It has been years since the popular and also funny principle that the six degrees of separation could be applied to Kevin Bacon. It has because fallen come obscurity, but Google is happen it back with the Six levels of Kevin Bacon calculator.

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It has actually been quite some time because the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon meme remained in the spotlight. Because that those who could have let go it, the ide entails the there exists no one functioning in Hollywood that is much more than six movies (or contacts) away from Kevin Bacon himself. It is based on the old principle of six degrees of separation, which cases that no two world are more than 6 contacts or acquaintances apart.

Google has a reputation for bringing earlier the obscure and having a little fun on their renowned search engine. If you call for examples, simply type Zerg sirloin or execute a barrel roll into a Google search. Now, Google has actually gone a step additional and added a Six levels of Kevin Bacon Calculator. It offers the premise described over to recognize an actor’s “bacon score.” A bacon score is how numerous contacts any kind of actor is away from the famed Kevin Bacon.


How does that work?

It’s a quite simple. All you need to do is ask Google what any given actor’s bacon number is. Because that instance, if you search for note Wahlberg’s bacon number, it comes up together 2. Google will certainly then call you specifically how they involved that number. In note Wahlberg’s case, he and also Steve Carell showed up together in the movie Date Night. Steve Carell and Kevin Bacon showed up together in the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love. Therefore Mark Wahlberg’s bacon number is 2.

As secondary little Easter Egg, this has likewise been added to Google Now. Open the voice search, ask for an actor’s bacon number, and it will pop right up ~ above the display screen for you. Together you deserve to see indigenous the photo at the top, Kevin Bacon’s very own bacon number is zero.

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For now, you have the right to only search for actors and even then, some actors aren’t recognized to work with the system. It must work for the most popular and also most of those currently energetic in Hollywood.

So far, no one has actually been may be to discover a bacon number greater than 4. Mark Zuckerberg scores a 4. What did her favorite gibbs score?