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Prob lem 22.6 ­ enhanced ­ through Feedback

In a common lightning strike, 2.5 operation from cloud come ground in 0.20 .

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Part A What is the existing during the strike? ANSWER:

Prob lem 22.12 ­ intensified ­ v Feedback

The currents through number of segments of a wire object are displayed in .

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Part A What is the size of the current in segment B? ANSWER:

Part B



Pott current I

####### i f 0.0002g2.51 1.25 104 A

125 104

IA la2A1 A 2A


In II out


What is the direction that the present in segment B?ANSWER:

Part C What is the magnitude of the present in segment C? ANSWER:

Part D What is the direction that the present in segment C? ANSWER:

Prob lem 22.

A 8.5 battery supplies a 3.5 existing to a circuit because that 7.0 .

Part A just how much charge has actually been moved from the an unfavorable to the positive terminal? Express your answer v the ideal units. ANSWER:

Part B exactly how much electrical potential power has been acquired by the charges that passed through the battery? Express her answer v the proper units. ANSWER:

to the leftto the right


to the leftto the right




sq ns It

0 8.50 119 i 3.5mA

st88 Dq At ns 3.5 1032520t 10h 420mm2520 880


electrical potentialenergy H qV 00 O V

Part C Remembering the the existing in the filament is proportional come the electric field, what is the current in the filament following the copy of its length? Express her answer using two significant figures. ANSWER:

Part D

What is the resistance that the filament complying with the copy of the length?Express your answer utilizing two far-reaching figures.ANSWER:

Prob lem 22.

An electric eel creates a potential difference of 470 , driving a present of 0.75 for a 1.0 pulse.

Part A uncover the power of this pulse. Express her answer to two far-ranging figures and also include the proper units. ANSWER:

Part B uncover the complete energy the this pulse. Express your answer come two far-reaching figures and also include the suitable units. ANSWER:










Power p

VlI12PP i Epf


Is 16201 0.


Tdx2 TRx


powers VI

350W NOV 0.75A 392.5W


Shaq V

0.35 J ns a IKt

Part C

Find the complete charge the flows throughout the pulse.Express her answer to two significant figures and include the ideal units.ANSWER:

Prob lem 22.

The heating facet of a an easy heater consists of a 2.2­ ­long, 0.70­ ­diameter nichrome wire. When plugged into a120 outlet, the heater draws 7.5 of existing when hot.

Part A What is the wire"s resistance as soon as it is hot? ANSWER:

Part B use your prize to part to calculation the resistivity the nichrome in this situation. ANSWER:

Prob lem 22.

When the starter engine on a vehicle is engaged, there is a 260 current in the wires in between the battery and also the motor.Suppose the wires space made that copper and also have a complete length that 1.0 .

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Part A What minimum diameter deserve to the wires have actually if the voltage drop follow me the wires is to be much less than 0.55 ? Express her answer using two far-ranging figures. ANSWER:






g ns t7.5 104 C 0.75A 110317.5 104

1.5 1061 m 0

MR YI p 12 1 161




2 22.8 1061 2.8 106

1260 A

pep ns ftp.iftefYI 26OAV 0.55Vfelon3 i d


I 4110111710


1.7 1081 m R 3.35mm

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