Reviving beloved mirrors from the "90s seems to be the hottest trend in television right now. First, "Boy Meets World" offered us "Girl Meets World," i beg your pardon inevitably opened up the flood gates for all of our favorite shows of decades past to do a long-awaited comeback.

We"re for this reason #blessed come live in a time when "Full House," "Sister, Sister," "The X-Files," "Twin Peaks," and also "Coach" (!!!) have the right to all it is in resurrected, revived and rebooted because that our continued enjoyment. Therefore which other "90s shows must follow suit? We have actually a couple of suggestions.

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We"re still no over the 2001 series finale that "Moesha." The present left united state hanging with TWO significant cliffhangers there is no a seventh season to clear it every up. In the series finale (the collection was all of sudden canceled), Moesha’s little brother Myles was organized ransom by a rival of Moesha’s other brother Dorian and also a positive pregnancy test was found in Moesha"s dorm room. Clearly, we must revive the "90s sitcom, starring R&B songstress Brandy, instantly because the people need to recognize what happened. In a perfect world, fan-favorite Countess Vaughn would certainly return, too.


Given Netflix"s arrangement to revive "Full House" in 2016 through "Fuller House," that doesn"t seem also far-fetched to wish because that "Step by Step" to gain the very same treatment. Certification Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers together two single parents, every with three kids, that spontaneously acquire married shortly after their meet-cute, "Step through Step" was just as squeaky clean and family-friendly as its TGIF neighborhood "Full House." Plus, the gifted us v our very first feminist hero, Dana Foster. We wouldn"t mind recording up through Dana after all these years.


Now that alphabet Family"s "Melissa & Joey" has been canceled, Melissa Joan Hart can finally pursue the "Clarissa defines It All" reboot that us so desperately need -- and also deserve. What lessons would Clarissa have to impart in 2015? therefore many, probably. What if, more than 20 years later, Clarissa "explains that all" to she teenage daughter? make it happen, Nickelodeon!


Okay, okay, "Saved through The Bell" currently got a spinoff ("Saved through The Bell: The university Years") and also a two-hour tv movie ("Saved by The Bell: Wedding in ras Vegas"), but that doesn"t mean we don"t want to see more of Zack Morris and also co. Walk Zack and also Kelly live happily ever after? How plenty of perfect-looking youngsters did castle have? walk Slater and Jessie reconcile? did Zack ever get a normal-size cell phone?! We have SO numerous questions.


"Dinosaurs" should only come ago if, and also only if, the Jim Henson Productions-approved costumes come back, too. The was all part of the show"s charm! to trust us: youngsters are still simply as into dinosaurs as they were in the "90s.

Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Obviously, we require to capture up with Kel and also his thriving orange soda empire. It can be like "Empire" -- however with much more orange soda and also a surprised appearance indigenous Kenan Thompson.

Initially all about the Winslow family, "Family Matters" eventually came to be the Steve Urkel show after the Winslow"s nerdy neighborhood stole the spotlight. Urkel finally got the girl of his dreams late in the series, however the display was unfortunately cancelled there is no a proper collection finale, so that knows what actually happened to Urkel and also Laura. The revival collection could follow their teen boy -- Stefan Urkel, probably -- whose wacky inventions obtain him in a entirety mess that trouble. Sound familiar?

We"re sure Will Smith has actually plenty of time in his schedule because that a "Fresh Prince" spinoff series, aptly title "The new Princess the Philly." Will, currently a widowed father, takes his preppy daughter Willow ago home to West Philadelphia, wherein he to be born and also raised. There, will certainly will teach pasture all about chilling out, maxing, relaxing every cool, and also shooting some b-ball outside of the school. We honestly wouldn"t be surprised if this was already in the works at Netflix.

We require this for so plenty of reasons -- the girl had SUPERPOWERS -- however mainly, we want to watch what ended up being of Alex Mack"s most notorious hats.

One that the quirkiest and also most underrated shows of Nickelodeon"s cherished "90s lineup, "The Adventures of Pete and Pete" to be a show around two red-headed brothers and their lovably weird world. It to be show about misfits, make for misfits -- and also it was wonderful. We need more shows choose that on TV, period. Us think it"s time to watch the people through Pete and also Pete"s children"s eyes.

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Because that wouldn"t desire to view "90s heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas ago on TV? This is a no-brainer.

Forget "Modern Family." There"s only one role for Ed O"Neill: Ed Bundy. Where is the Bundy family members now? Nearly twenty years later, we"re sure nothing has change much for America"s most dysfunctional family. Ed is still functioning at the shoe store, Peggy is quiet a "homemaker," Kelly is more than likely on her 2nd marriage and also Bud is most likely still living at home. It"s already beginning to feel prefer home!