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A naturally emerging solid chemical aspect with a unique composition and a crystalline structure is a(n) ________.A.mineralB. SedimentC. HorizonD. RockE. Essential nutrient
mineral are contents of materials of the Earth"s crustB. The lithosphereC. The troposphereD. Floor horizonsE. Sedimentary rocks
If a mineral is opaque, lustrous, malleable and can command heat and also electricity, it is a(n) ________.A. CrystalB. MetalC. GemstoneD. ElementE. Radioactive element
Smelting of steel ore entails ________.A. Oxidizing iron to ferric oxide and then adding silicon and boronB. Washing the ore with acid come extract ironC. Crushing and heating the ore at its melt pointD. Dissolve the ore in warm water to different iron and also aluminumE. Heating past iron"s melting suggest and combine the product with carbon
examples of valuable nonmetallic minerals extracted by mining are ________.A.nitrogen, hydrogen, neonB. Gold, platinum, copperC. Lead, cadmium, mercuryD. Sand, gravel, phosphateE. Radon, radium, sodium
most coltan ore is mined in ________, however purified and marketed in ________.A.the U.S.; EuropeB. Canada ; the U.S.C. South America ; southern AfricaD. Southern Africa ; CongoE. Congo ; occurred nations in phibìc America and Europe
The emphasis of the 2001 enquiry of the U.N. Basic Assembly into coltan mining in Congo was ________.A. Allowing more western nations to benefit from the income of coltanB.diverting 30% that the profits from coltan into U.N. Agencies like USESCO and also FAOC. Environmental and social justice for the CongoleseD. Regulating the high price the the ore charged by the Congolese governmentE. Stopping the mining and also sale of coltan come western countries
Tantalum from african coltan is used mostly for the manufacture of ________.A. PlasticsB. Electronics: cell phones, computers, digital camerasC. Pesticides, fertilizers and biodiesel fuelD. High high quality steelE. Aerospace engines and also aircraft hulls
Subsurface mining is used broadly in the exploit of soils for landscapingB. Oil sandsC. ColtanD. Limestone, herbal gas, peatE. Coal, phosphate, diamonds, gold
heavy landscape damage and water pollution have developed in ________ as a result of ________.A.Florida; open pit mining that limestoneB. San Francisco; placer mining for goldC. Mississippi; strip mining for uraniumD. Canada; subsurface mining because that oil sandsE. Appalachia; mountaintop removed mining because that coal
together in the mining the coltan in Congo, coal mining in Appalachia has produced concerns of ________.A.industrial smogB. Economic prosperity for local residents, however high price for anyone elseC. Ecological damage and social and also economic injusticeD. Project losses, waiting pollutionE. Black market task for stolen and poached minerals
The U.S. Surface ar Mining Control and also Reclamation plot of 1977 requires ________.A.all mined minerals to be processed and sold just within the U.S.B. 20% that sales profits to be donated to nationwide park maintenanceC. Repair of the similar ecosystem and also biodiversity present before mining beganD. No remediation the water pollution, other than in the instance of uranium miningE. Mining providers to short article bonds come cover reconstruction of mined areas before permits room granted
The U.S. General Mining action of 1872, return encouraging of the residential mining industry, additionally ________.A.opens mining rights to international nations i beg your pardon stake claims on U.S. LandB. Has allowed mining in metropolitan centers with with dense commercial developmentC. Renders mining unprofitable except for the largest corporationsD. Provides away resources located on publicly land nearly for totally free and is topic to cheat claimsE. Has actually pollution and also remediation clauses that are too strictly
Many types of mining, such together for coal and copper, develop a specific form of water pollution referred to as ________.A.radon gasB. Exposed limestone particlesC. EutrophicationD. Chlorinated pesticidesE. Mountain drainage
A brand-new process for removing heavy metals and also acid sulfate contamination from mine leachate water is ________.A.surface impoundmentsB. Deep-well injectionC. Sulfate-reducing bacteriaD. Filtration and sedimentationE. Treatment through chlorine or ozone
A. Mineral exploit by removing 100 vertical meters from hill and mountain topsB. Excavating a large hole in the landscape to remove widely spread mineral depositsC. Sifting v sand and also silt in riverbed because that minerals using a sluice v running waterD. Tunneling deep underground come extract mineralsE. Surface layers are removed to expose and also extract horizontal mineral depositsF. Re-establishment of floor contours and vegetation in a mined area- subsurface mining, mountaintop removed mining, placer mining, piece mining, open up pit mining, prospecting, solution mining, eco-friendly mining, reclamation
A. Mountaintop remove miningB. Open up pit miningC. Placer miningD. Subsurface miningE. Piece miningF. Reclamation
The dwindling supplies of rarely strategic steels such together indium, tantalum, and also platinum might be prolonged if we rigorously ________.A. Relax eco-friendly requirements for miningB. Recycle currently suppliesC. Mitigate demands for social and economic justiceD. Scour the earth for brand-new depositsE. Increase demand for the assets in which they are offered
In 2010, geologists native the U.S. Army discovered nearly $1 sunshine worth of minerals in ________.A. Viet NamB. PeruC. AfghanistanD. IraqE. Nevada
Sustainable mineral use and also longer projected lifetimes because that scarce minerals have the right to be completed with every one of the following, except ________.A.finding more available substitutes for scarce mineralsB. Trying out for brand-new reservesC. RecyclingD. Increasing demand and also lowering price for assets using this mineralsE. Researching an ext efficient and environmentally friendly techniques of exploit
The relationship between recycling, economics, and also energy usage is demonstrated in the instance of aluminum, wherein cheap mining technologies and large newly found aluminum deposits have actually made recycling unprofitableB. All of the metal recycling industries inn the U.S. Went bankrupt by 2009C. The costs more than ten time as lot to produce items from recycled aluminum than from virgin oreD. The U.S. Failure to recycle aluminum has caused power to be shed in mining new oreE. 95% the the energy expended to mine and produce items native virgin ore is saved by recycling
The newest bonanza for recycling scarce and also toxic metals is to recuperate them indigenous recording sitesB. Car batteriesC. Landfills indigenous the 1960sD. Compact discs, LPs and 8-track tapesE. E-wastes
As much as costs of restoration and reclamation the mining website you recommend ________.A.any coporation, group wishing come invest should write-up a bond for reclamation and also hire Afghans to do the workB.the Afghan central government must take responsibilityC. The expenses should be shared by the Afghan central government and additionally by the most an effective tribal leadersD. The U.S. Army should take it responsibilityE. The U.S. EPA should oversee the operation and also pay because that it
A.any corporation wishing to invest should post a bond because that reclamation and hire Afghans to execute the work
many of the miners are likely to be regional villagers managed by Afghan mining engineers. Compensation for workers should be _____ A.whatever gives the greatest corporate benefit for the employerB. Offering the money to village leaders and also local tribal leader to determineC. Whatever the Afghan main government, in participation with national tribal leader decidesD. The same rate at i beg your pardon U.S. Miners space paidE. In ~ or over the regional Afghan wage v the corporate employee guaranteeing food, adequate housing, medical care and also security
E. In ~ or above the neighborhood Afghan wage through the corporate employee guaranteeing food, sufficient housing, medical care and also security
As far as the re-publishing of corporate revenues from mineral sales goes, the reduced for the Afghans have to be _______ A.determined by the that company interests act the miningB. Left come negotiations between the that company miners and also the U.S. MilitaryC. Set by the U.S. Dept. Of LaborD. A guaranteed percentage, suggested by Council, and noted to the Afghan main government with advice around spending a designated lot for national infrastructure.E. Resolved between the Afghan government and tribal leader
D. A guarantee percentage, said by Council, and listed to the Afghan main government v advice about spending a designated quantity for nationwide infrastructure.
every one of the following can be judicious appointments because that the U.N. Council, other than perhaps ___ A.representatives of banking, marketing and also corporate law from arisen nationsB. Professionals in environmental and social justice from the Arab league of NationsC. Mining designers from Afghanistan and neighboring nationsD. Local economists without corporate tiesE. Mining corporation engineers, university geologists from arisen nations
A helpful benefit native mining profits can be ____ A.creation of enhanced roads into and also around mining sites because that corporate transport and also mining machineryB. Permanent enclaves of international scientists and also mine managers located near mining sitesC. Making use of the U.S. Armed forces to provide security in ~ minesD. Developing high-end tourist hotels for visiting foreign mine executives and their familiesE. Training because that Afghan mining technicians and establishing Afghan mining institutes
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