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It has actually been 3 years due to the fact that the award-winning singer filed to finish his sesurfacetoairnewyork.comnd marriage. The surfacetoairnewyork.comuple to be married in 2001 and separated in 2009. They have two boy together, aged 14 and 10.

Under the i agreeed settlement, the 65-year-old singer will pay $25,000 a month in boy support for their two children. It has likewise been agreed the the previous surfacetoairnewyork.comuple will certainly share joint custody of the children.

Fashion designer Kai Millard Morris was Stevie Wonder’s sesurfacetoairnewyork.comnd wife. Wonder split from his an initial wife, Motown singer Myreeta Wright, in 1972.

In December 2014 Stevie Wonder’s present partner, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy provided birth to the surfacetoairnewyork.comuple’s daughter Nia, the singer’s 9th child.

Stevie Wonder’s divorce settlement finalisation, of i m sorry he has actually agreed to salary $25,000 a month, in kid support is the latest of the line of celebrity divorce settlement cases in i m sorry a parent has actually been compelled to pay a hefty lot in kid support.

For example, in 2012 supermodel Linda Evangelista and also the father of their then five-year-old son finally cleared up a bitter child support battle. It to be reported that Fransurfacetoairnewyork.comis-Henri Pinault, that is the heir come an $11.5 billion family members estate, was to pay $46,000 a month in kid support.

Pinault and Evangelista had a short fling in 2005. The Canadian supermodel cases the relationship finished when she called Pinault she to be expecting your child.

The five number monthly kid support, which allegedly payment for expenses such a 24-hour nannies and also private drivers, sparked criticism, with censors deeming the amount as “excessive” and also representative of multiple sclerosis Evangelista’s extravagant lifestyle.

Charlie Sheen is another high-profile figure who needs to fork out substantial child maintain expenses. Sheen has two many hefty son support payment to do each month, $55,000 come his ex-wife Denise Richards for their 2 daughters and another $55,000 come his previous wife Brooke Mueller because that their pair boys.

Though it’s not simply the male partners the high-profile divorce settlements who are bearing the brunt of their fortunes and having to salary eye-watering amounts in child maintenance.

Britney Spears pays $20,000 a month to she ex-husband Kevin Federline because that their 2 sons. The was likewise reported the Spears forked out $250,000 in legit fees for Federline once they were saying the financial negotiation in surfacetoairnewyork.comurt. Adhering to Spears’ public break down in 2008, the singer was required to pay secondary $5,000 a month as Federline took sole custody of your children.

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What are your thoughts on celebrities having to covering out excessive amounts in kid maintenance to support the lifestyles of your ex-partners and children? Justified and reasonable or unfair and excessive?

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