See the remarkable transformations of the contestants top top the hit fact show. (Spoiler alert! results are revealed through the photos.)


Danni Allen beginning weight: 258 lbs. Finale weight: 137 lbs Lost: 121 lbs.; 46.90% that body load The season 14 champ of "Biggest Loser" and also winner the the $250,000 compensation is 26-year-old advertising account coordinator Danni from Wheeling, Ill.

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Gina McDonald beginning weight: 245 lbs. Finale weight: 132 lbs. Lost: 113 lbs.; 46.12% of body weight 47-year-old lawyer Gina indigenous Hoover, Ala., is the "at home" champ, and also wins the $100,000 prize.


Jeff Nichols starting weight: 388 lbs. Finale weight: 207 lbs. Lost: 181 lbs.; 46.65% the body load Jeff came in 2nd place.

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Jackson Carter starting weight: 328 lbs. Finale weight: 190 lbs. Lost: 138 lbs.; 42.07% that body load Jackson perfect in 3rd place.


Joe Ostaszewski starting weight: 364 lbs. Finale weight: 217 lbs. Lost: 147 lbs.; 40.38% that body load

Francelina Morillo beginning weight: 267 lbs. Finale weight: 172 lbs. Lost: 95 lbs.; 35.58% of human body weight

Michael Dorsey beginning weight: 444 lbs. Finale weight: 308 lbs. Lost: 136 lbs.; 30.63% of human body weight

Nate Montgomery beginning weight: 359 lbs. Finale weight: 260 lbs. Lost: 99 lbs.; 27.58% of body weight

Cate Laughlan starting weight: 237 lbs. Finale weight: 173 lbs. Lost: 64 lbs.; 27.00% of human body weight