Brave probe is the sixth Story Mission of zero of the tomb Raider. The is a dream-sequence through Lara and throws us right into the past; play her as a small girl at Croft Manor. This sequence cannot be replayed in the exact same savegame, therefore revisiting because that collectible clean-up isn’t feasible here.

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Although not necessary for the 100% video game completion, we desire to emphasis on doing all the extra bits here.

There is one difficulty you deserve to do in the garden area, appropriate at the beginning. Completing it nets us one skill allude which we can use later.

This short mission additionally has a full of 7 collectibles – 3 of castle are derived automatically; you only have to get 4 yourself.

In the Garden

Collectible #1 – Hand attracted Map

In her inventory from the start.

Collectible #2 – White Queen (Game Piece)

Found in a chest behind a tree very close to where you start.

Collectible #3 – Letter come Winston

Found under the enntrance gate to the huge wooden fort/boat.

Collectible #4 – household Photo

Found in the sweetheart chest on the height of the wooden boat. To reduced it’s platform, you have to throw 3 of the black balls on optimal of it. These balls space laying around and also on optimal of the boat.

Challenge – Bullseye

There is a total of four targets you have to hit with the black color balls.

Climbing the Building

Nothing to collect while going up. Just use the

focus to clues the part where you have to start climbing, if you haven’t currently seen it.
After eavesdropping on a contact from girlfriend father, we continue to climb all the way up.
After going about the side of the tower and a slim mishap, we will at some point climb every the method to the huge glass roof.
Rather sooner than later on we uncover ourselves in the mansion itself.

Inside Croft Manor

Collectible #5 – Enigmatic Clues

Obtained instantly when beginning the key room.

Collectible #6 – Letter come Contractor

Once you have dropped down the ladder by making use of the Globe, climb up and also head left. It’s sitting on a table.

Collectible #7 – Letter indigenous Winston

Obtained instantly for finishing this mission.

Solving the Puzzle

Using the clue from Collectible #5, we have to use the world in the room and collection it come 30° North and also 90° East.

Doing therefore drops down a ladder, which we can climb up. Walk clockwise till you see a crank. This have the right to be provided to completely unfold the wings of the bat-thing hanging indigenous the ceiling.
This is walking to placed two red lights under on the ground v the statues. Now, the two statues with the shields have to be pushed right into these light-spots. You need to push part other figures out that the means first. The floor is pretty lot a light-version that the board game Mills.
Pushing both figures in the exactly spot reveals the White Queen. To access her, you need to use the world again to do the ladder retract again. ~ doing so, you have the right to pull the end the figure and place the on the board.
This will open up the adjacent room. Entering the initiates the final cutscene that this mission.

This concludes the “Brave Adventurer” key mission and also starts “Where the twins Confer“.

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