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Kirito's relax Recollection go Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann taking in stars in the sky. That was so awesome cosmos favor scene.

Agreed! i was picturing him speak "Who the fuck perform you think ns am" while gift impaled through his sword pointing to the sky!

*episode creators it is in like:*

"You understand what? I want this dude native Gurren Lagann as the end boss""The muscle guy with the weird eyes?""No the black color one with weird eyes""Oh yeah acquired it" *takes notes*

"Also I desire a Genki-dama!""But it's SAO?""Genki-dama!!! And Eugeo will support and also nail it!""How lot Dragonball execute you desire to rip off?""YES!"


Asuna can lastly assert her dominance once again as she finally gets alone v Kirito for 200 years.

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If the theory that the heart will only last because that 200 years is true, Asuna and Kirito are still happy to be able to live 200 year in UnderWorld compared to favor 60-70 years here in ActualWorld.

All those arguments from the ahead season about who's known Kirito the longest will finally be settled XD