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Everyone has actually a story that brokenness; maybe it is sexual abuse, rejection, betrayal, or seeks problems. No issue what it could be, Jehovah Rapha, the God who Heals, can redeem your damaged story. In Surprised through the Healer, Linda Dillow and also Dr. Juli Slattery hav compiled the story of ripe courageous females who have actually agreed to tell their story of relocating from hopelessness to hope, and also brokenness to healing. The Healer is inviting girlfriend on a journey toward healing as well. Take inspiration and also encouragement from this stories.

Title: Surprised by the Healer: Embracing Hope because that Your damaged StoryBy: Linda Dillow, Dr. Juli SlatteryFormat: PaperbackNumber of Pages: 207Vendor: Moody PublishersPublication Date: 2016Weight: 8 ouncesISBN: 0802413404ISBN-13: 9780802413406Stock No: WW413406

The Healer is inviting you…God’s native declares the there is heal for your deepest pains, hope because that your greatest disappointments, and also victory over her addictions, previous hurts, and also past failures. His name is Jehovah Rapha, the God that Heals, and also He deserve to redeem your damaged story.In these pages, girlfriend will accomplish nine courageous females who have actually agreed come tell their stories, come share with you just how they moved from hopelessness and also brokenness to hope and healing. Whether from sexual abuse, betrayal in marriage, or various other harrowing experiences, the Healer invite them top top a distinctive journey the redemption in the middle of deep pain. That is inviting you, too. Linda Dillow and also Dr. Juli Slattery, cofounders of yes, really Intimacy, have been writing and ministering to women in the church and also clinical context for number of decades. Their wisdom and experience overflow in this work-related to provide you a trusted source in journeying towards healing. Consists of a study guide for each chapter in the ago of the book.

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LINDA DILLOW is the author of the bestselling calm My anxious Heart and also co-author the Intimate Issues. Her latest book, What"s it prefer to be Married come Me? to be a finalist for the non-fiction publication of 2011. Linda"s publications have sold an ext than one and a half million duplicates in the U.S. And also have been interpreted into countless languages. Linda and her husband, Jody, resided in Europe and Asia for seventeen years, training Christian leaders in closed nations with Biblical education by Extension. The Dillows live in Monument, Colorado. Lock have 4 grown children and also ten grandchildren.DR. JULI SLATTERY is a widely recognized clinical psychologist, author, speaker and also broadcast media professional, v a weekly radio program called "Java v Juli". Dr. Slattery is the co-founder the "Authentic Intimacy", an global non-profit designed come minister to ladies on topics approximately intimacy and sexuality. Her publications include Pulling earlier the Shades, enthusiasm Pursuit, beyond the Masquerade, recognize the Hero in your Husband, and No an ext Headaches. She at this time sits top top the plank of trustees because that Moody bible Institute. Juli and also her husband, Mike, have been married because that 20 years, and also are elevating their 3 boys in Colorado Springs where Juli deserve to be uncovered playing in the mountains and also trying to regulate her seeks to soybean beans lattes.