Woo hoo! Winter Hellatus is OVER! So many things come discuss. Let’s spare the small talk and get right to it.

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1. Let’s Talk about Hex, Baby…

If Crowley was a Dungeons & dragons character (Yes, i played. In high school and after. And still would if ns could. Closeup of the door it.) his alignment would clearly be Lawful Evil. He’s a bad boy, yet one v a code, so it provides sense the his nightmare would be around a device in chaos and being toppled by the many loyal the his subjects. Especially Guthrie, a imperial Decree bearing white haired dynamo that reminds me that Benson, the servant of old—loyal with an ext than a tint of snark.


And speaking of snarky, Crowley’s nightmare, that seems, has been induced by his witch of a mother, Rowena. When he wakes, wet in the “horror sweat” (yuck) Rowena asks Fergus what she deserve to do. “Not a thing, you angry bitch,” that replies. “Not a thing you angry bitch mother,” she corrects him. Crowley thinks Rowena is suck up because she desires her freedom. Me? ns think Rowena is sucking up due to the fact that she wants hell. An additional manipulative angry redhead determined to usurp Crowley from the throne? the look is so critical season.


2. The Dark Mark

Meanwhile, in the HuntCave, Cas and also Sam space talking about Claire, who is barely speak to Cas thanks to Dean’s little hack and slash top top her just friend in the world. Sam corrects him—Randy was a user and they all know it. “Well, she thought he was kind, and also for that she love him,” Cas says, sadly. “Shows how tiny kindness there remained in her life.” Ouch. The reality hurts.


Talking about Claire’s upset also brings up the charging elephant in the room—Dean, and also his prejudice to kill very first and ask concerns never. Dean to walk in, acknowledging what that is, telling Cas to eliminate the mark of Cain however he needs to, also if it transforms him right into a one-armed bandit. Cas reminds Dean the the MoC precedes the lore, and with the demon tablet missing castle going come need help from top top high.


3. Punk absent Girl

Cas, add by Sam, walk on an errand of doom—they are taking the pimpmobile come Heaven’s gate Park come retrieve the one thing that might assist them cure Dean for good. And also the present gatekeeper? IS THE COOLEST FRIGGIN’ point of view IN THE GARRISON!


(Is anyone else composing fanfic about the Punk rock Angel? because I to be tempted to tell the story of “Susie and also the banned She.” Please, 80s punks, call me you check out what i did there.) Cas’ shipment is late, and also Susie tells him to cool his jets and also wait until they bring…and we all knew this was coming…Metatron. After promise to return the unharmed (good luck through that) Sam and Cas bring Metatron come the dungeon, or, as Metatron likes to contact it, the “room where they lug all the kinky chicks.” (Ha! favor him or not, girlfriend gotta admit Metatron is pretty an excellent with the comebacks. Speaking of which…) when he finds out Dean is alive, Metron is both surprised and delighted, guessing, “He’s gone nuclear! Total, foaming at the mouth, balls the end maniac!” the demands, if they want any assist at all, the Dean be preserved on a brief leash. “Buddy?” Sam practically spits. “I don’t care what happens to you. You killed my brother.”


And then Dean increase from the shadows and for the tiniest of moments? it is difficult to tell whether his hate-filled eyes are environment-friendly or black.


4. My two Dads

Meanwhile, back at the Astoria Hotel (which, as any SPN pan worth her salt would recognize was featured in the Season 4 premiere, the awesome illustration “Lazarus Rising”) Claire Novak is packing. She has actually been staying there…with Cas? Maybe? yet now she realizes she deserve to no much longer hide exactly how she feel whenever she watch his vessel.


Claire tells Cas it hurts too lot to watch her father’s body as soon as Cas method nothing come her. Cas feel responsible—wants to assist her have actually a life. She claims she has one she is an excellent with. And if he way a common life? that ship has actually sailed. She reminds him that he’s not the just one who eliminated someone she dubbed family. Dean Winchester, she says, is a monster.

Cas wants to, however he can’t refute it, no matter how much he thinks Randy deserved to be punished and also how lot he knows that Dean’s fury is the end of his control. The says, only, “there is a little monster in all of us.” and you would know, Cas. Anyone rather remember Season Seven?

5. King of the Nerds

“Ain’t life a bitch?,” Metatron asks the Winchesters. “Nebbishy little guy, me, always sticking it to the lunkhead jocks.” I have actually been a vast fan of Curtis Armstrong’s because that 30 years, and also the delicious joy with which he delivers Metatron’s smarm is precisely the reason why. Ns think over there is a reason the fandom haaaaaaaaates Metatron, and also it’s because Curtis Armstrong make us. Again, great job, SPN spreading department. (Recapper’s note: if you have the right to find video clip of Curtis Armstong’s panel at the 2015 Salute to superordinary Convention in mountain Francisco, do. That is utterly delightful to hear to.)

Metatron asks Dean if the knows the the note will very own him—sooner fairly than later. Dean intimidates him and Metatron asks why they just assume the is walking to be unhelpful. “Because you a dickwad,” Sam says. “But I’m her dickwad,” Metatron replies, and I love that so hard. Metatron offers the very first step the Dean’s recovery: acquire the an initial Blade and also put Dean and also it together. I beg your pardon Sam knows is a destructive idea, but, v nothing far better to offer, the shoves those feelings aside and also lets no Moose make the call.

6. Role ‘dem Bones

Crowley answers that call in the middle of he and Rowena’s unlimited bickering. When Dean asks for a meeting, Crowley agrees, confident that he and his previous Knight will certainly cruise because that chicks when more. Instead? The guys literally have a bone to pick through him. (Most important of all? The conference takes location in a rainy alley, definition Jared Padalecki has wet hair and………..I’m sorry. Was i saying something?)

Back in the throne room that Hell, Rowena, humming the Scottish nationwide Anthem, cuts the ties. Again, literally. She place a scrap of Crowley’s officially wear top top a scary bone altar, goes all white eyes, and also astral projects to eavesdrop on Crowley’s meeting through the boys. Reportedly the Blade has actually been buried. With his bones. In Guam. In a grave clearly labeled Macleaod. Which renders me wonder why Crowley is writing a big old X on that treasure, however I digress. Anyway, Crowley goes come retreat it but Guthrie, an additional victim the Rowena’s purring trickery, got there first.

Of course, Rowena death the deceived and loyal Guthrie however gets walked in top top by she “bonnie lad.” Rowena entirely overacts, speak the Guthrie acquired the blade due to the fact that he feel Crowley was colluding through someone called Winchester and also could no be trusted not to death them all. Crowley claims he had actually a vision of Guthrie betraying the (induced, the course, through the hex bag lady.) Rowena reminds that of the treason in his court, the feasible betrayal the the hunters Winchester and asks him, who have the right to you trust? (Not her. That’s for sure.)

7. Cas’ new

8. “Behold—the river shall finish at the source.”

Finally, Crowley calls, inducing Dean’s hard rock ringtone. He says he will organize the blade till Dean gets all the the details from Metatron on how to scrub the mark. Dean goes to him, alone. No Sam. No Cas. Uh oh. This is gonna get ugly. Dean renders his demand, and Metatron claims that information will cost him. There are a bunch of steps. He provided the first as a freebie “because you’re you.” Dean pulls the end the angel blade v a flip. Closes and locks the door. “Whatcha doin there, slugger?” Metatron asks. Dean notifies him he will work out a score and also get info too. And also it won’t price him a dime. “Slugger.” and then that grins, terrible and also beautiful every at once.

Metatron i will not ~ budge. Dean cites his wrongs: stealing Cas’ grace, spreading out the angels, making Gadreel kill Kevin using Sam’s hands, beginning an angel war and also oh yeah—killing him. “My morality is being judged by Dean Winchester?” Metatron snarls. “How many human being have suffered and died since they thought in you?” that goes on and on, telling Dean the it offered to be because that the better good, however now? civilization die since Dean desires them to. Dean punches that in the kisser, over and over, yet Metatron’s far from done. If Dean think hurting a couple of humans will certainly take him more under the mark’s spell, the says, “Try messing through the Scribe the God, Bucko!” the reminds Dean—Kevin’s fatality is his error for placing him in harm’s way, and he tricked Sam to enable Gadreel in. And oh yeah, that bromanced his method around the nation with the king the hell! Dean? Well, let’s simply say he is no yet the master of his anger.

Dean asks for the next step, without making use of his manners. Metatron tells him to walk screw himself. Sam and Cas finally figure out that the only sandwich Dean is making is with his fist and also pursue Dean, skidding come the dungeon door and also finding the locked. Dean hearkens earlier to the torture an abilities he learned in ~ Alastair’s hand and begins carving. Finally, in awful pain, Metatron lets a proviso slip: “Behold—the flow shall end at the source.” Sam shouts because that Dean come stop—tries to absent the door down—but when he can’t Cas supplies his priceless grace to blast it come splinters.

Cas and also Sam bust in and Cas, angered, states he has to take Metatron back. The Heaven will certainly be pissed he has again made assures he cannot keep. Metatron states he will choose death fairly than help them ever again. And also? watch out. Dean’s walking to acquire worse.

After, Dean admits he was going to death Metatron. That he couldn’t prevent himself. Sam claims that Cain lived through the mark for years and also years and also stayed strong. He thinks Dean has actually to control it. That he requirements to struggle the power, so come speak. Prior to they can comment on going come Cain, Claire calls Dean back. She has chose she desires to talk.

9. Scum and also Scummer

Claire, ever the loser magnet, meets a couple at a swimming pool hall the are clearly on the grift. Lock tell her they desire to aid her through her three-daddy problem, and also she agrees to let them rough Dean up once they meet. The course, they have actually something a little much more permanent in mind.

Dean goes come the conference spot and also sits top top a bench, alone through his remarkable profile. That’s when low rent Bonnie and Clyde come out v a bat and an ax. Claire realizes lock don’t median to safeguard her as much as they mean to kill him, and she busts the end of she hiding ar screaming for them to stop.

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Dean fights lock off, managing to gain the ax and also looking dangerously nearby to killing them. The manages to pull back and put the ax into that perfectly nice park bench instead. Come on, Dean. I understand you’re fighting the MoC and all, but what did the bench ever before do come you?

10. Hit the Road, Novak

Claire hitchhikes off to her following (likely criminal) escapade, and also Cas traction up alongside her in the pimpmobile. He claims that angels can listen prayers, also if they room made in the type of longing. (If that’s true, I want to know where mine Jared Padalecki is.) Claire tells Cas she is going to go it alone to find out to curb the monster inside herself. She states she will call him sometime, and, no that he cares, however she likes him much better in a tie, which makes him smile. (Recapper’s note: i sincerely hope this no the critical we check out of Claire, because Kathryn Love Newton and also Misha Collins have great chemistry, and she is a exorbitant young actress who lugged a lot come the role.) Castiel, reluctant, however accepting, drives away, feather at she in the rearview mirror, worry clearly on his face.

So. Much. Happening! here’s hoping that the “source” Metatron spoke of was charismatic Cain. Galavant is over, and I need much more Timothy Omundsun (you feel me, people?) and also speaking of favourite returning characters, Charlie Bradbury is ago next week! hold a knife to a victim’s throat and also trying to choke Dean to death. Um. Yay? check out you next time once we discuss episode eleven, “There’s No ar Like Home.”