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Parking:Lot, Free

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Cuisines:Buffets, Asian, Chinese


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Just due to the fact that the owner and employees satisfy the health treatment standards by checking the temperature doesn"t mean the food tastes good. I have offered this restaurant 3 tries and also they have failed every time. They"re simply isn"t a solitary buffet item the is precious complementing

I have been going to this buffet for over ten year now. WOAI go a review that said they had actually problems. Don"t buy it.I view the owner check the temp the the food top top the buffet every the time! That states he is very consistant concerning the cleanliness and the reality it is good food.Enjoy!

If you"re craving some Chinese food in mountain Antonio, climate you"ve involved the appropriate place! Taste the China supervisor Buffet is known for being an excellent Chinese restaurant. They market multiple various other cuisines consisting of Chinese, Asian, and also Buffets.

Interested in how much it may expense per human to eat at Taste the China at sight Buffet? The price per item in ~ Taste that China at sight Buffet arrays from $5.00 to $7.00 per item.

In comparison to various other Chinese restaurants, Taste of China super Buffet is inexpensive.

As an Chinese restaurant, Taste the China supervisor Buffet uses many typical menu items friend can discover at various other Chinese restaurants, and also some unique surprises. Below in mountain Antonio, Taste of China at sight Buffet offers and more. Once it comes to some of the best menu items available, girlfriend can select from:

If girlfriend would like to investigate further on pricing around all menu items, has noted you with the complete San Antonio Taste that China super Buffet menu.

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There room other surrounding neighborhoods the Taste that China at sight Buffet in 78230 serves beside San Antonio, and also they incorporate places like big Springs, country View Village, and also Downtown. If you want to watch a finish list of all Chinese restaurants in san Antonio, we have actually you covered!

Looking for various other top Chinese restaurants in mountain Antonio? an ext popular places to shot are golden Wok, or Bei Fang Chinese Restaurant. If girlfriend don"t mind traveling a bit, we can additionally recommend more great places come eat Chinese food in surrounding cities. Just provide Old country Buffet in mountain Marcos, gold Corral Restaurants in new Braunfels or HomeTown Buffet in Fredericksburg a try. Make certain to come back and leave a evaluation at around what girlfriend liked and any references for various other users in ours community!

After your meal at Taste the China at sight Buffet, don"t forget that san Antonio has a ton of amazing restaurants come try. Come earlier to and also find lots of good restaurants in san Antonio, take the end restaurants in mountain Antonio, or rapid food restaurants in san Antonio.

Don"t forget come tell her friends how your endure went in ~ Taste the China at sight Buffet in san Antonio by leaving a review here at!

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