Robert H. Berger, CPA


Robert H. Berger earned his Bachelor of science in Business management from the university of Oregon.

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As a devoted member that the Omaha community, Robert participates in numerous accounting groups and is also involved in several associations including: Omaha executive, management Association, Omaha room of Commerce, Omaha public Library Foundation, Omaha Morning Rotary, AK-SAR-BEN, Sigma Nu Alumni Association, and Douglas ar Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

John S. Elliott, CPA, CVA


John S. Elliott earn his Bachelor of scientific research in Business management with a major in audit from Creighton university in 1969.

John works very closely with organization owners and individuals offering them with accounting, tax and business consulting services, service valuations and also negotiations, and due diligence. V his insurance expertise, he is additionally able to administer a wide variety of risk administration services.

John is a member of the Nebraska culture of Certified publicly Accountants and the American academy of Certified publicly Accountants. The is also a member of the nationwide Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Locally, man supports both the scholastic and athletic programs at Creighton University.

Joseph Pritchard, CPA


Joseph J. Pritchard deserve his Bachelor of scientific research in audit from Nebraska Wesleyan university 2012. He earned his CPA patent in 2014.

Joe’s area of emphasis is in agricultural business and taxes. That is additionally a leader in the preparation of profit-sharing audits. He additionally provides preparation of business and also individual revenue tax returns.

Joe is a member the the Nebraska culture of Certified windy Accountants and the American academy of Certified windy Accountants. Locally, Joe is the treasurer that the Cottonwood Greens Golf Course and is a member that the Greeley ar Fair Board.

Dennis L. O’Toole, CPA


Dennis L. O’Toole earned his Bachelor of scientific research in Business management from the college of Nebraska at Omaha in 1974. He earned his CPA license in 1977.

Dennis enjoys working with family owned companies with tax planning and succession plans. The is additionally manages a majority of the audits, reviews and also compilations the firms prepares.

In the community, he is top top the plank of Directors for the nonprofit, heart of a son Ministries. The is likewise a member that the plank of director of VSS Catholic Communications, Inc. Which oversees heart Catholic Radio. The is additionally the existing Financial Secretary of the Holy household Knights of Columbus. Dennis has likewise been a member and also the chairperson of the body Christi Catholic Church Pastoral Council. He has previously offered as the Treasurer that the St. Albert Education structure and has been a member the the school’s finance committee.

Thomas W. Hosier, CPA, PFS, CAP®


Thomas W. Hosier earn his Bachelor of scientific research in bookkeeping from Creighton university in 1977. He obtained his CPA license in march of 1983.

Tom focuses on taxation planning and wealth administration for both individual and also business clients. Planning areas include tax return preparation and individual financial plan in areas of retirement, social protection strategies, capital for college costs, goal breakthrough and estate and also gift taxes. Organization planning locations include general accounting, cash and fixed asset management.

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Tom is a member the the Nebraska culture of Certified windy Accountants and also the American institute of Certified publicly Accountants. Locally, that a past President and also current treasurer because that the Masonic Youth foundation of Nebraska. That has likewise previously offered on the board of the Girl Scouts good Plains Council and Ballet Omaha.