Student Exploration: aspect Builder

Directions: monitor the instructions come go through the simulation. Respond to the questions andprompts in the orange boxes.

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Vocabulary: atom, atomic number, electron, electron period diagram, element, power level, ion, isotope, massnumber, neutron, nucleus, periodic table, proton, radioactive, valence electrons

Prior understanding Questions (Do these before using the Gizmo.)

What are some of the different substances that consist of a pizza?

Pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese, optionaltoppings.

What substances consist of water? Hydrogen, Oxygen.

What substances comprise an steel pot? Iron

Elements space pure substances the are made up of one kind of atom. Pizza is no an element because it is amixture of many substances. Water is a pure substance, yet it has two kinds of atom: oxygen andhydrogen. Iron is an aspect because the is written of one sort of atom.

Gizmo Warm-upAtoms room tiny particles of issue that are consisted of of three particles:protons , neutrons , and electrons. The Element Builder Gizmo showsan atom v a single proton. The proton is located in the center of theatom, called the nucleus.

Use the arrow buttons ( ) to add protons, neutrons, and also electrons come the atom. Push Play ( ).

A. Which corpuscle are situated in the nucleus?

The neutrons

B. Which particles orbit roughly the nucleus?

The electrons

C. Revolve on Show element name. What causes the facet name come change?

The number of protons

Activity A:


Get the Gizmo ready: ●Use the arrows to create an atom with two protons, 2 neutrons, and also two electrons. ●Turn ~ above Show facet name.

Question: What room the nature of protons, neutrons, and also electrons?

Observe : revolve on Show element symbol and Element notation. Three numbers surround the element symbol: the mass number ( A ), electric charge (no number is presented if the atom is neutral), and the atomic number ( Z ).

Investigate : Watch exactly how the numbers change as you include or remove parti cles.

A. I beg your pardon number is same to the number of protons in the atom? The atomic number.

B. How can you calculation the variety of neutrons ( N ) in one atom? The fixed number subtracted by the atom number.

C. Which fragment (proton, neutron, or electron) has a

Positive charge? Neutrons

Negative charge? Electrons

No charge at all? Protons

Analyze : one isotope is one alternative kind of one element. Each isotope of an element has the same number of protons, but a different variety of neutrons. The isotope is stood for by the atom symbol and also mass number, such as He-4. Part isotopes are stable, if others space radioactive , which method the atoms decay over time and also emit radiation.

A. What room the stable isotopes the carbon? Carbon-13, Carbon-12, isotope of nitrogen, Carbon-14, Oxygen-18, Deuterium, nitrogen-15, oxygen-16, nitrogen-

B. What room the stable isotopes that nitrogen? nitrogen-15, carbon-14, nitrogen-14.

C. List 2 radioactive isotopes of oxygen: Diproton, Hydrogen-

Practice : usage the Gizmo come answer the complying with questions.

A. How many electrons are in a neutral atom that lithium? 0

B. How numerous neutrons space in one atom of Mg-25?

C. What is the mass variety of an atom v 5 protons and also 7 neutrons? 12

D. Once an atom is charged, it is referred to as an ion. How countless electrons are in O 2-? 10



The periodic table

Get the Gizmo ready: ●Create a neutral hydrogen atom. ●If girlfriend have accessibility to a periodic table, open it now. (Not required.)

Question: The 117 or therefore known facets are arranged in the routine table. Why walk the periodictable have actually the shape it has?

Form a theory : Look in ~ the an initial three rows the the routine table below.

Why perform you think the facets are arranged the method that lock are?

I think they space arranged like that because of the number on top of the elements. 1 is onthe left end, 18 is top top the ideal end.

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✏️Draw diagrams: either hand attract in the room below or modify using the drawing tool to develop an electron period diagram because that each the the aspects below. Use the Gizmo to assist you carry out this. To check your work, turn on Show electron period diagram. (Right click on the picture, click “edit”, move the dots a✏️ round the aspect symbols)

Analyze : What do the facets in every column the the periodic table have actually in common?

They have the very same amount that valence electrons.

Draw conclusions : exactly how is the routine table organized?

The periodic table is organized by putting the exact same amount of valence electron in each