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This manga is honestly among the best mangas I've ever before read. The story revolves roughly a girl named Miko who is able to watch terrifying and also disgusting monsters the no one else deserve to see. Return this story appears generic, it yes, really isn't. Rather of the MC fighting the monsters and becoming some op hero, Miko place on a poker face and attempts to disregard them. The story develops and also gets really intense, it's not just a arsenal of independent chapters. The story gets more fleshed out and introduces an extremely interesting personalities that pipeline you ~ above the edge of your seat wonder what sort of development will come next. The arts is beautiful, the characters are very funny and also lovable, and also the manga as a totality is an excellent and absolutely precious the read.

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Mieruko-Chan is a arsenal of largely stand-alone chapters about a girl (Miko) who deserve to see monsters the no one else can see. In ~ this allude you have to be thinking that you've already seen the "girl sees points no one else can see" point done a million times, right? Well, in reality that's not totally the instance with Mieruko-Chan. This isn't her feel good story around a girl coming to be the "heroine the fights and also beats the monsters the she can only see" no one the "girl help the soul so lock can finally cross to the other side instead of lingering ~ above this earth". Mieruko-Chan is an authentic black color comedy, derived by the absolute terror Miko feels as soon as encountering those monster in every ar imaginable (from her classroom come the girls' locker room and from her bathroom come her very own bed).These monsters whose origin is still to it is in determined, are attracted in the most horrifying way possible. The designs are vague, as they are largely deformed masses of flesh v some eyes and mouths thrown in there for great measure, but they obtain the task done in 2 levels: 1) it scares the living hell out of ours heroine and 2) they make for an amazing visual contrast between the horrific monsters and the girls the are attracted in the many attractive way possible (and in the first couple of chapters, through a lot of fan-service thrown over there for good measure).It's still beforehand in Mieruko-Chan's operation (only 8 chapters the end so far) but there are absolutely some worrying trends have to this series go the distance. After ~ eight chapters the formula of Miko being very terrified for whole chapter is getting a bit repetitive and you would favor to watch the story relocate forward in some just how or way. The repetitiveness in Mieruko-Chan's formula renders its characters feel a bit shallow and stereotypical up till this allude in the story (Miko's best friend Hana is your stereotypical attractive happy-go-lucky girl who has no idea what is in reality going on roughly here, Miko's little brother is her stereotypical younger brother that is kind of pertained to with his sister and her erratic behavior).It will certainly be exciting to check out if Mieruko-Chan can uncover a means to build upon its formula and also get closer to any type of sort of progress in that story and also depth on its characters, due to the fact that the comedy in Mieruko-Chan is no as good at this point to get rid of its repetitiveness; a reaction challenge can just be funny for so long.