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A the majority of my client come in and ask particularly for the Serta Perfect job iSeries Applause because it to be recommended by customer Reports in Feburary that 2014. Regrettably for those shoppers, Serta updated your lineup shortly after that, for this reason the Applause no much longer exists under the name. Additionally, some retailers usage names various other than the “official” Serta name, so even if girlfriend went shopping as soon as the Applause still existed, you can not uncover it under the name.

So, I’ve compiled a perform of the newest versions of the Applause at assorted retailers. It come in a Firm, Plush, and also Pillowtop. Ns recommend going right into a showroom and also trying out the mattresses, making sure you get suitable contouring support and also making certain the mattress doesn’t cause any kind of pressure or discomfort. If you’ve already done that, buying the online have the right to be an extremely convenient.

The “official” Serta name is the Vantage for the firm and plush, and Merit for the pillowtop.

Serta iSeries Applause comparison Chart

StyleSleepys/1800 MattressSearsus-mattress.comMacy"sSam"s Club
FirmGeniality FirmVantage FirmVantage FirmIsland Retreat FirmVantage Firm
PlushGeniality PlushVantage PlushVantage Plush-Vantage Plush
PillowtopCachet at sight Pillowtop Merit super PillowtopMerit at sight PillowtopAlluring RetreatMerit supervisor Pillowtop

Note: Sleepy’s and 1800 Mattress usage the same design numbers and also are own by the same company. 1800 Mattress usually has the reduced of the two prices, so I connected to them.

Serta iSeries Prices

Serta iSeries has actually MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) pricing, which set a border on exactly how low a retailer is allowed to market merchandise at. This is the pricing strategy offered by Apple and also Bose. What this method to friend is you’re most likely to discover the very same price no issue where friend shop, so ns recommend purchase the mattress from everything retailer is many convenient to you. Since you won’t find a reduced price between retailers, if you desire a much better deal, try to acquire them to throw in a mattress protector or part pillows. The complying with is a table through the MAP price ~ above the Serta iSeries equivalent models to the Applause. If you watch a price greater than these, don’t to buy it.

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Serta iSeries prices, Firm and Plush

SizeMattress and Boxspring SetMattress Only

Serta iSeries prices, Pillowtop

SizeMattress and also Boxspring SetMattress Only

Since over there is a minimum price, retailers will certainly sometimes include a free item together a sale because they’re not enabled to mitigate the price. That might be a gift card, a TV, or something along those lines. If you see something prefer that, it’s likely the finest deal you’ll find. Sometimes, Serta provides a promotion choose a discount top top the mattress or a free boxspring promotion in i m sorry the mattress and also boxspring set is priced the very same as the mattress only. If this is the case, every retailer is most likely offering the exact same discount or promotion, so keep an eye out for that.

I hope this has been of some usage to you. If that has, I’d love come hear around it in the comments below!