SS1600: a mean-looking full confront thermoplastic helmet indigenous Speed and Strength

With its menacing great looks and also attractive price point, it’s probably fair to say that most folks room buying us a Speed and Strength SS1600 since it looks simply so cursed cool.

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But any kind of helmet’s gotta work on the road too. And also with multi-point ventilation, autumn down sun visor and quick-release shield, there’s many of proof that that’s exactly what Speed and also Strength intend with the SS1600 too.

So here’s the low-down ~ above what the SS1600 helmet offers and how well it’s been got by owners.

DOT and also ECE certifiedSuitable because that rounder head shapesGreat shield and also comfort3.4lbs (1.55Kg) – slightly heavier than averageDouble-D ring fastenerExpect to pay $160-$200

Looking to buy a speed & stamin SS1600?

Please click listed below to visit the Speed and Strength helmets pages at our recommended stores - all checked for great online ratings. And also if girlfriend buy from any kind of store, we get a small sum indigenous the revenue at no extra expense to friend - a huge THANKS! (it"s how we finance the site).

SS1600 American Beauty


(more about helmet safety)

The SS1600 is both dot Certified and ECE experiment certified.

Unfortunately, it’s not been one of two people Snell or SHARP security tested therefore we’ve no independent means to verify how well it’ll do in an accident. However, with those two certifications, you have the right to be happy it’ll exceed those minimum level that protection.

It’s additionally got a tried-and-tested dual d-ring fastener to keep the helmet securely fastened to your head.

The shield device should also help contribute to maintaining you safe – v its optically-correct clean shield (they all come v clear shields, in spite of all the photos mirroring tinted shields) and also a helpful drop down sunlight visor to stop you getting caught out in shining sunlight.

Helmet Noise

(more around helmet noise)

Helmet noise isn’t one of the SS1600’s solid points. It’s a reasonably an easy helmet and it seems prefer SS hasn’t yes, really made a massive initiative to keep wind and road noise to a minimum.

Which way most owner reckon it’s a according to helmet. Which, depending on your riding, might or might not it is in a deal breaker for you. And, that course, pole in part decent ear plugs and your SS1600 will certainly be just around as quiet as many helmets ~ above the road!


(more around helmet ventilation)
S&S SS1600 right Savage

The Speed and also Strength SS1600 has the usual config of main chin vent and double forehead vent. Those forehead vents let air into the helmet yet you require rear exhausts to let it out again, and also there’s four exhausts on the behind of the SS1600.

So far, so regular. And also even an ext regular is that all the input vents deserve to be closed off utilizing sliders through the chin vent sliders being a bit much easier to uncover in gloves than the titchy forehead vent sliders.

Word is that the chin safety vents are much more effective 보다 the forehead vents. They permit a pack of wait onto the back of the visor and also around the challenge – although apparently quite a little bit of this is aided by air getting into the helmet native the bottom.

Although don’t expect the confront ventilation to prevent the shield fogging in cold/rainy weather since word is the it won’t. Even though the shield is marketed as anti-fog, several owners claimed their main shield fogged increase quite conveniently (and so as well does the sun visor).

TBH we discover that manufacturer-coated anti-fog treatments hardly ever work an extremely well, for this reason SS aren’t alone. And if it’s a trouble for you, we normally recommend buying a third party anti-fog insert, such as a Pinlock. The bad news is the the shield top top the SS1600 isn’t Pinlock-ready so can’t take one. Boo.

Moving on… when the chin vents carry out the project OK, there’s blended opinions on the forehead vents through some folks saying it’s fine however others saying they can’t yes, really feel any ventilation getting in. With the dimension of the feet in the helmet liner gift so small, we’d say the if you live somewhere warm and great helmet ventilation’s important to you, climate you most likely should examine out among these helmets instead, just to do sure.


(more around shields)

Note that if girlfriend buy an SS1600 helmet, it’s gave with a clear shield, not tinted favor in all the photos.

That shield top top the SS1600 is quick-release, works on a ratchet, has a shield locking slider and also has an opening tab top top the left. Every good.

That fast release system is also great – just open up the shield pull under a lever and also out mr the shield.

There has actually been one or 2 complaints around leaking shields, yet they are couple of and far between, and overwhelmingly owners seem to be happy v the shield device on the SS1600.

Sun Visor

(more about sun visors)
Critical fixed design

They’re also stoked around the autumn down sun visor that comes through the SS1600 too.

As usual, there’s one or 2 comments that it might be a tad darker – but that appears to go for all sunlight visors together it’s a legal point to prevent them obscuring too lot vision. Kinda renders sense.

Also as usual, it deserve to fog up when it’s cold as there’s no anti-fog coating ~ above the sunlight visor.

The sunlight visor top top the SS1600 is operated by a slider come the left side of the helmet, behind the shield pivot and also owners to speak it’s quick and easy to operate.

All in all, the sun visor seems to work-related well on the SS1600 with heaps of owner saying lock love theirs.

Comfort and Sizing

(more about comfort and also sizing)

Two points to keep in mind here.

First off, the Speed and also Strength SS1600 helmet is designed because that rounder heads. Many helmets space designed to suit the most common head forms which, in phibìc America, is a medium oval (so slightly much longer front to back than side to side). However, the SS1600 is designed to fit rounder heads better. For this reason if that’s you, then all’s cool.

Sun visor under on solid matt black color SS1600

Secondly, they size a bit small. Definition if you’re usually a huge helmet size, you could well be an XL in the SS1600. So make sure you buy only from a retailer who provides free, no quibble returns (like every our encourage retailers do) just in case you bespeak the not correct size.

Other than that, the quality and comfort the the SS1600 is good by every accounts. The internals are completely removable and also washable and also made that a product that SS calls Cool-core i beg your pardon is designed to be humidity wicking and also anti-microbial.

Looks & Graphics

The SS1600 is an aggressive looking helmet and also there’s a stack of aggressive and also urban design to enhance it.

There’s the intended solid matt and gloss black color versions that course, yet all the rest of the funky bunch of designs come in a selection of color choices so feel free to click v to the links to our encourage retailers below to check out a wider range (and the latest deals). We’ve included examples of the SS1600 vital Mass, straight Savage, sure Shot, American Beauty and Cruise Missile graphics on the page however for also more, you re welcome click the link.

Best ar to purchase a Speed and Strength SS1600?

Please click listed below to visit the Speed and also Strength helmets pages in ~ our recommended shop - all confirm for great online ratings. And if girlfriend buy from any kind of store, we get a tiny sum native the sale at no extra cost to girlfriend - a enormous THANKS! (it"s just how we finance the site).

S&S SS1600 Video

Here’s a 10m video on the SS1600 native Sportbike track Gear.

Other ingredient – weight, chin curtain, warranty

Weight shouldn’t be an problem with the SS1600. It’s a smidge over the median weight of a typical full challenge helmet in ~ 3.4lbs yet owners don’t seem to uncover that a problem.

The SS1600 comes with a removable breath guard and also chin curtain, draft to keep some roadway noise and also wind out from the bottom that the helmet. Both seem to execute the task well.

Finally, the SS1600 comes through a (pretty poor) one year’s warranty. Note, countless makers now offer a full 5 year guarantee on their helmets for this reason that’s no great. Click the attach if girlfriend wanna watch helmets that have actually a 5 year guarantee instead.


Sure shot SS1600 showing rear vents

It’s probably fair come say that most folks who buy the Speed and Strength SS1600 do so because it watch so cursed cool and because it’s not too expensive (and most likely both). Yet when they acquire their hands on it, most owners seem to choose it as a solid, usable helmet too.

Provided you’ve a rounder head form (and take keep in mind of ours fitment comments above for sizing) then the SS1600 seems to it is in a an excellent all rounder helmet that most owners love. Ok it’s pretty noisy, yet owners really rate that drop down sun visor and find it a yes, really comfortable helmet, once they obtain the fitment right.

It’s pretty no-frills in today’s market, yet with those super wild looks and also a great low price point, climate for many urban bandits and also highway cruisers, the SS1600 is a really great buy.

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Good choices to the SS1600?

So, you’re in the industry for a lower priced helmet with sun visor? Here’s a few of our encourage helmets to try out…

First up is the Shark Skwal. That’s around the very same price together the SS1600 but has a decent sharp 5 star safety and security rating. It’s gained a sunlight visor too and should come with a Pinlock antifog insert too which have to sort out any fogging. It’s likewise got the bonus of having a couple of funky LED light strips too.

You should likewise probably inspect out the sharp 5 star safety and security rated HJC IS-17. It’s very comparable in all at once spec and price come the SS1600 however has consistently been just one of our greatest rated helmets over the years.

If you’d think about a flip-front helmet, climate take a look at the AGV Numo-Evo, that’s rated extremely for safety, has a sunlight visor and is rated together comfortable and well-ventilated by owners.

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Looking come buy a rate & stamin SS1600?

Please click below to visit the Speed and also Strength helmets pages in ~ our recommended shop - all confirm for great online ratings. And also if you buy from any store, we get a small sum indigenous the revenue at no extra price to friend - a huge THANKS! (it"s exactly how we finance the site).