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Tonight ~ above MTV their series Teen mom 2 proceeds with one all new Monday April 18, season 7 illustration 5 called “Hindsight” and we have actually your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Leah considers reuniting with Jeremy; Isaac struggles with Javi’s brewing deployment.

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On the last episode, Kailyn and Javi received poor news; Leah blamed Corey because that confusing the girls; Barb to be worried around Jenelle’s brand-new boyfriend; Chelsea and Cole take it a major step. Did you watch the critical episode? If girlfriend missed it, we have actually a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s illustration as every the MTV synopsis, “Leah considers reuniting with Jeremy; Isaac battles with Javi’s imminent deployment; Jenelle’s birthday trip to new York is ruined by Nathan; Chelsea and also Cole celebrate your engagement; and Aubree has sad news about Adam.”

It sounds favor Teen mommy 2 is going to have another amazing season and will be an awesome show. What sort of crazy drama are you expecting to view in this existing season? What has actually been most exciting so much in Teen mommy so far? can’t wait because that the one-of-a-kind episode that’ll recap the entire present tonight? Sound turn off in the comments under below and let us know! don’t forget to check CDL because that our live recap the Teen mom 2 at 10 afternoon ET!

Tonight’s episode begins now – refreshing Page regularly to gain the most existing updates!

Tonight’s episode of Teen mother 2 kicks off through Chelsea and also her friend Cole security the day with each other – they have a romantic picnic together, Aubree is v her Grandma. Chelsea jokes the it is your engagement moon, a pre wedding honeymoon. Lock talk around what their resides are going to be favor after castle are lastly married.

At Javi and Kailyn’s house, Javi is gaining ready to leave for deployment. The reassures her the this time that will have actually WIFI, and also they will be able to talk more. Kailyn is going to speak to Joe and see if she can keep their son Isaac this week so the Javi deserve to spend time through him before he leaves.

Jenelle take away Kaiser with her to meet up with her mom and Jace in ~ a restaurant because that dinner. Jenelle speak Barbara the she is going out of town to brand-new York for her birthday with her brand-new boyfriend David. They talk around her custody fight with Nathan. Apparently, the Nathan’s lawyer will certainly drop the attack charge if Jenelle signs a visitation commitment with Nathan. Jenelle doesn’t desire to do it despite – she feels prefer she is making use of Kaiser to get herself out of trouble.

Leah meets up v Jeremy to choose up Addy, she cries that she doesn’t desire to leave her Dad. Jeremy asks Leah if she will accomplish up with him later so the they have the right to talk around some stuff. She desires to recognize what he desires to talk about – yet Jeremy is mysterious and also won’t call her.

At Kailyn’s residence she calls Joe and tells him that javi is leaving and she wants to save Isaac a couple of extra days. Joe reluctantly agrees to miss out on out top top his days v his child so that Javi deserve to spend time through him. Joe tells his girlfriend “V” about Javi’s deployment. The is worried about Isaac, he hates that he is being lugged up in a army family and doesn’t have stability.

Chelsea and also Cole space still on their mini vacation together, they inspect in to a hotel and video clip chat v Aubree and Chelsea’s mom. Ago at Chelsea’s mom’s home it is tho winter. Aubree is excited for she mom and Cole’s wedding. Aubree states Cole plays games with her choose a real dad, and also complains the her dad Adam doesn’t play any kind of gams with her.

Nathan meets up with one of his friend – he tells him all around Jessie’s court date. Jenelle is gift charged through assault and battery because that throwing a cup of water in ~ Nathan’s brand-new girlfriend. Nathan and his girlfriend Jessie space taking it to trial since he is noble of her gaining away v everything.

At Corey’s house, he has actually the twins, Miranda is still in the hospital v the new baby Remy since she to be born premature. Meanwhile, Leah is filling her girlfriend in ~ above Jeremy flirting with her – Leah it s okay emotional and also starts crying once she talks about Jeremy and how much she respects that for not trying to take Addy far from her choose Corey is taking the twins far from her.

Despite the truth that Javi is leaving, Kailyn is still taking a full course fill at college. While she is in ~ class, Javi spends some 1-on-1 time v Isaac he offers him a speech around being the guy of the house and also being great for his mom while Javi is away. Isaac gets teary-eyed and tells Javi the he is walking to miss out on him while that is deployed.

Leah is cram a large birthday party for the twins’ sixth birthday – she invite Jeremy to come but he couldn’t do it since he had actually to work. At the party, Leah fills one of her friend in on she custody fight with Corey, he got the twins from Monday-Friday, however Leah is fighting the in court and also has filed a motion to reconsider.

Jenelle is in NYC through her boyfriend David and a few of your friends. She opens up presents in ~ the hotel room and also then lock head out bar-hopping. The next day Jenelle gets upset because she gets text messages native a friend ago home about Nathan. Apparently, the is to run around and telling everyone that Jenelle is keeping Kaiser from him and won’t permit him watch his son on Christmas. Jenelle rants that he is ailing of Nathan pretending the he cares around his son.

Chelsea is getting ready come go choose Aubree up from her mom’s house – but Chelsea is an emotional mess. Her mom dubbed her after ~ Aubree visited bed and told she all about how Aubree was sad due to the fact that Adam never ever plays v her. Chelsea beginning sobbing about how sad she is for she daughter that Adam doesn’t invest time through her. Chelsea wishes that Adam would certainly be gone totally and just leave lock alone. She would rather have Aubree not check out her dad at all, rather than feel like once he does check out her he no love her.

Jenelle and David space still in NYC, ~ a unstable night of anxiety attacks, Jenelle wakes up feeling refreshed. Barbara and also Jace contact Jenelle and also sing “Happy Birthday” come her. After they hang up, Jenelle tells David that she is walking to it is in the larger person and also call her lawyer, she is going to agree to let Nathan check out Kaiser if his girlfriend autumn the charges versus her.

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Leah meets up v Jeremy at a restaurant because that dinner so the they deserve to talk. Leah jokes v the waiter that he is serving an ex-husband and also an ex-wife drinks. After a couple of drinks, Leah gets emotional and also starts talking about how lot she desire they had actually stayed together while she was in treatment. Leah start crying over she pasta, because Jeremy no seem come regret your divorce as lot as she does.