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Welcome to mine dramatic three-hour live season finale recap the The Bachelor! (Much prefer the first two hours of this show, this recap is actually neither live no one is that all that dramatic.) Here, we’ll discover out whether Nick chooses the woman who loves that too lot or the one who doesn’t love him enough. Also, we’ll get Santa’s thoughts on every one of this because, if nothing else, he’s known for his matchmaking abilities.

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Back in Finland, it’s time because that Raven to accomplish Nick’s family, that are less than enthused around having to fly every the method to Finland to go through all this AGAIN. They barely even cheer as soon as Nick walks with the door, but the minute dad hears Raven’s name, he’s IN. Remember their riveting conversation around her name?! Well, he does, and he’s looking forward to finding out more.

Bella is the an initial family member to obtain a one-on-one chat through Raven, and also all she wants to know is if crow loves Nick. Raven says she does, and also Bella’s made she choice: She’s #TeamRaven all the way, telling Raven, “I expect he choose you.” (Spoiler: That’s walking to make for an awkward conversation later.)

Raven climate reassures Nick’s father that she’s in love through his son, yet dad is more interested in exactly how his son feels, a.k.a. The thing Raven desires to know more than anything yet can’t. Rubbing her confront in she vulnerability, dad asks, “How carry out you think Nick feels?” and when crow tries come talk around the answer, that gets more direct: how does he feel towards you? Well, Raven thinks he’s fallout’s in love. “Has he claimed that?” Dad interrupts. Damn, man. Step off. Of course that hasn’t claimed that; it’s against the rules. You understand that, dad! You’ve done this three times!

At the finish of it all, Raven claims she’s hoping for a proposal, and also suddenly, dad sees a maturity in her the he’s never seen before. (Probably since before you asked her concerns like, “How’d you get your name?”) Now, he think Raven could be a an excellent partner for Nick.

With dad in her back pocket, crow chats with mom and also reassures her the her “flame” through Nick has actually been “effortless.” and for mom, she sees Raven as someone who’s incapable of hurting another person — she doesn’t understand the stiletto story — therefore she feels an excellent about Raven.

Chatting with Nick, mommy remembers the No. 1 preeminence of good parenting: simply when your kid is feeling many vulnerable, be sure to repeat them the their past failures, otherwise well-known as, “Kick your child as soon as they’re down.” Mom, citing how confident Nick was around Kaitlyn — you know, before she dumped that for another man — asks exactly how Nick have the right to know if something will certainly work? Well, he can’t, mom, yet thanks for asking. And yet, he think it’s all worth it for the slight chance that he could walk the end of below with a woman that is both smart and also intelligent.

The following day, it’s Vanessa’s revolve to accomplish the family, and also someone clearly gave dad a head’s up because he ditches his glasses for contacts come look his best. While Nick take away Vanessa, his household shows their confidence in the by reminding united state all that the women have the right to still speak no, and also given Nick’s track record, there’s a good chance he’s unlovable. Talk around a support system!

When Vanessa finally enters, dad is thrilled that he ditched the glasses together he tells Vanessa he wants to recognize “everything” around her. Calm under there, sparky. She tells them all about her love of she job, she family, she friends, and also basically she LIFE IN CANADA, in instance Nick wasn’t listening. She then remembers the time she vomited ~ above her very first date v Nick, after ~ which, she cases that the means he looked at she made her feeling something she’d been in search of for years. (Apparently, she’s been searching for a many love with just a touch the disgust.)

When Vanessa it s okay choked up talking around it, Nick’s sister (?) has to yell in ~ him, “This is where you chime in and finish that up since she’s having a moment.” so let’s hope Vanessa’s prepared for a life with someone who’s not good with social cues.

Talking through Nick’s mom, Vanessa says she’s in love v Nick, but an ext than that, she’s hope Nick’s mother can assist her discover answers. Vanessa asks the mommy of the man she’s hope to get married if it’s regular that she doesn’t feel 100 percent prepared to be engaged. Making sure Nick’s mommy feels super confident in your relationship, Vanessa tells she she’s not certain they’re all set for the following chapter. “What if there’s still so much for us to learn around each other?” Vanessa says around the male she’s only known for a months. “I expect you gain the answer,” Nick’s mother replies, meaning, i don’t have actually it, honey!

From Nick’s mommy to his sister, Vanessa expresses she desire to never leave Canada. She’d be the an initial person in her family members to leave! however unfortunately because that Vanessa, Nick’s sister doesn’t have actually the answer either. Instead, she directs Vanessa to ask Nick those concerns while she still has actually time. (At this point, let’s expect Nick’s sister comes as part of the partnership deal, because she’s currently playing a an essential part in coaching these two.)

Sitting down with Nick, his dad reminds that of how, ~ Andi dumped him, Nick feeling she make the wrong selection because she went with what she was comfortable with, and also dad is worried Nick will perform the same. (In this scenario, Vanessa is the Josh, his typical “type.”) “You haven’t had a many success,” dad helpfully reminds his son.

But by the moment dad in reality sits down through Vanessa, he changes his psychic completely. First, that cries as soon as he talks around how love isn’t enough to make a partnership last, and also then she cries when she admits that she never ever thought she to be going to meet anyone choose Nick. Then, their shared fears lug them together for the hug that transforms everything.

With both ladies gone, the household chats through Nick, and it’s noticeable mom has actually made she choice. Noting Nick’s apparent chemistry with Vanessa, mom’s clearly leaning towards the trilingual teacher. Together she puts it, crow admitted to being ready for marriage virtually too quickly. Mom doesn’t think it need to be that basic to say. Although, if her biggest are afraid is someone no accepting Nick’s proposal, you think she’d be much more on the next of the overzealous woman-in-love.

The following day we’re back in Lapland because that Vanessa’s final date, wherein she’s hoping she’ll able come relax and live in the moment. But sadly for her, they’re no doing yoga. Instead, they’re riding horses through the snowy hills, during which Nick coaches Vanessa on just how to do her horse go quicker by saying, “Give him a tiny squeeze with your thighs. Friend know exactly how to carry out that.” <Pause.>

Once they come at their destination, we watch that they’re visiting the greatest romantic in every the world: Santa Claus. Since it doesn’t feel at all creepy and inappropriate that two adults space telling Santa what they want for Christmas and basically treating him choose he’s a genie by questioning for love and also happiness. However anyway, Vanessa is loving IT. She think believing in Santa is merely believing in something greater, which she climate compares to her case with Nick, which requires believing in a greater love. (So… who’s going come tell her Santa’s not real and therefore she comparison converts to saying the love isn’t real? i vote Santa carry out it. That seems great with people.)

After your visit v Santa, Nick and Vanessa sit by the fire to talk some an ext about how Vanessa is worried that her relationship with Nick, and also therefore she proposal, isn’t walk to feel “different.” She tells him she’s not comfortable with him selecting her because their relationship is slightly various than another. So because that those maintaining track: “Slightly different” is bad; “different” is good.

At this point, Vanessa desires a critical statement the no various other woman compares. And when Nick can’t tell her that, her gut tells her something’s not right.

That night, Vanessa is quiet hung up on the reality that Nick has feelings for an additional woman, and also she wants all the answers that Nick can’t offer her. When she asks if he’s all set to propose, that tells her what every woman desires to hear days prior to a potential engagement: “The week’s not over.” where is Nick’s advantageous sister as soon as he requirements her?!

Vanessa think Nick’s absence of clarity is going to make whatever less romantic, yet he assures her the it’s all around perspective, baby. Sure, you can think around the fact that he’s walk to it is in kissing an additional woman tomorrow, OR you might look up the an interpretation of engagement and also see if you think that’s romantic. Nick reassures her that he’s only thought of her once they’re together, however Vanessa’s tho not encouraged that points will it is in “different” and also “special.”

So if Vanessa security their last night with each other crying, Nick gets ready for tomorrow’s day with Raven.

Unlike Vanessa, raven is prepared to gain her life, so much so in fact, that she narrates the start of your date: “Yay I acquire to watch you! Ah, you caught me!” If you close your eyes it’s virtually like you’re listening come an impressive love story unfold.

Today, they’re going earlier to your roots and also going ice cream skating, wherein they continue their heritages of crow straddling Nick in various climates and also then Nick laying Raven under in places where you yes, really shouldn’t lied down.

At this point, Raven has actually no hesitations, despite the fact that Nick has actually risked her life in a swamp and on an ice rink. Yet as of best now, she’s gotta go play with the husky puppies Nick just brought over. Why they provided him three as soon as he could clearly only lug two, i will never know. Together Raven put it, “I hope my kids with Nick are as cute as these puppies — a little less hairy yet still yes, really cute.” just a little much less hairy?

That night, Raven check in through Nick, and also he’s an extremely honest around the reality that he reportedly can’t move his neck because he’s for this reason stressed. (Is the a thing?) at this point, he hasn’t do his decision, and also Raven, unequal Vanessa, seems okay v that. Instead of crying, she simply reassures him the she loves him and also is all set to obtain engaged.

Nick speak her the he knows just how happy she would make him. He speak her: “I’ve never had that reservation and it’s due to the fact that of your sincerity and also your native of how you said things that, more than everyone in mine life, I’ve never ever felt it as lot in the moment that I’ve ever before felt it with you.” her response? “That’s so sweet.” to be IT? ns truly have actually no idea.

Nick knows the Raven is someone that would always have his back and who would fight for him — through a stiletto, if necessary. And also then the seals she fate as soon as he tells her, “I am proud the you are here.” Yeah, she’s walking home. Although ns don’t understand why crow thinks gift from Hoxie, Arkansas, is the reason this “shouldn’t” happen to her? What carry out they teach those bad children growing up in Hoxie? Is the why they spend so lot time ~ above the serial bins hoping your troubles will certainly disappear? Is the what Tommy to be doing once he dropped off that grain bin that forever changed the town? (I’ll never provide this hoax up.)

Leaving behind a confident Raven, Nick decides currently is the time to begin thinking around his relationships, simply in time to have yet an additional visit native Neil Lane that either loves traveling, loves Nick, or really requirements an assistant who can do this because that him. With Neil’s help, Nick picks the end a “classical” ring before it’s time for Nick to do his decision.

With crow in white and Vanessa in black as if they’re the great and poor witches, Nick put on a blue suit and heads come the final rose ceremony. There, Raven gets the kiss of fatality when she’s the an initial one out of the car.

After she when again speak Nick that she loves him, the starts in on exactly how much the cares around her, respects her, and also how much love he has FOR her. And that’s as soon as she realizes. As Nick starts to cry, he speak her, “I just don’t know if I’m in love. My heart’s somsurfacetoairnewyork.comhere else.”

Then, in Raven’s silence, that decides to tell her the after that made his decision critical night, the couldn’t protect against thinking about how lot he loved being alongside her yesterday since that’s helpful. In the end, that apologizes and Raven merely says that she’ll never ever regret informing him how she feels.

With that, Nick tells her he’ll miss her, to which she responds, “I know.” friend gotta love a woman with confidence. However in all seriousness, she handle this choose a champ and still appears to be comforting the in that moment. Unlike Nick, who’s only thinking around himself once he go her exterior INTO THE snow without a jacket. ~ one final hug, she gets right into the depression mobile and also wonders if detect love is even possible.

Meanwhile, Nick gets ready as Vanessa arrives. After ~ Harrison speak Vanessa she “should be” nervous, he sends out her in, whereby she find Nick. There, the reminisces about the very first moment he witnessed her and the moment he started falling in love v her, i m sorry apparently taken place at the 2nd rose ceremony. (No wonder the kissed her after she vomited! He already loved her! Actually, that still doesn’t make it okay.)

Nick tells Vanessa that, for a while, the tried come fight loving her — he should really hate Canada — but now, he’s done fighting. He’s in love and he doesn’t care who knows! This show can be about his past, yet when that looks in ~ Vanessa, all he look at is his future.

Now, her turn. Vanessa additionally remembers feeling something “special” and “different” — her two favorite words — about Nick the first night. She didn’t think he’d ever notice her — has actually she looked in the mirror? — yet instead, “you’ve i found it every component of me.”( This is what we contact TMI, Vanessa.)

Vanessa wasn’t certain this type of love existed, for this reason she many thanks Nick because that taking another chance ~ above love. She knows points aren’t walk to be easy and that she have the right to be a small crazy, however she guarantees to remind him every work of just how happy he renders her. She then tells him, “Knowing just how much girlfriend love to talk, i promise I’m prepared to do a lot of listening.”

With that, Nick gets down on one knee and proposes come the optimal of Vanessa’s head as she sobs into her hands. It was muffled, but she did speak yes, and also now, they’re engaged! even better: There’s a sleigh waiting exterior to take them to your forever. Or rather, to take it them somsurfacetoairnewyork.comhere else. Together Vanessa put it, “Let’s go do it. Literally.” simply please, wait till you’re out of the sleigh.

Last yet not least, we have actually “After the final Rose,” otherwise recognized as the minute when chris Harrison gets every his screen time because that the whole season. An initial to sign up with him is Nick, who cases he’s happy, however that might be quick lived, due to the fact that Raven’s here. Just kidding! in spite of her stiletto-filled background, crow is a beloved ex.

Sitting next to Nick, Raven explains that she “stoic” solution to acquiring dumped was simply her method of processing the information. As for Nick, she wants him to be happy and also quite frankly is simply glad to view he didn’t get rejected again. (SAME, Raven. Same.)

Then, law what the does best, Harrison invites Raven to Bachelor in Paradise, and also she accepts. Currently all he needs to execute is invite Luke and we’ll have actually the greatest Southern pairing because barbecue and beer!

Next up, Vanessa joins Harrison come tell him that her partnership with Nick has actually not been easy, and yes, they have had complicated days. (Translation: Compromising isn’t as straightforward as they as soon as thought.) at this point, she’s simply looking forward to gaining some normalcy back in your lives… yet that’s not beginning today! because now, she and Nick need to enjoy their an initial public appearance whereby Harrison asks some much more about those fights.

Joining Vanessa, Nick admits the they still have actually a long way to go, mostly because they’re still getting to understand each other at this point. That’s no to say the they won’t obtain married; it’s just saying castle won’t get married anytime soon. Right now, they’re no at the suggest of choose a date, yet they have actually picked a country! follow to Vanessa, it actually wasn’t a big fight. She’s all set to move to the U.S., as shortly as they number out exactly how to make that happen. (It’s not as easy as it provided to be.)

So when they number that out, Harrison brings the end his last guest that the evening: the following Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. Yes, she’s happy for Nick, and also yes, she’s prepared to move on. Speaking of which, Harrison has actually a “historic” announcement to make: The Bachelorette starts appropriate now! ~ above cue, a males wheel out a background of the Bachelor mansion, and also just behind it room a that the guys who will join Rachel on her “journey to find love.”

And if you thought night one was awkward, imagine that in prior of a live audience… and then make it 10x an ext awkward! Rachel meets her very first four men — among them has tickets come Vegas and also an engagement ring, among them tells she she smells good, the third guy promises, “I’m all set to go black and also I’m never gonna walk back,” and also the 4th one brings some exceptional dance move (and part surprising sincerity).

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With that, we leave Rachel emotion excited for her season and me feeling exhausted. I’ll see you in May, Bachelor Nation. Let’s expect that second guy gets less awkward prior to then.