The masked Singer premiered critical week and also created rather a buzz! This week was no different, with six all brand-new costumed performers to sing for the an initial time. But it to be the Bee who stole the show!

Here is the Bee’s first impressive performance and also what we know around her now:

Week 2 Clues

Strength: tough Worker

Pre-Show Clues: just a shoot of 2 tennis balls. And also on The masked Singer website, a clue the she is “no stranger to competitions.”

Episode 2 Clues: The Bee says in her long career, she’s flied come soaring heights. Being a worker bee keeps her young! She says, “you can call me Queen Bee but Empress likewise suits me.” The punishment is looking forward to singing to a new generation. She desires to see if she still has what that takes! Then, the bee revealed she started singing in the ’50s.

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Episode 2 Song: “Chandelier” by Sia

Week 4 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: We get a clue we’ve already gotten prior to in the video! two tennis balls. And The masked Singer website says the punishment “uses her Buddah to acquire zen.”

Episode 4 Clues: The Bee claims the present gives she a challenge because she commonly watches faces and that lifts her up. The package shows peaches splashing and honey in the background. She dances 70’s format throughout the video, with two guys in suits next to her. She also picks petals off flower top top a bed. The Bee has to be willing to “flip the script.” when asked for one much more clue, she says “take me come court.”

Episode 4 Song: “Locked out of Heaven” through Bruno Mars

Week 6 Clues

Pre-Show Clues: The pre-show video showed pots and pans next to the Bee. The masking Singer website says she “loves southerly cooking.”

Episode 6 Clues: The Bee claims she’s to be performing for a lengthy time, singing due to the fact that the 1950’s. She talks about how her mom first gave she an idea to kind a team at a birthday party when she to be 8 year old. The Bee says “it was constantly in the cards.” they then got a document contract and also her career has actually been “all peaches and also marmalade ever since.” The shoot then mirrors a plate full of waffles. She states singing all these songs provides her feel favor “I’m every bee. It’s every in me!” For she physical clue, the Bee brought out bakeware, saying it’s her 2nd favorite thing to do.

Episode 6 Song: “Wrecking Ball” through Miley Cyrus

Week 7 Clues

Episode 7 Clues: The bee talked around “getting she groove on ago then” while human being exercised and did synchronized swimming. She name drops a bunch of songs to throw united state off, prefer “New Attitude,” “Superwoman,” “We nothing Need one more Hero,” and also “Giving friend the finest That i’ve Got.” Then, the Bee claims she’s to sing a track by a “very near friend.” She finished she time on stage responding, “Actually I have actually 10 !”

Episode 7 Song: “What’s Love gained to carry out With It?” through Tina Turner

Semifinals Clues

Episode 8 Clues: The Bee claims that several of the dashboard is encouraged she’s “the queen the the Pips,” yet she’s been providing mixed messages. She is viewed in a kitchen eat a peach. The bee then says, “no one renders a peach cobbler quite prefer mine.” but after every these years, she’s hoping her Grammys voice leads she to the Finals. A train through “SANTA FE” written on it is shown. The bee closes by mentioning Aretha Franklin is a girlfriend of hers.

Episode 8 Song: “(You make Me feeling Like) A organic Woman” through Aretha Franklin



Gladys items (Honorable Mentions: Tina Turner, Chaka Kahn, and Patti LaBelle)

This one actually had enough hints in it to solve, if you were playing close sufficient attention! but there honestly wasn’t much to work with. She’s clearly had a long and impressive job from whatever the bee said. Beginning to sing in the 1950’s is no tiny feat, because was 60 years ago! the narrows under the choices a lot together it is. The tennis balls gave a tiny hint because Gladys has actually been open about her love because that tennis. The might likewise explain her “take me to court” line. Next, the an initial hint on the website that the bee is “no stranger to competitions” may be alluding come the reality that Gladys to be the command judge top top Apollo Live, a to sing competition show on BET.

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Everything else was pretty one-directional though, hinting in ~ wanting her voice to with a brand-new generation. However the greatest giveaway is when the Bee pointed out (in a quick, practically throwaway line) the “Empress” also suits her. Well, Gladys is well-known as the Empress of Soul! The judges started capturing on in mainly 4 too. The clues lined up again too. The peaches splashing in the background can be a nod come her renowned song “Midnight Train come Georgia.” The punishment talks about wanting to “flip the script” and Gladys has also acted. And the Buddha clip native The masked Singer‘s website? fine Gladys was when signed to Buddha Records! there are numerous illusions to she older age as well, yet that isn’t news here.

In main 6, most of the new clues were about cooking. Gladys knight has appeared on talk shows before to cook with the host! The other big clue was about her start, when her mom urged her to begin a group. That group, of course, was the Pips. If the bee made part allusions come other comparable singers, all the clues are pointing to Gladys Knight! even her friend Patti Labelle thinks it’s her. We’re convinced!

Latest clues Decoded

The Bee claimed she’s to sing a song by a “very near friend” when she perform both Tina Turner and also Aretha Franklin. They room both friend of Gladys Knight! Her recommendations to peaches and also baking suggest to Gladys’ love the cooking. The peach, matched through the picture of a train, offer a nod to her hit song, “Midnight Train to Georgia.”