The 2nd official solitary released off she album and also the just song she didn’t write herself (credit goes to Kirby Lauryen. She vocals resemble and are often confused in this… check out More 

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Is the crazy that I want you to stayWhen i tell you to leaveWhen ns tell girlfriend goIs it stunner that i say your nameMore time a dayThan ns say mine ownTell me infant is that crazy?Tell me infant is the crazy?Is the crazy once you’re gone for a minuteI’m lacking you, Yeah ns feel aloneIs that crazy that I’m jealous of castle bitchesWhen they get your timeAnd I recognize its wrongBut tell me is it crazy?Yeah, I need to understand if the crazyDamnCause ns ain't to be myselfLately somethings walking onNah boy ns ain't even sleptI been up every night longIn mine headTrying to figure out what I want what i doWhat ns don’t
Is it crazy every them answers is youTell me cuz that is blowing mine mindTell me cuz ns don’t understandHow who just deserve to walk right into your lifeAnd everything before them girlfriend forgetIs the crazy?Tell me those going onI should knowCause ns ain't tryna lose myselfOr lose controlBaby phone call me the truthI need to knowIs the crazy?Baby is that crazy?Is it crazy that ns told my ex don’t speak to no more cuz ns in love?Is that crazy the I keep your shirts right here just to smell her cologne?Damn that sounds crazyTell me is that crazyCause ns ain't been myselfLately somethings going onNah boy i ain't also sleptI been up all night longIn mine headTrying to number out what I desire what ns doWhat i don’t
Is the crazy all them answers is youTell me reason its blowing my mindTell me cause I don’t understandHow who just have the right to walk into your lifeAnd everything before them you forgetIs that crazy?Is it crazy? (crazy)Is it crazy? (crazy)Is it crazy?Tell me is that crazy?Is the crazy?Is that crazy?Well if that is I’ll simply be crazy for youBaby cuz that blowing mine mindTell me cuz ns don’t understandHow someone just have the right to walk into your lifeAnd everything prior to them girlfriend forgetI'm crazy crazy crazy for youI'm crazy crazy crazy for you
The second official single released off her album and the only song she didn’t write herself (credit goes come Kirby Lauryen. She vocals resemble and also are often confused in this song for Miley Cyrus’s.

In she Spotify Commentary because that the album, Kat explained “Crazy” as a track that relates to countless who room in love. The feelings of insanity and not exactly knowing how to handle the emotions one is feeling:

It’s that you know…sometimes we perform go crazy around people and also we girlfriend know, we fall for someone really hard and also we feel like we space insane and also that’s usually what the track is evoking and also that’s what I wanted to evoke in the video. Simply all these different emotions that a girl is walk through. As soon as she’s kinda emotion a certain kind of means and she doesn’t know exactly how to take care of her emotions.


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