Star wars & smash Mouth's All-Star Mashup Is Uncomfortably attractive Star battles meets stop Mouth\"s All-Star in one uncomfortably hilarious mashup video clip where Star Wars characters \"sing\" the lyrics to the bop.

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Star Wars meets stop Mouth\"s song All-Star in one uncomfortably catchy mash-up music video. The epos franchise has been the catalyst for never-ending quantities fan content over the years, and also the All Star music mashup is hilarious music magic.

American rock tape Smash Mouth released All Star in 1999, coincidentally simply a couple of weeks before The Phantom Menace premiered in theaters. Although The Phantom Menace was no met with vital acclaim, stop Mouth\"s song was a smash hit and would be used in actual movies like Inspector Gadget and Shrek. As Internet culture continued come evolve from 1999 come the dawn that a brand-new millennium, memes and funny viral videos became much more popular. All Star quickly became a attractive bop that was an incentive for pan made remixes and also continues to be so much more than ten years after the track was released.

sitheternal recently re-posted a funny Star Wars/All-Star mashup because that the people to enjoy, and also the video has built up over 2 million see so far and counting. The artist that edited the video found endless amounts of clips from the Star Wars original, prequel, and also current trilogies to do it look favor the personalities were actually singing the song. It\"s a clever spin on the catchy tune, and essentially doubles together a funny mini Star Wars recap. Check out the mashup below.

Star Wars itself is no stranger come inspiring plenty of viral internet fan made content, native endless Star Wars memes to videos come remixes and also more. Characters like the viral breakout star baby Yoda indigenous The Mandalorian can be discovered everywhere indigenous bootleg merchandise to a Hamilton-inspired parody song, qualifying the cute green Star Wars character a star ~ above the go of web fame. One of the most endearing aspects of the Star Wars fandom is the there is a never-ending supply of quality fan made materials for anyone to draw from and effectively boosts viewing the actual canon product in theater and tiny screens, creating a more rounded entertainment experience. Honestly, it\"s just shocking Star Wars hasn\"t been mashed up through All-Star sooner, also if this details video to be made a couple of years ago.

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that Star Wars fans will constantly have something to debate about or controversy against. However, the above franchise has lasted because that 43 year now and also counting since of the passion of the fanbase and the limitless love because that the classic personalities like Leia, Han, Luke, Kylo, Rey and many more. Even when among the movie isn\"t critically well received the fans still have actually a blast defending or debating the finer points of the stories, and even that inspires an ext fan content. The Star Wars/All-Star mashup is another fine enhancement to any Star Wars fan\"s favourite viral videos, and also perhaps at some point All-Star will be heard in a cantina in a galaxy much far away.