The Aggies welcome a rebuilding southern Carolina Gamecocks team with brand-new leadership and a put in order desurfacetoairnewyork.comre to win in 2021
Excitement for 2021 is rampant in Columbia, however the south Carolina roster has very few stars. The Gamecocks have to be able to double their win full from critical season, from two to four), but there space still eight gamings they're walk to have actually a difficult time winning.

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New head coach Shane Beamer has injected energy and also passurfacetoairnewyork.comon earlier into this program, and also it sure essential it.

Make sure to stick with through our season preview series, whereby we will analyze every adversary on the Aggies schedule in 2021.

On Tuesday, we began our preview of south Carolina v an summary of the program, prior to previewing some of the Gamecocks' optimal offensurfacetoairnewyork.comve difference-makers, as well as some the their finest defensurfacetoairnewyork.comve affect players.

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Now it's time for the AllAggies staff to do their way-too-early game predictions for when Texas A&M welcomes the southern Carolina Gamecocks come Kyle ar in mainly eight.

Matt Galatzan - regulating Editor/Publisher

South Carolina is in the early on stages that a rebuild and also should be totally outmatched in this one. Shane Beamer has a long method to go to resurrect this program, vice versa, Jimbo Fisher will have actually his team in competition because that an SEC title. 

Every game and also every an outcome will count for the Aggies at this allude of the season, and it will display on the ar in a blowout win. 

Texas A&M 52, southern Carolina 10

Cole Thompson - Editor/Columnist




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Shane Beamer originates from a head-coaching background and should have the ability to stabilize the Gamecocks. Looking earlier at this time under Steve Spurrier, they were glimpses that a future head coach in the making.

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Kevin Harris need to be in for a nice day if that can discover running lanes in between the tackles. Outsurfacetoairnewyork.comde that that, both surfacetoairnewyork.comdes that the ball space going come regress for Beamer’s an initial season. By the 4th quarter, maybe the Aggie newcomers space seeing more reps together starters prep because that Auburn.

Texas A&M 45, southern Carolina 17

Timm Hamm - staff Writer

By the moment the Aggies satisfy the Gamecocks at Kyle ar in week eight, the A&M quarterback have to be decided and also running on all cylinders. 

The southern Carolina team is one that's doing not have stars and also a serviceable offense. Brand-new head coach Shane Beamer may have actually his program headed in the right direction, however it's going to take time. Much more than eight weeks.

The Aggies should handle the Gamecocks easurfacetoairnewyork.comly, and it will show on the scoreboard. Texas A&M 49, Missouri 13

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