network.
The IP connectionless protocol depends on what various other protocol to guarantee shipment of data? TCP
You are connected to your network's Cisco router, and also need come verify the route table. What command must you enter? show ip route
Which traceroute command will do a map using ICMP echo requests instead of UDP datagrams come the host srv1.mycompany.com? traceroute -I srv1.mycompany.com
What is the objective of the checksum TCP field? It permits the receiving node to recognize whether the TCP segment became corrupted during transmission.
What happens when a router receive a packet through a TTL that 0? The router drops the packet and sends an ICMP TTL expired message earlier to the host.
In IPv6, what ar is supplied to suggest what sequence of packets from one source to one or lot of destinations a packet belonging to? flow label
What is routing protocol convergence time characterized as? It is the time it takes for the protocol to acknowledge the best path in the occasion of a network change.
Routing protocols that allow routers come communicate past neighboring routers, allowing each router to separately map the network, are known as which type of protocols? link-state protocols
Which routing protocol started as a Cisco proprietary protocol and also combines few of the functions of a link-state protocol with that of distance-vector protocols? EIGRP
You have been tasked with the instead of of OSPF through EIGRP throughout your organization, which is composed of a mixture of Cisco routers and also routers from various other vendors. What declare is accurate? EIGRP might not be obtainable on non-Cisco routers.
What tcpdump command can be provided to filter out all traffic except SSH traffic? tcpdump port 22
Which command will develop statistics around each article transmitted by a host, separated follow to protocol type? netstat -s
When making use of the Routing details Protocol (RIP), what is the maximum variety of hops a message have the right to take in between its source and that destination before the location is considered unreachable? 15
What occurs as soon as a collision wake up on a network? Each node ~ above the network waits a arbitrarily amount of time and also then resends the transmission.
You have been tasked with preserving a network that is jumbo framework enabled. What go this mean? The MTU because that the network deserve to be as high as 9198 bytes.
What IPv6 field is comparable to the TTL ar in IPv4 packets? hop limit
If the VLAN tags is current in an Ethernet frame, what is the maximum framework size? 1522 bytes
By default, what is the MTU size on a typical Ethernet network? 1500 bytes
What routing metric influence a path's potential performance because of delay? latency
Which statement does no accurately describe characteristics of the OSPF protocol? OSPF needs very little CPU or memory resources.
Originally encode by ISO, what walk the "intermediate system" in IS-IS (Intermediate mechanism to intermediary System) stand for? An IS-IS qualified network router.
What statement about the differences between the home windows tracert utility and also the Linux/UNIX/macOS traceroute energy is accurate? By default, the tracert utility provides ICMP echo requests, when traceroute provides UDP datagrams or TCP SYN messages.

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In the occasion of a duplicate MAC resolve shared by two hosts on a switched network, what explain is accurate? The hosts will certainly still send and also receive traffic, however traffic might not always reach the exactly destination.