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15. Just how does this occupational exemplify Venetian painting?16. Who painted this, and what is gift represented?  .

59. One of the antifederalists´ major criticisms the the Constitution together drafted in Philadelphia was the ita. Was also long and detailed.b. Walk not administer for an sufficient separation of powers.c. Failed to guarantee building rights.d. Offered too lot power to the supreme Court and also federal judges.e. Did not provide.

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: pick the an answer that finest suits the photo on the screen.36. (Figure 8-29)a. Botticellib. Fra Angelicoc. Filippo Lippid. Castagno37. (Figure 8-13)a. Siena Cathedralb. Saint Peter"s, Romec. Santa Croced. Florence Cathedral Baptistery38. (Figure 8-33)a. Michelozzo di Bartolommeob. Albertic. Filippo Brunelleschid. Donatello39. (Figure 8-30)a. Castagnob. Pollaiuoloc. Ghibertid. Donatello40. (Figure 8-25)a..

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: choose the response that finest suits the picture on the screen.31. (Figure 8-13)a. Saint Anthony Tormented by Demonsb. Saint Peter and also the Dragonc. The conversion of Saint Pauld. The Adoration of the Shepherds32. (Figure 8-10)a. Produced for luigi IXb. Created for Jean fight it out of Berryc. Developed for Philip.

 21. Giotto"s images have actually been likened to contemporary ____.a. Sculptureb. An enig playsc. Disastrous theaterd. Music22. Which item is discovered on an altarpiece?a. Clerestoryb. Paris buttressc. Triforiumd. Predella23. Why walk Sienna commission the Maestà from Duccio?a. To honor the city"s patron saint, Santa Siennab. To show the city"s devotion to the.

UNKNOWN IMAGES1. Attribute the photos on the screen to a society and offer an approximate date. Offer the factors for her attributions, using complete sentences and referring to particular works discussed in class.  .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: pick the response that finest suits the photo on the screen.31. (Figure 7-11)a. Saint Theodoreb. Saint Georgec. Saint Peterd. Saint Martin32. (Figure 7-14)a. Annunciation and also Visitationb. Annunciation and Transfigurationc. Transfiguration and also Lamentationd. Visitation and also Lamentation33. (Figure 7-30)a. Sainte Chapelleb. Florence Cathedralc. Arena Chapeld. Siena Cathedral34. (Figure 7-28)a. Giottob..

7. Just how does Perugino"s Christ transferring the secrets of the Kingdom come Saint Peter stand for the strength of the papacy?8. Explain one-point direct perspective.  .

 11. How did Michelangelo adjust Bramante"s setup for the brand-new St. Peter"s?a. He included an axial nave.b. He added a hemispheric dome.c. He constructed a central-plan church.d. He included a double-columned portico.12. Venetian painting is well-known for its ____.a. Colorismb. Monumental figuresc. Rational designd. Disegno13. The Escorial is a ____.a..

13. Just how does this structure reflect classical influences?14. Why is this job-related Mannerist?  .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: choose the an answer that best suits the picture on the screen.31. (Figure 9-8)a. Leonardob. Michelangeloc. Titiand. Raphael32. (Figure 9-39)a. Holy Roman Empireb. Francec. Spaind. Italy33. (Figure 9-19)a. Raphaelb. Titianc. Giorgioned. Veronese34. (Figure 9-23)a. Pontormob. Parmigianinoc. Bronzinod. Anguissola35. (Figure 9-1)a. Pieter Bruegelb. Caterina valve Hemessenc. Pieter Aertsend. Hieronymus Bosch .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: choose the response that best suits the picture on the screen.36. (Figure 7-34)a. Cimabueb. Duccioc. Simone Martinid. Nicola Pisano37. (Figure 7-37)a. Florence Cathedralb. Cologne Cathedralc. Orvieto Cathedrald. Milan Cathedral38. (Figure 7-35)a. Florenceb. Sienac. Romed. Paris39. (Figure 7-32)a. Cimabueb. Giottoc. Simone Martinid. Duccio  .

SLIDE QUESTIONS11. How does this work reflect the interests of the patron?12. Identify the artist or artists, country, and also describe the format of this work.  .

 6. The term terribilità is most regularly used to describe ____.a. Leonardo da Vincib. Michelangeloc. Raphaeld. Bronzino7. The façades the Palladio"s Villa Rotunda encompass ____.a. Domesb. Pilastersc. Temple porchesd. Colossal order8. What work-related of style displays Mannerist characteristics?a. El Escorialb. The Tempiettoc. Villa Rotundad. The Palazzo del Te9. Mannerist.

13. Determine this sculpture and also explain that is subject and its definition for the background of art.14. Identify this painting and explain what that represents.  .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: choose the solution that ideal suits the photo on the screen.26. (Figure 8-20)a. Albertib. Ghibertic. Donatellod. Brunelleschi27. (Figure 8-4)a. Robert Campinb. Hugo valve der Goesc. Jan van Eyckd. Rogier valve der Weyden28. (Figure 8-11)a. Depositionb. Melun Diptychc. Ghent Altarpieced. Mérode Altarpiece29. (Figure 8-13)a. Silverpointb. Etchingc. Engravingd. Woodcut30. (Figure.

9. Define the subject and purpose of Bruegel"s Netherlandish Proverbs.10. How did El Greco"s travels add to his style of painting?  .

4. Why is Rogier valve der Weyden"s Saint Luke illustration the Virgin assumed to be a talk about the painting profession?5. Explain how an engraving is made.6. What is the "problem" v Alberti"s façade the Sant"Andrea in Mantua?  .

SHORT ANSWER1. List at least 5 symbols in january van Eyck"s Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride. Define their meanings.2. Determine the main theme the the Ghent Altarpiece.3. Explain the advantages of oil repaint over tempera.  .

UNKNOWN IMAGES1. Attribute the images on the display screen to a culture and give an approximate date. Provide the reasons for your attributions, using finish sentences and referring to specific works disputed in class.  .

109. According to the "compact theory" promoted by Jefferson and also Madison,a. The federal federal government was the creation of the thirteen sovereign states.b. The constitution was specifically the production of the people.c. Congress and also the chairman had entered a compact no to increase federal power.d. Treaties signed with international powers could.

54. When the brand-new government was launched in 1789,a. The nation"s population was doubling around every twenty-five years.b. Most human being lived in the fast-growing cities.c. Most civilization lived west of the Allegheny Mountains.d. New York to be the largest city in the nation.e. A majority of the population lived in New.

64. The ____ Amendment could rightly be dubbed the "states" rights" amendment.a. Firstb. Sixthc. Eighthd. Ninthe. Tenth65. Alexander Hamilton"s financial regimen for the economic advancement of the United says favoreda. Agricultural interests.b. Brand-new England.c. The wealthy.d. The poor.e. The middle class.66. The Judiciary act of 1789 produced the commonwealth court.

 11. That won the 1401 vain to architecture the Baptistery doors because that the Cathedral of Florence?a. Ghibertib. Brunelleschic. Donatellod. Masaccio12. Why walk the city fathers pick the Sacrifice the Isaac as the layout for the compete panels in the 1401 competition?a. They to be encouraging self-sacrifice in the face of the.

 16. Fra Filippo Lippi"s Madonna and also Child through Angels stood for spiritual perfection through ____.a. Math ratiosb. Worldly sensuous beautyc. Trompe l"oeil realismd. All of these choices17. The Florentine Pollaiuolo is recognized for ____.a. Figures that show up ecorchéb. The depiction of figures in actionc. His occupational for the Medicid. All of.

7. Just how did Dürer promote Italian concepts in northern Europe?8. Describe how Michelangelo readjusted Bramante"s arrangement for the brand-new St. Peter"s and also his purpose for the changes.  .

3. How is Christ in the house of Levi common of Veronese"s approach to art?4. Just how is Titian"s Venus d"Urbino far-reaching for that title, composition, and material?5. How does Leonardo"s Virgin that the Rocks reflect the artist"s groundbreaking feat?  .

69. Which routine was the most important to Hamilton´s goal of bolstering the nation´s credit?a. Assumptionb. Currency devaluationc. Capital at pard. Excise taxese. Taxing the servant trade70. Alexander Hamilton thought that a large national blame woulda. Do good harm come the nation"s economy.b. Reason inflation in the long run.c. Persuade.

94. John Jay"s 1794 treaty v Britaina. Increased George Washington"s already vast popularity.b. Essentially guaranteed one American war through France.c. Alienated America indigenous Spain.d. Produced deeper splits in between Federalists and also Democratic-Republicans.e. Led to the choice of cutting board Jefferson.95. What did advice George Washingtonoffer to the country in his farewell Address?a..

114. Hamiltonian Federalists advocateda. Federal government regulation of business and agriculture.b. A strong main government and federal help to business.c. Low taxes and also low tariffs.d. A device of complimentary public schools and universities.e. Neutrality in American foreign relations.115. What was one of Thomas Jefferson´s good skills?a. Speech makingb. Money raisingc. Electioneeringd..

114. Hamiltonian Federalists advocateda. Federal government regulation the business and agriculture.b.History

17. What aspects in this work make that recognizable together Catholic fairly than Protestant?18. Exactly how does this work-related depart from the principles of the Italian High Renaissance?  .

1. In jan van Eyck"s Giovanni Arnolfini and also His Bride, which of the complying with is an allusion to God?a. The dogb. The bedpostc. The whisk broomd. The mirror2. Hieronymus Bosch"s Garden the Earthly Delights is a/an ____.a. Triptychb. Diptychc. Breviaryd. Illumination3. The calendar in Les Très wide range Heures du Duc.

SHORT ANSWER1. What space disegno and colorito?2. How does the Stanza della Segnatura reflect western learning?  .

19. Just how does this occupational reflect the ideas and morals of The Netherlands?20. Why is this work-related significant?  .

104. President Adams seek a peaceful solution come the undeclared war with France in order toa. Ensure his opportunities of reelection in 1800.b. Embarrass the Hamiltonian soup of the Federalist party.c. Keep the Franco-American alliance of 1778.d. Stop the outbreak of a dangerous full-scale war.e. Appease pro-British pressures in the.

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: select the solution that finest suits the image on the screen.26. (Figure 7-15)a. Perpendicularb. Classicalc. Rayonnantd. Beforehand Gothic27. (Figure 7-1)a. Chartresb. Parisc. Amiensd. Reims28. (Figure 7-19)a. Virgin the Parisb. Virgin the Salisburyc. Virgin the Jeanne d"Evreuxd. Virgin of Röttgen29. (Figure 7-12)a. Notre Dame, Parisb. Amiens Cathedralc. Cologne Cathedrald..

19. How does the work employ the principles arisen by Filippo Brunelleschi?20. Just how does the remodeling of this church through Alberti demonstrate his ideas about Classical form and harmonic relationships in between parts?  .

9. Why was Mantua an important center of artistic production in the fifteenth century?10. Specify atmospheric perspective.  .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: pick the an answer that ideal suits the photo on the screen.26. (Figure 9-18)a. Leonardo da Vincib. Titianc. Parmigianinod. Raphael27. (Figure 9-13)a. Bramanteb. Palladioc. Michelangelod. Pieter Bruegel28. (Figure 9-27)a. Classicalb. Anti-classicalc. Gothicd. High Gothic29. (Figure 9-22)a. Parmigianinob. Pontormoc. Bronzinod. Tintoretto30. (Figure 9-7)a. Michelangelob. Leonardoc. Raphaeld. Giorgione .

 21. Which of the complying with architects wrote significant treatises ~ above painting and architecture?a. Brunelleschib. Michelozzoc. Albertid. Botticelli22. The advance of direct perspective is generally credited to ____.a. Donatellob. Albertic. Masacciod. Brunelleschi23. I beg your pardon of the following households once own Donatello"s David?a. Medici familyb. Pazzi familyc. Riccardi familyd. Gonzaga family24. What appears.

1. Leonardo da Vinci"s paintings are identified by ____.a. Sfumatob. Huge nude figuresc. Mannerist elongationd. Colorito2. Michelangelo"s Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco consists of ____.a. Characters from Ovid"s Metamorphosesb. Prophets and also sibylsc. Scenes from the life that Christd. Christian martyrs3. I beg your pardon artist applied for a place by telling his prospective patron that.

15. Just how does this job-related reflect the worths of fifteenth-century Flanders?16. Just how does this job-related reveal the affect of ancient Rome?  .

SLIDE QUESTIONS11. What functions of this painting recognize it together Mannerist?12. What attributes identify this job-related as High Renaissance?  .

 SLIDE IDENTIFICATION: choose the response that best suits the image on the screen.36. (Figure 9-31)a. Four Apostlesb. French Ambassadorsc. Church Fathersd. Four Saints37. (Figure 9-25)a. Veroneseb. Titianc. Holbeind. Tintoretto38. (Figure 9-28)a. Holbeinb. Dürerc. Bruegeld. Grünewald39. (Figure 9-33)a. Château Chambordb. Tempiettoc. Escoriald. Villa Rotunda40. (Figure 9-35)a. Divine Roman Empireb. The Netherlandsc..

 21. Pieter Aertsen"s Meat Still-Life is an allegory that ____.a. Greedb. Prosperityc. Salvationd. Papal authority22. Quinten Massys"s Money-Changer and also his Wife warns viewers come ____.a. Prepare for the last Judgmentb. Conserve money and also donate to the churchc. Protect against sin and also work hardd. Balance worldly and also spiritual concerns23. Leonardo"s last Supper.

 6. The disguised symbolism in the Mérode Altarpiece contains the ____.a. Candleb. Liliesc. Towelsd. Every one of these choices7. Which pictorial strategy go Rogier employ in the Deposition?a. Pecking order of scale along the central axisb. Compositional unity v movementc. Straight perspectived. Every one of these choices8. The timeless principle that contrapposto, or.

17. Describe how this photo tells the story.18. Describe how this painting reveals the the artist had interests past linear perspective.  .

 16. Grünewald"s Isenheim Altarpiece is characterized by ____.a. High Renaissance clarity and disegnob. Lutheran iconographyc. A level gold backgroundd. An exacting rendering of pain17. I m sorry of the complying with was NOT included in Grünewald"s Isenheim Altarpiece?a. Presentationb. Lamentationc. Crucifixiond. Resurrection18. What anamorphic element shows up in Holbein"s French Ambassadors?a. Skeletonb. Seal of.

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99. Among the handicaps that john Adams challenged as second president wasa. His cultivation reputation because that dishonesty.b. The hostility the the Hamiltonian soup of his very own party.c. His absence of experience in politics and also government.d. The brewing dilemm over slavery.e. The failure of his predecessor to establish a working government.100..