PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 18: Musician Matisyahu performs in ~ the Stella Artois in ~ The town At The elevator - day 2 - 2014 Park City on January 18, 2014 in Park City, Utah. (Photo through Jason Kempin/Getty images for Stella Artois)


The green is set to headline coast Jam in ~ the Queen mar in lengthy Beach Sept. 5-6.

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There will be an yes, really island feel at the Queen mary on job Day weekend.

The vibe will certainly be coming not simply from the basic beats that the reggae-driven coast Jam Festival, however from the numerous musicians with islander roots coming to the mainland because that the two-day show.

“We love all these bands we’re jamming with. We just have fun and also we’re going to be bringing the Hawaiian vibe,” claimed Zion Thompson, guitarist and also vocalists because that The Green.

The reggae group from Oahu, Hawaii will headline the Jam ~ above Sunday if American-born reggae-rapper Matisyahu headlines Saturday’s concert.

The weekend will attribute 20 music acts consisting of returning musicians favor the Oakland duo Grouch & Eligh, Orange County indigenous Seedless and Long Beach-based reggae/alt-rockers Brewfish on Saturday.

The environment-friendly will be joined on Sunday by root reggae/dub multi-instrumentalist rod Figure, secret hip-hop rapper Shwayze and also South bay reggae act Fortunate Youth.

Sunday’s lineup will include other islanders favor Anuhea, a Hawaiian people rock singer and also Barrington Levy, a Jamaican reggae and dance hall star.

Kimie Miner, one more Hawaiian singer and songwriter and also Common Kings, a four-piece reggae fusion band whose members hail from Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji and Tonga will carry out on Saturday.

“We’re a mixture of pop rock reggae, feel great music, that’s what we prefer to do. We’re just trying to have a an excellent time on stage,” stated Taumata “Mata” Grey, the band’s guitarist.

While the bulk of the members whereby born in the southern Pacific, the musicians flourished up in Orange County.

The tape mixes pop through rock, reggae and also R&B, and opened because that Justin Timerlake throughout parts the his recent tour.

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“There’s a large scene for reggae, specifically in SoCal.” claimed lead singer Sasualei “Junyer King” Maliga.

“Our style of reggae, there’s combination of different sounds and influences and everyone seems to gravitate towards it, so it’s been great,” the added.

The green meanwhile just completed a summer tour with 311 and also are performing songs from their newest album “Hawai’i ‘13,” which debuted in ~ the height spot on Billboard’s Reggae Chart, and hit 77 ~ above Billboard’s top 200 Chart.

The vibe will certainly be Hawaiian as soon as The green take the stage since their album opens up with a hymn of “He Mele No Ku‘u Hawai‘i” i m sorry asks for blessings and guidance and also prepares the audience because that the band’s roots, reggae and soul music.