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Book description

Learn every one of Excel\"s statistical tools

Test her hypotheses and also draw conclusions

Use Excel come give meaning to your data

Use Excel to interpret stats

Statistical analysis with Excel is extremely useful—and this book shows you that it have the right to be easy, too! You\"ll uncover how to use Excel\"s perfectly designed devices to analyze and also understand data, suspect trends, do decisions, and also more. Tackle the technical aspects of Excel and also start using them to analyze your data!


Table of contents

advent part 1: gaining Started through Statistical evaluation with Excel: A marriage Made in heaven thing 1: evaluating Data in the Real world chapter 2: understanding Excel’s statistics Capabilities component 2: relenten Data chapter 3: Show and also Tell: Graphing Data thing 4: detect Your facility thing 5: Deviating indigenous the mean thing 6: conference Standards and also Standings thing 7: Summarizing It all chapter 8: what’s Normal? component 3: drawing Conclusions from Data thing 9: The confidence Game: estimate chapter 10: One-Sample Hypothesis trial and error chapter 11: Two-Sample Hypothesis experimentation thing 12: Testing much more Than two Samples chapter 13: slightly More facility Testing chapter 14: Regression: Linear and also Multiple thing 15: Correlation: The Rise and Fall of relationships chapter 16: It’s about Time thing 17: Non-Parametric Statistics part 4: Probability thing 18: introducing Probability chapter 19: much more on Probability thing 20: A career in Modeling part 5: The component of tens chapter 21: Ten Statistical and also Graphical Tips and also Traps chapter 22: Ten points (Twelve, Actually) That simply Didn’t fit in any Other thing postposition A: as soon as Your Worksheet Is a Database attachment B: The analysis of Covariance

Product information

Title: Statistical evaluation with Excel for Dummies, fourth Edition Author(s): Joseph Schmuller release date: July 2016 Publisher(s): because that Dummies ISBN: 9781119271154


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