I"m assuming the prize is no, however I wanted to shot anyway. I have a long-standing vault on my phone, but it"s getting increasingly difficult to control due come the little phone screen. (May or might not be regarded my aging eyes as well.) I have an iPhone. Is it possible to deliver the vault/save to an additional device, best a Mac desktop, or maybe even one more iOS machine like an iPad? I"ve obtained close to 200 dwellers, quite a many caps, lots of max level dwellers, lots of legendary blueprints, etc.

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I saw another post around syncing come iCloud, yet I"ve heard over there are worries with that, and I haven"t tried it for are afraid of impacting mine game.



If you have a look at at her vault list, there is an alternative to rotate on "cloud save"


If you revolve this on, the following time you log in in to her game facility or iTunes account, you deserve to download the games onto your new device.



The vaults are .sav records on her phone. I have an Android N device and the save paper is located under /Internal Storage/Android/data/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter/files/, the names space Vault1.sav and so top top (obviously, the path will be different for her iPhone, you"ll have to figure that one out yourself or google for it). You have the right to move these files between devices and that way, girlfriend can likewise transfer her vaults. This need to work without problems in between iPhone and iPad, no sure about the Mac tho.

I walk the same a few years back when switching to a new smartphone and also it operated perfectly fine.


The video game uses Game center so you should be may be to accessibility your vaults on an additional iOS an equipment if friend sign into your apologize ID and also Game Center.


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