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Tips & Guidelines

Food Scraps & yard Debris organization is now consisted of in residential rubbish service! these scraps and also debris develop a an useful product to usage in parks and gardens and assist keep this material out that the landfill. Once you store food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard debris different from your garbage you extend the life of our landfill and conserve resources.

Your Food Scraps & yard Debris dare is collected every mainly on your garbage collection day. Login to your account to learn more about your repertoire schedule.

Questions? speak to CleanScapes at 206.763.4444.

Materials Collected

Put these varieties of products in your food scraps and yard debris cart:

Food scraps Fruits, vegetablesBread, pasta, grainsEggshells, nutshellsFish, meat, dairyCoffee grounds and also filtersTea bagsFood soiled paperPaper towel & napkinsPaper key & cupsPaper take-out cartonsGreasy delivery pizza boxesPaper bags include food scrapsYard debrisGrass, leaves, & twigsWeedsHouseplantsBranches (under 4′ long, 4″ wide)

DO NOT place these items in your food scraps and also yard debris cart:
PlasticCoated paper plates and also cupsMilk or juice cartonsStyrofoamTMMetalFoilGlassAnimal or person wastePet litterDiapersHazardous wasteSoilRocksStumps/limbs (over 4′ long, 4″ wide)Lumber or fencingPainted or cure wood

Do not put plastic, glass, metal, or recalled food in the Food Scraps & yard Debris container.

To do food scrap composting easier, contact 206.801.2455 come reserve a free sample the compostable bags the are easily accessible for pick-up at coast City Hall.

Download the Food Scraps & yard Debris Poster



Watch the Kitchen Composting 101 video below because that tips.

More videos native King County: Love your Leftovers | Shop smart | store It Right



What have the right to I recycle in Shoreline?

If friend can’t reduce, recycle!If you have an ext materials than will fit, place added recyclables in plainly labeled sturdy bins or boxes alongside the recycling cart.

The materials provided below are accepted in your recycling cart or bin in Shoreline. All containers should be clean and also empty.

Recyclable products List

Paper:Cardboard (flattened)Office paper, including windowed envelopes, shade paper, and document foldersMail, magazines, combined paperNewspaperPaper bagsPaper cupsPhone books & paperback booksWrapping file (non-metalic)Paper cartonsJuice boxes, Tetra Paks & aseptic containersMilk and also soy milk cartonsPaper or frozen food boxesPlastic:Bottles (all colors and numbers) Food containers and also traysClear or colored plastic milk jugsDairy tubsPill bottles (no prescription vials)Plastic cupsLids (3 customs or wider)Plastic plant potsPlastic bucketsPVC pipe (white only)Household strictly plastic items such together furniture, and laundry baskets
Metal:Aluminum cansAluminum foil & pie tins (clean)Tin cansFerrous scrap metalOther scrap steels (less 보다 2’ x 2’ x 2’)Glass:BottlesJars

For item that room recyclable yet require special handling, please check out the distinct Item Recycling page.

Download the Recycling Poster

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Is there curbside repertoire for family hazardous waste?

Curbside CleanScapes uses a curbside special Item Recycling routine for the following family members hazardous garbage items:

Fluorescent tubes & bulbsHousehold batteriesUsed motor oilUsed cooking oil

Please location items beside or on height (not inside) cart. Call customer business or visit the one-of-a-kind Item Recycling web page for collection out instructions and to request a pickup.

Drop OffAll other hazardous waste have the right to be dropped off at King ar Hazardous garbage Drop-Off Centers. For much more information call the King county Hazardous rubbish Hotline 206-296-4692 or 1-888-TOXIC-ED (869-4233).

For comprehensive hazardous waste handle information, call King County’s regional Hazardous Waste monitoring Program at 206-296-4692 or visit

Download the small Business Hazardous Waste handle flyer.

Putting loose sharps into the garbage is a health risk for solid rubbish workers. The finest ways to dispose the sharps created in the residence is with a neighborhood pharmacy, a mail-in program, at her doctor’s office, or in ~ a designated drop-off location.

If the options above are no available, syringes may be disposed of in the garbage if placed in puncture resistant container such as a number 2 (2) PET popular music bottle, through a tight fitting or taped lid and labeled “SHARPS, perform NOT RECYCLE.” King County information is available at King County neighborhood Hazardous Waste management Program website or by calling the King County family Hazards line at 206-296-4692; or through emailing haz.waste

Contact your neighborhood pharmacy and ask about their “sharps” arsenal services. Many Bartell medicine stores market sharps handle containers and also will dispose that sharps/needles because that a fee. Call your neighborhood Bartell Drugs keep for more information.

Purchase a postage paid, mail-in container. For much more information on wherein to purchase, search for “sharps letter in programs” on her computer, ask your doctor, or call the following companies:

BioMedical Waste remedies www.biomedicalwastesolutions.com1-877-974-1300

GRP & Associates, Incwww.sharpsdisposal.com1-800-207-0976

Medasend www.medasend.com1-800-200-3581

Source: King County neighborhood Hazardous Waste administration Program

Although you have the right to put cooking oil and grease in the garbage, friend now have actually a much better choice. Support the renewable bio-fuel motion by recycling her kitchen oil at main Market Shoreline!

15505 Westminster method NShoreline, WA 98133206.363.9226

Large amounts of powerful medicines go unused or expire and the way we dispose the them renders a distinction for our waters and also our environment. Because that years, the advice was to flush our medicine or mix them v kitty litter and also throw lock in the garbage. Flushing drugs sends them straight into our waters, harming the environment. Drugs thrown in the rubbish are easily accessible for others to take and use, and also can still gain into the environment.

Returning medications to a take-back routine is the only environmentally sound an approach for disposing of unused drugs (

Visit the Take back Your Meds for locations of drop-off centers. Additionally, Shoreline’s Police Headquarters serves as a fall off location for unused medications and also pharmaceuticals.

Please follow this instructions when getting rid of of latex paint cans:

Metal cans or plastic buckets containing latex repaint must be dried out and then placed in the garbage. Cans or buckets containing wet paint room NOT permitted in the garbage.

To dry the end small amounts of latex repaint (less 보다 1-inch), leave the lid off for several days till the contents are dry.To dry out large amounts of latex repaint or to dry it quickly, mix 50/50 v kitty litter or a commercial paint hardener such as “Waste Away.” allow the mixture to dry in the can.Put dried out repaint cans in your garbage v the lid off so vehicle drivers can view that the can consists of only dried paint.

Please follow these instructions when getting rid of of oil-based paint cans:

Empty oil-based repaint cans are permitted in the garbage

* CleanScapes will collect empty, small, disposable, camping-style propane cylinders or cans when pick increase is requested. You re welcome schedule a unique Recycling Item arsenal or speak to 206.763.4444 to request collection.

Residential customers may likewise drop turn off empty camping-style cylinders at The save Shoreline.

We carry out not accept big propane tanks. If you have actually refillable propane tanks for your barbeque, make certain to reuse lock or autumn them turn off at a certified take-back facility. You can discover local infrastructure by browsing online.

Single-family Residential CleanScapes provides cost-free curbside collection of motor oil for single-family residential customers.

Please fill the end a special Item Recycling Collection kind by choosing your city listed below to allow us know you’d favor a pick-up:

BothellBurienCarnationDes MoinesIssaquahMaple ValleySeaTacShoreline

Motor oil should be:

Free native contaminants.Sealed in a leak-free, clear plastic jug v screw-top lid.Labeled v name and also address.Placed alongside recycle dare on your arsenal day.Limited to 3 gallons every collection.

For businesses and apartment customers, or come dispose the quantities higher than 3 gallons, please watch Hazardous waste Drop-off Centers. CleanScapes provides cost-free curbside repertoire for shoreline residential and apartment/condo customers.

Put oil in a leak free, one-gallon milk jug with screw-top lid.Must be labeled v name and also address.Limit 2 gallons every collection.

For quantities higher than 2 gallons, or advertisement customers, view Hazardous waste Drop-off Centers.

Hazardous rubbish items room NOT allowed in the garbage. For information on getting rid of hazardous wastes from her business, you re welcome visit the King county Hazardous waste website. Uncover out if your small business is eligible come receive cost-free hazardous garbage disposal. Find additional information on the flyer below.

Download the little Business Hazardous Waste handle flyer.

* CleanScapes provides cost-free on-call arsenal of fluorescent tubes and also bulbs (CFLs) because that residential customers. Speak to our customer company team come arrange a pick-up of this materials. For commercial, apartment and condominium customers, organization must be asked for by the bill payer ~ above record.

Fluorescent lamp contain tiny amounts of hazardous substances and must be recycled separately from all other recyclables. Please execute NOT placed them inside her recycling cart.

Please follow these instructions to recycle fluorescent tubes and bulbs:

Drop offCustomers may also drop turn off tubes and bulbs in ~ the nearest Store:

LightCycleAdditionally, LightRecycle Washington is a program that allows individuals and businesses in Washington come recycle approximately 10 mercury-containing lights per day for FREE. You can recycle straight and also curved fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and also High strongness Discharge lights (HIDs) at authorized LightRecycle collection sites. Visit to discover a collection site near you.

All batteries should be taken to mentioned drop-off locations or went back to retailers, depending on battery type. Command acid, rechargable, and button batteries contain toxic materials and also are specifically hazardous come human and environmental health. For more information, visit

Batteries that need to be required to a drop-off center:

Alkaline – These room the common brand name batteries such together Duracell or EnergizerLithium Ion (Li-ion) – Rechargeable batteries because that laptops, cell phones, and also MP3 playersNickel Cadmium (NiCd) – Rechargeable batteries for portable electronics and also power toolsNickel steel Hydride (NiMH) – typical brand name rechargeable batteriesZinc-Air and Silver Oxide batteries – Button form batteries found in watches, calculators, and hearing aids

Batteries that space not embraced at drop-off centers:

Lead-Acid – auto batteries; these have to be required to auto parts/repair stores

Drop-Off Centers in Shoreline:

Bartell medicine – picture Center, 18420 Aurora Ave NWalgreens – picture Center, 14510 Aurora Ave N, 17524 Aurora Ave N, 17518 15th Ave NECity room lobby – 17500 Midvale Ave NShoreline Police terminal – 1206 N 185th St

* CleanScapes offers cost-free curbside arsenal of dry, clean clothing and also household textiles (sheets, towels, table cloths, etc.) indigenous residential customers in coastline on an on-call basis. Textiles must:

Be placed in clear, bound plastic bagsBe set next to her recycling cart on the pre-arranged collection day

To request a textiles collection, you re welcome submit a Special items Recycling request Form or speak to Customer company at 206.763.4444. CleanScapes likewise accepts clean clothing and also household textiles for recycling in ~ The keep Shoreline. Residents may also drop turn off clothing, boots, shoes, curtains, fabric, linens and also many other family members textiles in ~ the coastline Transfer Station. 

Shoreline residents can drop turn off Styrofoam™ block (polystyrene foam blocks and also coolers) for recycling at the coastline Recycling and also Transfer Station. You re welcome no pack peanuts.

Residents may likewise drop off Styrofoam™ blocks at The keep Shoreline.

You deserve to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal items. Items must:

Contain much less than 5% non-metal componentsBe much less than 2 feet in any kind of direction and weigh less than 35 lbs

Place item(s) inside cart or certain (i.e., bundle or box) next to cart.

License plates:In order because that an old patent plate to be welcomed in curbside recycling, the month and also year tabs need to be gotten rid of or invalidated, and also the plate should be bend so that it cannot be supplied on a vehicle. Please inspect with the Washington State room of license website come ensure that you do not recycle a patent plate kind that need to be taken into a automobile licensing office for disposal.

Call Customer business at 206.763.4444 to inquiry a distinct container (ranging native 2 yards come 40 yards). Tonnage and also haul fees apply.


Shredded paper is no longer accepted in recycling or compost carts. The best method of disposal is to participate in a neighborhood shred event. Otherwise, you re welcome dispose of shredded document in your garbage.

As that 2020, plastic bags and also wrap are no longer accepted in curbside recycling bins. Please check with your regional grocery store to check out if they market a take-back program. Countless stores have such programs and also offer straightforward drop off near the check-out counter. You can likewise visit to view a perform of drop-off locations.



* CleanScapes provides cost-free curbside arsenal of tiny appliances for single-family residential customers in Shoreline.

Single-family Residential CustomersPlease monitor the instructions listed below to recycle little appliances:

Items have to be 2’x2’x2’ or smaller and also less than 35 lbsPlace items on height of her blue recycling cartLimit 2 every collection

Small appliances are additionally accepted from residential and multi-family client at The store in Shoreline.

Large Items: For larger items, send a Bulky Item collection Form or contact customer organization to schedule collection. Fees may apply.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, including computers, monitors, and also televisions, are not enabled in the garbage since they contain toxic materials that deserve to be hazardous to person health and the environment. There space several options for safe disposal of this items. CleanScapes offers totally free curbside arsenal of tiny electronics because that single-family residential customers.

Single-family Residential CustomersPlease monitor the instructions below to recycle tiny electronics:

Items must be 2’ x 2’ x 2’ or smaller and also weigh much less than 60 lbs.Place items in a clean plastic bag and set on height of or beside the recycle cart.

The save Shoreline also accepts e-waste and also electronics because that reuse and also recycling. Items dropped turn off at the save are collected by electronic Recyclers International. ERI is both R2 and also e-Steward certified and responsibly recycles or refurbishes all e-waste received. ERI likewise performs data damage in accordance with Department of Defense and National academy of traditional and technology protocol come ensure 100 percent data destruction.

Residents of the state the Washington can contact 1.800.RECYCLE or visit the E-Cycle Washington website because that E-Waste handle information.

The take it It earlier Network also offers information on just how to dispose the all undesirable electronics.

Responsible PurchasingThe electronic Product eco-friendly Assessment device will aid you find desktops and also laptops that are made environmentally responsibly and have a long user life.

You don’t. You take it them ago next time you go to the dry cleaners. It is reuse i beg your pardon is even better than recycling. Please do not placed wire or plastic hangers in her blue recycling bin; hangers jam devices at the recycling plant. Recycling bins space for bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, and also hard plastics, such as plastic cups and molded plastic packaging.

Bulky article CleanScapes uses on-call removed of large items, such as furniture or appliances, for a fee. Schedule a distinct pick-up for any type of of your huge items or appliances by submitting a Bulky Item request Form or call 206.763.4444

To situate a drop-off location visit King County’s “What perform I execute With?” page. CleanScapes will collect natural, undecorated, unflocked trees in 4-foot lengths from customers who subscribe to every-other-week food scraps & garden debris collection. No special arrangements space necessary; simply put her tree curbside top top your continuous food scraps & garden debris repertoire day.

Flocked trees room not welcomed in food scraps & garden debris collection. The flocking can regularly contain non-compostable materials consisting of adhesives, fire retardant, or additives to do the flocking glitter and shine. Flocked tree are considered garbage, and are not welcomed at tree recycling facilities.

Service Alerts and also Weather DelaysIf too much weather problems make the unsafe for our trucks to pick up your garbage, recycling, or food scraps and yard debris, CleanScapes will try to collect materials on the first day the regular business resumes.

At that time, CleanScapes will certainly pick up extra products equal to what would have actually been collected on the missed arsenal day(s) at no charge. Please inspect the homepage for present collection information during storms.

To temporarily prevent service, call Customer organization at 206.763.4444 or submit a Vacation organize Form. You will certainly not be billed for quit collections if the inquiry is do at the very least one week prior to the influenced collection day. The first week of vacation hold organization is free, but you room charged $1/week for every mainly after.

To report a to let go collection, please speak to 206.763.4444, send united state an email, or use the let go Collection Form. Please educate us in ~ 24 hours of the let go collection. operates during normal service days in the City of coastline so if your collection is missed and reported ~ above a Friday, repertoire will happen the complying with Monday.

Please keep in mind:

Set the end TimeResidential products must be collection out by 7am on collection day. Apartments, Condos and also Commercial products must be set out by 5am on repertoire day.

Material PreparationIf you discover a tags on your materials titled “we’re sorry,” you re welcome correct the difficulty indicated. If you space a residential customer and also would favor us come return and collect the materials before your following collection day, there is a $8.71 return expedition charge.

Collection CalendarIf you room uncertain of your repertoire day you have the right to look it increase on the “My collection Calendar” page, through logging in to her account, or calling united state at 206.763.4444.

What is my arsenal schedule?

View the repertoire calendar.

What are my service rates?

Shoreline client may select from several various garbage container sizes and also save money by recycling and composting more.

View coast rates.

Need a big container? Learn much more about drop crate services.

Holiday collection CleanScapes operates routinely on all holidays other than for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and new Year’s Day. If your collection day falls on or after one of these 3 holidays, your repertoire will be one day later that week.

See more: Is Defined As The Government Requiring Businesses To Perform Specific Procedures.

For example, if your routinely scheduled repertoire day falls on Thanksgiving Day, CleanScapes will certainly collect your material on Friday, the work after Thanksgiving. If your frequently scheduled repertoire day is Friday, your materials will be accumulated on Saturday.