Start analysis About stone of Tears around Terry Goodkind Reviews around the knife of Truth series Table of components www.headofzeus.com for my parents, Natalie and also Leo. Map of the world. Hand-drawn (stippled form) by terrycloth Goodkind. 1 Rachel clutched she doll tighter to she chest and also stared at the dark thing watching she from the bushes. At the very least she assumed it to be watching her. The was hard to tell due to the fact that the eyes were as dark as the remainder of it, except when the light captured them simply right, then they gleamed a gold color. She had actually seen animals in the woods before, rabbits and also raccoons and also squirrels and such, however this to be bigger. It was as huge as her, possibly bigger. Bears were dark. She wonder if it might be a bear. But this wasn"t specifically the woods, because it to be indoors. She had actually never been in an indoor woods before. She wonder if indoor woods had animals like the the end woods did. She can have to be afraid if chase wasn"t there through her. She knew she to be safe with him. Follow was the bravest guy she ever before saw. Still, she was a little afraid. Chase had told her she was the bravest little girl he knew. She didn"t desire him come think she to be afraid of some large rabbit. Probably that"s every it was, some large rabbit, sit on a rock or something. But rabbits had actually long ears. Perhaps it really was a bear. She placed her doll"s foot in she mouth. She turned and looked under the path, throughout the pretty flowers and short walls extended with vines, and across the grass to whereby Chase was talking to Zedd, the wizard. They were standing by a stone table, looking in ~ the boxes, and also talking about what to execute with them. Rachel to be glad that that mean Darken Rahl didn"t gain them and also that he wasn"t ever going to be able to hurt anyone again. Rachel turned back to make certain the dark thing wasn"t coming any kind of closer to her. It was gone. She looked around, but didn"t see it anywhere. "Sara, where carry out you think it could have gone?" she whispered. Her doll didn"t have an answer. Rachel bit down top top Sara"s foot and started walking to Chase. She feet want to run, yet she didn"t want Chase come think she wasn"t brave. He had actually said she was brave, and also that made her feeling good. She looked over her shoulder together she walked, checking, however she didn"t check out the dark point anywhere. Possibly it lived in a hole, and also it had actually gone there. Her feet still want to run, but she didn"t let them. When she reached Chase, she moved up versus him and also hugged his leg. He and also Zedd to be talking, and also she knew it to be impolite to interrupt, so she suck on Sara"s foot if she waited. "So what might happen if you just shut the lid?" follow was asking the wizard. "Anything!" Zedd grounding his skinny arms up in the air. His wavy white hair was smoothed down yet it quiet stuck the end in places. "How have to I know? Just since I recognize what the box of Orden space doesn"t median I know what to do with them now that Darken Rahl has opened one. The magic the Orden killed him for opened it. It could have ruined the world. It might kill me because that closing it. Or worse." follow sighed. "Well us can"t just leave them sitting around, can we? Don"t we have to do something?" The sorcerer’s frowned and also looked at the boxes when he was thinking. Once it was quiet for a minute, Rachel tugged top top Chase"s sleeve. He looked under at her. "Chase..." "Chase? ns told you the rules." He placed his hands on his hips and twisted his challenge up make the efforts to do it look at mean, until she giggled and also hugged his leg tighter. "You"ve only been mine daughter for a couple of weeks, and currently you"re break the rules. I told you before, you room to contact me "Father". No one of my youngsters are permitted to speak to me Chase. Understand?" Rachel grinned and nodded. "Yes Ch... Father." He rolled his eyes and also shook his head. Then he mussed her hair. "What is it?" "There"s some large animal in the trees. I think it could be a bear, or worse. Ns think you could need to take the end your sword and go have a look." the laughed. "A bear! In here?" He laughed again. "This is an indoor garden, Rachel. There aren"t any kind of bears in an indoor garden. Possibly it to be a shadow. The light does odd points in here." She shook she head. "I don"t think so, Ch... Father. It was watching me." he smiled and also mussed her hair again and put his big hand ~ above the side of her face and hugged her head to his leg. "Then you just stay by me and also it won"t stroked nerves you." She suck Sara"s foot and nodded together he hosted her head come his leg. She didn"t feel so afraid now that he had his hand on her, and so looked over to the tree again. The dark thing, mostly hidden by among the vine covered walls, darted closer. Rachel bit down more difficult on Sara"s foot and let out a little whimper as she looked up in ~ Chase. He was pointing in ~ the boxes. "And just what is the thing, the stone, or jewel or everything it is? Did that come the end of the box?" Zedd nodded. "It did. However I don"t desire to say what ns think the is until I"m sure. At least not the end loud." "Father," Rachel whined, "it"s coming closer." that looked down. "Good. You just keep your eye ~ above it because that me." the looked back to the wizard. "What carry out you average you don"t desire to say? carry out you think it has actually something to carry out with what friend said about the veil to the underworld probably being torn?" Zedd frowned while that rubbed his smooth chin through his skinny fingers and looked under at the black jewel setup in prior of the open up box. "That"s what I"m fear of." Rachel looked end to the wall to watch whereby the dark point was. She gave a start once she experienced the hands reach end the edge of the wall. It was a many closer. Yet they weren"t hands. They to be claws. Long curved claws. She looked up in ~ Chase, at every his weapons, just to be certain he had enough. He had actually knives, a lot of knives, about his waist, a sword strapped end the back of his shoulder, a large axe hooked come his belt, a few other things that looked like clubs, through sharp spikes sticking out of them, hanging indigenous his belt, too, and also a crossbow ~ above his back. She hope it to be enough. All the tools scared various other men, however it didn"t it seems ~ to be scaring the dark point that was coming closer. And also the sorcerer’s didn"t also have a knife. He just wore that plain, tan robe. And also he to be so skinny. Not large like Chase. Yet wizards had magic. Probably his magic might scare the dark thing away. Magic! Rachel psychic the magic fire pole wizard Giller had offered her. She reached into her pocket and gripped her fingers around it. Probably Chase would require her help. She wouldn"t allow that point hurt her brand-new father. She would be brave. "Is it dangerous?" Zedd looked up at follow from under his eyebrows. "If it"s what ns think the is, and it to be to fall into the not correct hands, danger wouldn"t even start to describe it." "Then possibly we need to drop it down a deep hole, or destroy it." "Can"t. We may need it." "What if us hide it?" "That"s what I"m thinking. The trouble is where. There are things to take right into consideration. I should take Adie to Aydindril and also study the prophecies through her prior to I recognize for sure what to carry out with the stone, and what come do about the boxes." "And till then? until you understand for sure?" Rachel looked end to the dark thing. It to be closer, as close together the wall surface came to them. With its claws over the top of the wall, the lifted that is head up and also looked right into her eyes. The point grinned at her, reflecting long, spicy teeth. Her breath caught in she throat. The shoulders jiggled. It was laughing. Rachel"s eye were as big as they would certainly go. She can hear her heartbeats do a whooshing sound in she ears. "Father..." she whined in a tiny voice. The didn"t watch down. He just shushed her. The thing put its leg over the wall surface and dropped under in front, tho looking at her, still laughing. That shinny eye looked in ~ Chase and Zedd. It hissed and then laughed as it hunched down. Rachel tugged Chase"s pants leg and strained to do her voice work. "Father... It"s coming." "All best Rachel. Zedd, i still don"t know..." v a howl the dark point sprang into the open. That ran favor a streak, just a blur that black. Rachel screamed. Follow spun simply as it hit him. Claws flashed through the air. Chase dropped to the ground as the thing leapt top top Zedd. The wizard"s arms flailed about. Flashes of irradiate shot from Zedd"s fingers, bouncing off the dark thing and tearing up dust or stone where lock hit. The thing knocked Zedd come the ground. It laughed in a according to howl together it jumped ago on follow as he was pulling his axe from his belt. Rachel screamed again together the claws tore at Chase. The thing was faster than any animal she had ever before seen. That claws were simply a blur. Rachel to be terrified chase was being hurt. That flung the axe the end of Chase"s hand, laughing in that horrible laugh. It to be hurting Chase. Rachel had the fire rod in she hand. She jumped forward and put the fire pole on that is back. She screamed the magic indigenous to do the fire stick work. "Light for me!" The dark thing burst into flames. It made a dreadful scream as it spun to her. That is mouth opened wide, teeth snapping together flames burned all over it. It laughed again, however not like people laughed once they thought points were funny. That laugh made she skin prickle. The hunched over and started walking toward her, quiet on fire, as Rachel donate up. Follow let out a grunt together he threw among the clubs through the spicy spikes sticking the end of it. The society hit the thing"s back, sticking in that is shoulder. The looked roughly at Chase and also laughed together it got to behind and also pulled the club out of its back. It started for follow again. Zedd to be up. Fire flew indigenous his fingers, spanning the point with even an ext flames. It laugh at Zedd. All the fire go out. Smoke increased from it. Its human body looked the same now as before it acquired burned. In fact, that looked like it was dark from being burned even before Rachel had set it top top fire. That looked the very same now. Follow was ~ above his feet, and there to be blood ~ above him. Rachel acquired tears at see that. Follow snatched the crossbow turn off his earlier and in a blink that shot one arrow. It grounding in the thing"s chest. Through that damaging laugh it snap the arrowhead off. Follow threw aside the crossbow and yanked the end the sword from over his shoulder, climate ran for the thing, jumping over it together he stabbed the sword. The thing relocated so quick Chase missed. Zedd walk something that sent the point tumbling throughout the grass. Chase placed himself in former of her, pushing her back with one hand when he hosted the knife out in the other. The point sprang to its feet again, looking at each of them. "Walk!" Zedd yelled at them. "Don"t run! Don"t stand still!" Chase got hold of Rachel"s wrist and started wade backwards. Zedd started walking backwards too. The dark thing quit laughing and looked to each of them, blinking. Chase was breathing hard. His chain mail shirt and the tan leather tunic under that had large rips from the claws. Rachel got much more tears at all the blood top top him. Blood to be running down his eight onto she hand. She didn"t want him to be hurt. She loved him something fierce. She clutched Sara and also the fire rod tighter. Zedd stopped. "Keep walking," the told Chase. The dark point looked in ~ Zedd stand there, and a huge grin v sharp teeth concerned its face again. It laugh that awful laugh and also tore at the ground as it started in a rush towards the Wizard. Zedd threw his hand up. Dirt and grass flew up in the air around the thing. It was lifted right into the air. Bolts that blue lightning struck that from all roughly before it hit the ground. It howled in laughter as it thudded to the ground, smoking. Something else happened, Rachel couldn"t call what, and also the thing quit with the arms extended out, choose it to be trying come run, yet its feet were stuck. The howled and also twisted, yet couldn"t move. Zedd swirled his arms about in circles and also threw castle out as soon as more. The ground shook as if indigenous thunder and also there were flashes of irradiate hitting the thing. That laughed and there was a breaking sound, prefer wood snapping, and also the thing began toward Zedd. Zedd began walking again. The thing stopped and frowned. Then the wizard stopped and threw his arms out again. A devastating ball the fire went v the air towards the thing as that ran because that Zedd. The round of fire make a loud scream and grew bigger as it flew towards the dark thing. The fire hit so difficult it made the floor shake. The blue and also yellow light was so bright Rachel had to squint together she to be walking backwards. The round of fire remained in that one ar as that burned and made a according to roar. Smoking, the dark thing stepped the end of the fire, that shoulders shaking as it laughed. The flames went the end in small sparks the flew roughly in the air. "Bags," the wizard claimed as he started walking backwards. Rachel didn"t recognize what "bags" meant, but Chase had actually told Zedd no to speak it in front of little ears. She didn"t recognize what that expected either. The wizard"s wavy, white hair was all messed up and sticking the end in clumps. Rachel and Chase to be on the path through the trees, almost to the door. Zedd was walking backwards towards them as the dark thing watched. Zedd stopped and the thing began coming again. Wall surfaces of fire shot increase in front of it. The wait smelled like smoke and also roared v noise. The thing stepped through the wall of fire. Zedd make another, and also it stepped through that too. As soon as the wizard began walking again it stopped by a short, vine spanned wall, watching. Fat vines ripped turn off the wall surface by themselves and also grew all of sudden longer. Lock whipped around the dark point as the stood there, tangling all approximately it. Zedd was nearly up v them. "Where are we going?" chase asked him. Zedd turned. The looked tired. "Let"s watch if we deserve to shut the in here." The thing tore in ~ the vines as they traction it come the ground, and also was slicing with them with its sharp claws together the 3 of castle went through the big doorway. Chase and Zedd every took among the golden metal doors and pushed lock shut. Indigenous the various other side came a howl. And also then a according to crash. A huge dent popped out in the door, knocking Zedd come the ground. Chase put a hand on every door and also put all his weight against them together the thing pounded indigenous the various other side. Terrible screeches came v the steel as the thing clawed in ~ the door. Chase was covered with sweat and blood. Zedd jumped to his feet and also helped Chase organize the doors closed. A claw stuck with the crack in between the 2 doors and slid down, then another came the end from underneath. Rachel could hear the thing laughing through the door. Chase grunted as he pushed. The doors creaked. The sorcerer’s stood back and hosted his eight out, v his fingers up, favor he was pushing against the air. The creaking stopped. The thing howled louder. Zedd got hold of Chase"s sleeve. "Get the end of here." chase backed far from the doors. "Is that going to hold it?" "I don"t think so. If the comes because that you, walk. To run or was standing still attractive its attention. Phone call anyone else you see." "Zedd, what is that thing?" there was one more loud crash and also another big dent popped out in the door. The tips of claws damaged through the metal and also made rips in the door. The noise the made pains Rachel"s ears. "Go! Now!" chase snatched she up with an arm approximately her waist and also started running under the hall. 2 Zedd idly fingered the stone through the coarse fabric of his robe, whereby it was nestled in an inner pocket, as he watched the claws pull earlier through the rips in the steel. He turned and also watched the border warden delivering Rachel under the hall. Castle hadn"t gone more than a few dozen strides when one that the doors flew off its hinges with a horrific boom. The steel hinges shattered choose they to be made that clay. Zedd dove out of the way, the yellow clad steel door just lacking him as it flew across the hall and crashed against the sleek granite wall, sending out shards of metal flying and rock dust boiling under the hall. Zedd rolled to his feet and ran. The screeling bounded the end of the garden of life and into the hall. Its body was hardly an ext than a squat skeleton extended in a veneer the dry, crispy, blackened skin. Like a corpse that had actually dried in the sunlight for years. White bone stuck out in places where the skin, hanging in flaps here and there, had been torn in the fight, but it didn"t it seems to be ~ to stroked nerves the creature; it to be a point of the underworld, and also not hindered by all the frailties that life. There was no blood. If it can be torn up enough, or hacked apart, maybe it might be stopped, but it to be awfully quick. And also magic certainly wasn"t act it lot harm. It was a biology of Subtractive Magic; Additive Magic was simply being took in into it choose a sponge. Perhaps it could be harmed v Subtractive Magic, however Zedd had actually nothing of that half of the gift. No magician in the last couple of thousand year did. Some might have had actually the calling for the Subtractive, Darken Rahl to be proof of that, yet none had actually had the gift for it. No, his magic wasn"t walk to protect against this thing. In ~ least, the sorcerer’s thought, no directly. However maybe indirectly? Zedd to walk backwards as the screeling watched through blinking, bewildered eyes. Now, the thought, when it"s stand still. Concentrating, Zedd gathered the air, making that dense, thick enough come lift the hefty door. He to be tired; it take it an effort. He propelled the air v a mental grunt, crashing the door onto the back of the screeling. Dust rolled up and throughout the hall together the door slammed the creature to the ground. That howled. Zedd wonder if it was howling in pain, or anger. The door lifted, rock chips slide off. The screeling organized the heavy steel door up through one clawed hand together it laughed, a woody tendril that the vine he had tried to strangle it through still coiled approximately its neck. "Bags," Zedd muttered. "Nothing is ever before easy." Zedd retained walking backwards. The door crashed come the floor as the screeling stepped out from underneath it and also followed after. It was beginning to discover that the world who walked to be the exact same ones who ran or stood still. This was an unfamiliar world to it. Zedd had to think of something before it learned any type of more.

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If only he wasn"t for this reason tired.